In FOCUS Coaching, I learned that I need to be my most confident self on every date. Spend 30 minutes a day on online dating sites and be confident enough to make the first move. I reevaluated my profile and wrote it to show him the benefits of dating me. Have gotten many compliments on it.

As much as I don’t like to take the time to listen to audio sessions, I think they made the most impact. The first was about a woman about my age (I am 54) who was saying that she only dated younger men. I thought to myself this was me about a year ago (my ex-husband was 8 years older than me) and so I opened myself up to dating men older.

Of course, a funny thing happened – that opened up a plethora of available men! And the ones that are mature enough that no longer want the 30-year-olds are chasing me!

I am currently dating someone who is 62. He is tall, handsome and in wonderful physical shape! I have more confidence than I ever had dating. I try to use Evan’s attitude that they should want to date me.  Dates are much more fun now. Just listening to one audio coaching session helped me to change my mindset.