How to Date a Guy During Social Distancing

How to Date During Social Distancing Love U Podcast

A pandemic is not an ideal time for dating, I think we can all agree. But as we approach the one year mark of our national semi lockdown, how do you date a guy during social distancing? How can you build trust? How can you stay safe? How can you hook up? How can you see more than one person at the same time? I’ll explain on this Love U Podcast.

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What is the Best Dating Site or Best Dating App?

The most popular question I get is “what’s the best dating site or app?” Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Match, OkCupid. Where should I go to find quality men? I’m going to answer that in a moment, but first I’m going to explain that which site you’re on doesn’t matter nearly as much as what you do when you get there.

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The #1 Thing You Can Do in Dating That Men Will Love

The #1 Thing You Can Do That Men Love Love U Podcast

You turn to me to know the secrets of the male mind. You listen for aha moments about how men think. You watch to understand what makes commitment-minded guys choose to commit to some women and not others. Stick around to hear the single most important piece of advice one Love U grad got from her coaching experience and how EASY it is to make a guy want to stay.

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How to Find a Guy on Online Dating Sites

You go online and browse through men. You know what you’re attracted to. You set your search criteria to get all these traits and come to the conclusion that dating sites suck and there no men on conventional dating sites. You conclude that the better path is to go on Tinder or Hinge because at least there are cute guys. The experience invariably sucks. What’s a girl to do

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Are You Trying Too Hard to Find Love?

Are You Trying Too Hard to Find Love? Love U Podcast

It’s lonely out there. And if you’ve been alone for a while and you have a vision of what you want your life to look like, I can appreciate if finding love is your top priority. It’s mine, too and I only work with women who are deadly serious about it. But if you’re so serious about meeting Mr. Right that you’re unintentionally sabotaging your efforts, then you should prob

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Why It’s So Hard to Meet the Right Guy

Why It’s So Hard to Meet the Right Guy Love U Podcast

You go online and you swipe through thousands of guys. The guys you’re not attracted to pursue you hard. The guys you like the most are wildly inconsistent and don’t follow through. You have moments of despair, wondering what’s wrong with you, why is this so difficult, and whether you’re ever going to meet a guy to get you off this dating treadmill.

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Is He Interested Or Just Being Nice? (7 Obvious Signs)

Is He Interested Or Just Being Nice? (7 Obvious Signs) Love U Podcast

He seems interested but you know, full well, that guys often show interest at the beginning and then do the slow fade, breadcrumb, random text thing. Next thing you know, you feel like you’re being strung along and as long as you hear from him occasionally, you can’t break free. In this Love U Podcast, I’m going to share with you 7 obvious signs, that yes, he’s into you

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How You Can Double The Number of Quality Men Right Now

How You Can Double The Number of Quality Men Right Now Love U Podcast

You wonder why the younger men don’t seem to respond as much. You wonder why men who are FAR older than you keep responding. It’s all very frustrating and sometimes emotional. What you didn’t know was that I, Evan Marc Katz, am an omniscient, omnipotent being and will send you your husband via Federal Express in the next six months- but only if you do this one thing I ask

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Do You Act Like You’re Fine Being Alone?

Do You Act Like You're Being Alone

Do you spend more time working than anything? Do you have close friendships but no successful romantic relationship? Do you take long breaks from dating and tell the world you’d rather be alone? At the end of this Love U Podcast, I’m going to ask an important question to help you get the romantic future you deeply desire.

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