You will love the ending to this incredible fairy tale. Last we connected, I had been laid off from my wonderful job after 17 great years = including five in London. I was just five months into what I knew at the time was a wonderful relationship. But could it survive living together during covid, an unexpected layoff, visa issues (since I was on a company visa and not a visa for permanent residence ), and the death of my father in those few short months? As you counsel, lean back and remember you can’t say the wrong thing to the right guy.

I then had to move back to the US and was recruited for a dream sales job in Boca Raton, FL. He wanted me to find the right ‘final’ job and committed that he would follow me wherever that might be.  At 59 and 63 (he is retired) I wasn’t sure this was really going to happen. But I had no choice. He hadn’t asked me to marry him and I had to get on with my life.  I just continued to be me and enjoy the time with him. We had been together just over a year and I listened to your podcasts – two years minimum, especially at this stage in life. I had never married as much as I had longed for it but knew this was the most incredibly supportive partner, that together we would make it work for us.

Well, the next chapter became an even stronger love, a deeper commitment, and six months in sunny Boca Raton. We had both never been happier. All that had gone ahead in the past two years opened us up to this new chapter.

And on Feb 15, he COMPLETELY surprised me with a beautiful proposal and gorgeous ring that I had no idea was in the works.  He is my dream guy and dream future on so many levels – and I would never have made it to this place in my life without your counsel, belief in this process, and your wonderful tools that work just as you promise they will.

We are going to celebrate my 60th with his large Irish family coming from London and my family coming from all parts of the US.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

It’s a beautiful ending and now on to a new book!