Too Busy To Date? What To Do If You Want To Find Love

Your job is demanding. You are a single mom with lots of responsibilities. You feel like dating is one huge time suck. As a dating coach for smart, strong, successful women who have everything but the guy, I am quite familiar with women who are too busy to date. And while I’m in no position to tell you that you’re NOT busy, I AM here to tell you that there is a simple way to ensure you can have an active love life, even if you work 50hrs/week and feel that it’s impossible. Nothing is impossible.

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  1. 1
    In Hiding

    I feel like I fall in that category that “just doesn’t want it badly enough”. I know it’s ok to be content as a single person. Where does the motivation come from to change it? I haven’t figured that out in 16 years.

  2. 2

    In Hiding:
    It’s tough to muster energy to date when most of those who do write/respond aren’t people we’d choose to be friends with. It runs the gamut of one word messages, naked pics, insults, illegible etc. In my case I thought, “If this is all I can attract for months why even bother?” It began to erode my confidence. But it’s the easiest way to meet people so I think of it as sending off resumes: never know when you’re gonna get that phone call that leads to a great job! It can be life changing. I liken it to playing the lotto. If you make minimal investment you could still win big.

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