There aren’t enough words to adequately describe the impact Evan and Love U have had on my life! I came to Evan (a real-life dating Yoda) as a naive, hopeless romantic in my late twenties. I knew without any doubt that I wanted to be married and be a mother; I wanted everything, but didn’t quite know or understand why it wasn’t happening for me. I started to believe that maybe love wasn’t meant for me. 

Evan challenged me to be more intentional with dating, embrace my imperfections, and communicate my needs. Most importantly, he helped me believe that love is for me and not just everybody else and to persevere because all it takes is one guy to make this whole journey worth it. 

He never failed to entertain my questions week after week or call me out when I was being ridiculous, needed to calm down or course correct, or when I needed to speak up. Because of his critical perspective, I’m in an amazing relationship where I’m treated like gold and wake up everyday feeling so grateful for my now fiancé. He’s rock solid and I find myself giving and giving to another giver and it’s so easy. This is the feeling I envisioned having and the one Evan challenges his clients to seek and accept nothing short of that. 

I graduated Love U being much savvier about men, dating, and relationships, and much more confident in my ability to successfully navigate situations. I’m grateful for the broken heart and Hitch being on TV because it led me to Evan! Everything I know about love, I learned from Evan!