After reading your blog, listening to your audios, reading your books & watching your videos, it finally dawned on me! I realized that in order to find the “right” person, I had to be the “right” person and what that meant was that I had to change all my long-held beliefs about what love was supposed to look & feel like. All the chemistry and common interests were getting me nowhere near my goal of finding “the one”.

To my knowledge, I had roughly 1400 matches on eHarmony. Can you imagine? It felt like a part time job! Sometimes after repeated disappointments I would log on just to clear the inbox because I was just tired of the same results.

But I followed your advice and I made myself a deal: I would read all of your emails & not allow myself to say “yeah but….” No more uttering under my breath “easy for you to say Evan” no more “yeah right… he just doesn’t understand what *I’m* going through”…. No more “if it’s meant to be it’ll be, I’ll just do nothing, pray and hope that fate will take care of it.”

I started following your advice like adhering to a recipe for the perfect crème brûlée…And I’m happy to report that 6 months ago I married my best friend. Thanks to your advice, I found the man of my dreams & we are living happily ever after. Ladies: if you don’t believe Evan, find me on Facebook. I’m the one with the big smile on my face and my handsome prince by my side.

Thank you Evan!

P.S. Here are some photos of my husband and I, our wedding with my 13 year old daughter (who had to wait 12 years for mom to remarry) and my saint of a husband who skipped watching Saturday College Game Day to help paint and remodel my daughter’s bedroom (& still loving me all the while). He was worth the wait and I wish this for all your clients.

Much love!
Naysha S.