I’m 49, and was never married. I’ve had some relationships where I thought “maybe this could be the one?” I had an on again, off again relationship with someone between 2014-2017 where I thought “well… I think I love him, but I’m not sure this feels how it’s supposed to. He loves me so much, he’s a great guy, I guess this is what it feels like?” But something in my gut just kept telling me it wasn’t right. And actually, Evan had a few live Q&A webinars as part of Love U we got to call in and ask Evan anything we wanted. BOTH times I called in about this relationship, how unsure I was, and BOTH times, in so many words, Evan basically told me this was not the right guy for me! Talk about knocking your head against the wall, LOL.

Then I had a 7-month relationship where I thought “Okay, THIS one could be the one. He’s a great guy. I think I could fall in love with him.” Even though in the whole time we dated, neither of us said “I love you” yet. Then he started doing the typical “pulling away” responses around March of that year. When he finally broke up with me, I was devastated! And frustrated!! How could HE not be the one either?! I’m so tired of waiting for “the one”! Why is this not happening?!

Then in August 2019 (just 3 months after my “devastating breakup”) I hopped on POF, one of the dating sites I told myself I wasn’t going to join again, as I never met any quality guys from there. But just 2 days later, Joe messaged me and we struck up a conversation. Our first date was 8 hours! We went on a motorcycle ride to Starved Rock, to sight see the trails and river, then, got something to eat. And there was a car show in town, so we walked around that. It wasn’t instant, but there was definitely something I liked about him. He followed up the next day. And by date 3, we were both hooked! It was like no other relationship I’ve had. He was genuinely interested in ME! He texted good morning, good night, and everything in between. We had phone conversations, went out on dates where he paid. He makes me laugh, one of my favorite things about him! He’s such a genuinely happy person. I never once had to wonder where he was, he never disappeared and made me wonder if there was something going on with him and our relationship. He always puts me first. We have great communication and problem solve as soon as something goes wrong. I’ve never had that “is this right?” question in my mind like I had with other boyfriends. And best of all… my mom LOVES him!! She was not fond of a couple boyfriends over the years, so this is huge for me! She sees how happy I am, and I love the relationship they have. I wish I could have met him years ago, so my dad could have met him. He would be so happy for me!

I’ve prayed for God to send me the right person for as long as I can remember. I just knew He must have been up there working on something I wasn’t seeing. I heard a saying years ago that stuck with me. “God can dream a bigger dream for your life than you can”. And it was totally true!! I never imagined I would find someone so perfect for me and that I truly love with all my heart! Definitely worth the wait!

We were engaged by December, and bought a house in February 2020. Our wedding is set for December 2020 and I finally get to have my Christmas wedding!! I know it seems fast, but I believe I had to go through those past heartbreaks for me to appreciate what I have now. I know he’s the one I was meant to spend the rest of my life with! I never thought I’d be this happy! It’s such an amazing feeling!

So, for all of you who are struggling, wondering where and when you will finally meet your person. I hope my story inspires you! If you want it, you’ll get it! You may just have to weed out all the rest before you’re ready for the one God has in store for you! Don’t put up with the games. And the biggest lesson I’ve learned… your gut instinct is always right! As Evan constantly will remind you in Love U: when you hear that little voice inside telling you something is off, believe it and listen to it!

If they are truly interested, they will show it. Don’t put your energy towards someone who isn’t showing up for you. Recognize it sooner than later so you can make room for the one who’s truly supposed to be in your life!