I was not even sure what exactly I was doing wrong, but I knew I needed a change.

Prior to Love U, I had this feeling that dating was a game of chance – being in the right time at the right place, etc. As a part of Love U I have learned a lot about boundaries, mirroring, flirting, patience, and accountability in dating. But through the weekly coaching calls, guidance, and peer-support, I have realized that dating is about numbers and experience. Chance plays a role too, but I have significantly improved my chances by practicing and becoming more efficient. One of the major lessons I have learned in Love U is to accept some uncertainty and read through the book of love instead of trying to flip to the end. Men reveal themselves in their actions. I needed to stop overthinking, and start paying attention to the actions of men around me. It worked like magic! I am engaged to the love of my life. I am happy! I have had a very tough year, but despite all the events, I am very happy. That’s what good relationships do it for us – the sense of maturity, happiness, and calm.