Why Does He Keep Sexy Photos of His Old Girlfriends?

man looking at sexy photos of his girlfriend

I’m engaged to be married to my fiancé. We’ve have been together for 2 years now. My issue is that I want to completely trust him, but he makes it very hard for me to do so.

When the subject of past relationships comes up, he always has a different response as to the number of partners he has had and the seriousness of the relationships.

Also, I’ve found many nude or nearly nude photos on his computer of women he has dated. He also never deleted any women’s phone numbers in his phone after months of us dating. When I asked him why, he said it’s because he doesn’t want to answer when they call.

After we were already engaged, a woman he had a short fling with sent him a provocative photo which he then forwarded to a friend, I guess to prove the fact that she was still not over him.

I don’t feel in the least intimidated about these women, because I’m very secure in myself and in my appearance, but it bothers me that he even would go so low as to associate with and actually sleep with them.

I know this is just the bad part of our relationship but this is basically the main negative. He is, however, the man I fell in love with and actually thought was my soulmate very early on in our relationship.

What do you think? —Evelyn

Dear Evelyn,

I think I need a little more information about you and your fiancé to be able to give a thoughtful and well-informed answer.

I’d like to know how old you are, how long it took until he proposed, what his past looks like, how many women he’s been with, whether his parents are still married and whether he’s the type of person who prides himself on being a devoted husband and father.

There is a very valid explanation for why some men lie; their girlfriends can’t handle the truth.

If he’s very young, proposed very quickly, has a history of cheating and/or deviant behavior, and is getting married despite his lack of belief in the institution, you may have some major issues to confront.

However, without that, all I can do is insert myself in his shoes to address your insecurities about him.

(By the way, this is what I do on every single question. I ask myself: would I do what her boyfriend is doing? If I’d do it, it’s not that bad, because I know that I’m a normal guy and good husband.)

So, you’ve asked him a number of times how many partners he’s had.

You know how many times my wife has asked me? Zero.

You know why she’s never asked me?

Because it’s irrelevant. The past is the past. If I’m 100% loyal and devoted and will be by my wife’s side until the day we die, what difference does it make if I was with 10 women or 100 women? That’s right. None.

Your insecurities are the reason that this topic keeps coming up, Evelyn. And because your fiancé knows you can’t handle the truth, he doesn’t tell you the truth. If the truth is that he’s slept with 100 women and this freaks you out, there doesn’t seem to be much value in telling you, is there?

If he has to put up with the third degree for admitting his humanity, it’s just easier to tell you what you want to hear.

I’m not defending a man who is a congenital liar, by the way.

I’m suggesting that there is a very valid explanation for why some men lie; their girlfriends can’t handle the truth. The truth is that he has a checkered past. The truth is that he likes porn. The truth is that he still finds other women attractive. This doesn’t make him a bad man or a bad partner. It makes him human. And if he has to put up with the third degree for admitting his humanity, it’s just easier to tell you what you want to hear.

Next, you’ve found nude photos on his computer of women he’s dated.

And how, pray tell, did you find such photos? Did they print themselves up? Was he using them as his wallpaper for his desktop?

Or did you get on his computer and start snooping through his files, only to discover that he has a past?

Once again, he wasn’t waving these nude photos in your face: you dug for pay dirt and you hit it. Congratulations. You got the “truth”.

Finally, you seem know which exes he has listed on his phone. How exactly do you know that? It couldn’t be because you looked through his phone, could it? Because I certainly don’t know who’s on my wife’s phone and she doesn’t know who’s on mine.

All in all, Evelyn, you claim that you’re not intimidated by these women, you’re secure with yourself, and you’re happily engaged.

I think your actions indicate otherwise.

Stop snooping, start trusting, and get on with your life instead of worrying about the past.

If you can’t trust your fiancé, you shouldn’t marry him.

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  1. 201

    What she doesn’t realize is if her intuition is screaming at her to check his phone and computer, there are already signs this dude is up to no good. This is not insecure. She knows something is off already. If you have to look to confirm your gut, you already know the truth. Cut him loose. Move on. Stay single. Wait for a guy that makes you feel safe.

  2. 202

    Keeping nudes of exes is a mistake , so is sharing them when you’re absolutely engaged to somebody else .   I don’t care how she found out about it .   It’s called integrity and trust and men have to play along with the same rules as women even though they are different .

  3. 203

    I agree with some points I.e your intuition tells you   when you cant trust them. Trust your intuition.   Evan, you may well be right that men dont like jealous mistrusting women. So to keep it simple, if you trust them you dont feel the need to ask. But if your instincts tell you something, get out.   I have a new partner who I thoroughly trust, but if he was keeping nude photos of exes…thats crossing the line. Contacting exes without telling me? Crossing the line. Hed have to go. And I had an ex that I just didnt trust and I snooped and caught him out. In hindsight, you do need to have proof when theyre denying everything but since I got away from him, im soooooo glad im not dealing with his lies and cr** any more. The first time my instincts tell me I cant trust him, im outta there.

  4. 204

    Umm hello people.   I don’t have nude photos of my ex husband…when I moved on.   I moved on.   Why would I keep photos or videos of him and I being sexual or something as intimate as his naked body.   That would mean that I miss his body or his sex and I would never do that to someone I supposedly love now.   Porn (of OTHER people) whatever.   But someone I was married to….that I still talk to? Really.   How is this ok?   Keep those memories in your head (if you must) and move on with a fresh slate. Give the person you love the respect and dignity that your ex is not something you are still thinking about or keeping memories of, especially such intimate ones.

  5. 205

    I have lots of pictures of females I messed with in the past, those are my trophies and whenever I feel like wanking I look at them.

  6. 206

    Found this out of the same curiosity. My husband has photos, during sex who he dated. And I dug them up after finding just a few samples. I looked through emails, dates, and the list of ladies riding the carousel. Wish I hadn’t,I’d be such a nice, easy going woman instead of the stressed out bitch I’ve become. Because ignorance really is bliss. Especially when you can’t discuss much on an emotional level, keeping the conversation civil. It’s turned into hell. Gained so much weight, been kicked into walls, pushed to the floor. Gets better. I’m too embarrassed to speak to anybody. He wants every damn dime he’s ever spent on me. I’m keeping track in a book. I look like hell. In a nutshell, a couple years ago I didn’t look like hell, weighed a great deal less, and I was smiling and singing and had good old belly laughs. I can’t remember how it felt much anymore. I just know I feel like a broken, shell of a person. I don’t care if his photos and porn make him human. That’s horseshit for one thing. If he needs it, it’s not like I’m going to take it with me when I leave. Next time you meet an untrusting bitch, nag, whatever name you choose for a snoop like me, remember to be honest up front. The worst is the “can’t handle the truth horseshit” of course we can’t handle that kind of truth, that’s where honesty gives us the opportunity to at least choose whether or not we go any further in a relationship.

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