Is Coronavirus Killing Our Social Skills?

Couple lacking social skills after a fight

Once upon a time, there was a global pandemic.

It was terrible for the world – tens of millions infected, economies and businesses destroyed, people going hungry, misinformation and blame abounding.

But for some individuals, it was a mixed blessing.

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Are You Afraid of Getting Hurt in a Relationship? Listen To This.

Are You Afraid of Getting Hurt? Love U Podcast

You’ve had moments where you wanted to give up on love. We all have. You sink your time, energy, and emotion into a guy, only to determine, after a long, tortuous process, that he is not the man you hoped he’d be and not the man you need him to be. You look inside at what you did wrong and come to the conclusion that there’s something wrong with men, something wrong with y

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5 Clichés of Love That Are Hurting You in Dating

5 Clichés of Love That Hurt You in Dating Love Up Podcast

Cliches are cliches for a reason. Often, they have a solid basis in truth. But what happens when you believe in a cliche so deeply that it actually sabotages your desire to have a successful long-term relationship? Do you even know some of the deep-seated beliefs you hold that are preventing you from achieving your wildest dreams?

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If You Believe This, Your Relationship is Doomed.

If You Believe This, Your Relationship is Doomed

If you’re single, all of your romantic relationships ended. That devastating truth may cause you to mistrust your own judgment and assume all your future relationships are doomed to fail as well. But are they? In this Love U Podcast, I share the story of a Love U graduate who realized she was NOT doomed to repeat her tortured history and broke free of her past.

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How to Turn Your Dating Failure into The Ultimate Success

emk ep122

You feel like a failure when it comes to dating. Years spent on the wrong men. Years avoiding intimate relationships. Dread when it comes to meeting new guys and potentially getting hurt once again. You’re not alone. Listen to this Love U Podcast to learn how you can learn from your past and become a success in love.

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Do You Give The Wrong Guys A Chance?

emk ep112

If you’ve ever vacillated between being “too picky” and spending time with men you don’t like, check out this Love U Podcast. In it, I tell the story of two clients who are learning to trust their judgment and cut off men quickly, and finish by telling you how I decided my wife was “the one.” You don’t want to miss this.

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How You Can Stop Beating Yourself Up About Your Ex

emk ep103 how you can stop beating yourself up

After a breakup, it’s normal to ruminate on what went wrong. But from what I see from my Love U clients, you’re probably focused on what YOU did rather than what HE did. In this Love U Podcast, let’s reframe your breakup and get really clear on why your relationship ended – he wasn’t a very good boyfriend at all.

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