Soulmate Passion – an interview with Arielle Ford

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Arielle Ford may just well be The Fairy Godmother of Love. Not only is she the happily married author of the bestseller, The Soulmate Secret, but she is probably the single most connected person in the dating/relationship/spiritual world. When she’s not doing the Love U Podcast with me, she’s hanging with Deepak on his private plane to Bali. Join me to listen to this warm, soulful, fascinating interview.

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  1. 1

    This is great. I was kind of scared of Law of Attraction because, well, who wants to be disappointed after manifesting so hard and with such dedication.

    But the thing is it’s stuff I’ve heard–and liked to hear–before.   And I think we have to chill sometimes.   It’s not supposed to be so hard or at the exclusion of other things. One can get so focused, like it’s a job or career, but unlike a job or career, you are okay to chill and relax.   Ease ones foot off the gas a little. We’ll still get there. 🙂

    Two things I’ll remember from the podcast. How the lady over 50 found her man years and years after she manifested and prepared for him because he was nursing his wife of 30 years dying of breast cancer.   Sure, I’d like to think the man for me never married anyone else and is secretly pining for just me somewhere. 🙂 My ego loves that idea but it’s unrealistic.   The reality is maybe caring for his wife had this man grow into the man the next woman needed him to be. We can’t rush that.

    Second thing: I think a lot of women will relate to his.   Ms. Ford didn’t say this but all I kept thinking about was women who want to have children. I know, how does that relate? Well, a lot of women who want to have children really manifest that desire into reality in a myriad of ways.   Whether it was my grandmother who had boys and adopted my mom as her little girl, or of it’s women who have fertility treatments, or women who just have this secret place in their hearts that they never tell anyone. And a lot of women have a onesie or a family blanket or some hope they keep around if they have a child. “When I have a child I’ll tell them this.”   That’s manifesting. We all do it sometimes.   The only caveats are not giving up and the thing you are manifesting may not turn up how you envision or in the time you envision.

    But it will turn up. 🙂 Thanks, Evan and Arielle!

  2. 2

    I have no idea when the law of attraction started, but I got suckered into believing it was an actual “thing” and wasted many years trying to “manifest” my soulmate.    The reality is that there  are many scientific laws but the law of attraction  is not one of them.   If anyone has success practicing this it is   just happenstance and the exception not the rule.    It is much better to   to challenge negative beliefs  realistically the way that Evan does, than  focus on hocus-pocus. I wish I had realized this years ago and not wasted so much of my precious time.

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