What has emerged from our coaching is a confident woman who knows her worth as a girlfriend.

A woman who is willing to believe the best in men and knows that holding to that positive perspective means that the right man will reveal himself and step up. (I am paraphrasing from Why He Disappeared.) A woman who is no longer willing to put up with bad treatment from selfish, emotionally unavailable man and who is willing to give the right man the time and space he needs to reveal himself. This is all possible because of the unwavering dedication I have in my own personal growth and working in conjunction with the help of a talented dating coach. I am living proof that given the right dedication and resources, anyone can change his or her life for the better.

I moved up to Milwaukee at the end of 2015 to be with Scot, who I started dating when we were working together. I am happy to say that Scot and I are now engaged (he proposed to me in NYC New Year’s Eve weekend), and we set a date for a courthouse wedding three years from the day we met. We plan to do something more traditional that includes family and close friends later.

With love, joy, and best wishes to your success and happiness,