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Frequently Asked Questions

Love U is a one-stop-shop to teach you everything you need to know about dating, relationships, and men.

Month 1: Confidence
Month 2: Meeting Men
Month 3: Dating
Month 4: Understanding Men
Month 5: Relationships
Month 6: Commitment

In addition, to six months of unique content, you get access to 6 months of group coaching and 6 months of support and Q&A in the Love U community – so that you can learn to trust your judgment with men once and for all.

By the time you graduate from Love U, you will make smart, healthy decisions that allow you to get the love you deserve — ideally without further coaching.

There are 12-week dating and relationship programs out there – but they are often force-feeding you more than you can handle, to the point where you’re stressed out at how fast they’re going…or more likely, they’re really limited in scope. That doesn’t mean they’re bad. It means they are not doing anything nearly as comprehensive as Love U.

There’s a big difference between learning something and living it. Love U was designed for maximum effectiveness so you can actually see change in your life.

  • How to gain confidence and enjoy the dating process.
  • How to flirt and make cute men take notice.
  • How to date online and attract the highest quality guys.
  • How to deal with texting and sex and dating multiple people.
  • How to be selective and avoid wasting time on losers.
  • How to understand men and be the only woman who “gets” him.
  • How to have healthy boundaries and assert your needs.
  • How to communicate and make men want to please you.
  • How to break up when it’s time to move on and cut your losses.
  • How to be a great girlfriend that gets a great guy to propose.

That much stuff simply can’t be taught, digested and implemented in 3 months.

By breaking this material into digestible weekly chunks, Love U allows you to learn with very little effort. This way, you will never get burned out, and you will be able to put the lessons into practice effectively.

Do I give similar advice inside Love U that I give on my blogs and podcasts? Of course! It would be confusing if I wasn’t consistent in my belief that, say, women are the CEOs, men are the interns, and relationships should be easy. 

The difference is that Love U is a carefully curated curriculum – a Masters Degree in men – which holds your hand for a year to ensure your success. By watching a half hour of video per week, implementing the Love U dating practice we recommend in Week 7, and participating in the community and group coaching to answer all your questions, you are going to accelerate your results immeasurably, as opposed to listening to a few podcasts a week – even if, at the core, the concepts are the same.

I think it’s perfectly relevant to ask a question about “marriage rates” from a dating and relationship coach. However, that is not a metric by which I – or anyone else – can measure his success. Please allow me to explain a little further.

Put it this way: if a personal trainer helped a 400lb man lose 150lbs, is he a success or a failure? Well, the man is STILL 250lbs, but I’d say the trainer was a big success. That’s how Love U works as well. I will never make promises I can’t keep. You’ll never hear me say that 78% of my clients get married in the next 12 months. That’s for a few reasons:

1. I have no control of my clients. All I do is give advice. If I give great advice and it’s not followed, I can’t be held responsible.

2. I can’t keep track of what my clients do after they’re done with me. I may work with you in Love U for a year. But if you’re following my advice, you shouldn’t get married for 2-3 years. Unless you come back to inform me you’re married, I’d have no idea.

3. Progress isn’t only about getting a ring on the finger. A woman who hasn’t dated in 10 years is a success by getting online. A woman who normally stays with abusive men for five years is a success if she dumps a bad guy in 6 weeks. A woman who has a happy relationship but doesn’t want to get married is a success. You see? They’re all steps towards the same ultimate goal –  gaining confidence, fixing your broken man-picker, and making healthier relationship choices. 

So do I have hundreds of marriages to my credit? Yes. But I measure my success based on whether my clients tell me they’ve learned something valuable and empowering. I’m confident that when you join Love U, you will have the same exact experience.


I don’t mean that facetiously. I mean that quite literally.

What I love about Love U is that once you learn something, you never forget it.

So when you dive into our first week and watch those first videos, I am going to bring you back from the depths of despair, reframe your negativity, and give you an instant jolt of confidence that will carry through this entire program and beyond.

Every week, you are going to have some major aha moment that reshapes your perspective on dating, relationships, and men, and before you know it, everyone you know will see a difference: Your friends. Your family. And especially the guy you end up dating.

So while I will never make a promise I can’t keep, I will say this with all sincerity: Nobody has ever worked with me and said, “Man, that guy didn’t know anything. He didn’t care. I didn’t learn a thing that I didn’t already know.”

You are going to gain immeasurably each and every week, so by the time you graduate, you will not have any blind spots when it comes to men and relationships.

In other words, if you don’t have a boyfriend by the time you graduate Love U, the question is not a matter of IF you will find one — it’s only a matter of WHEN.

Give me 5 minutes a day and I will give you a husband. I’m not kidding. Each week, there are an average of 25-35 minutes of videos on different relationship topics.

Watch the videos, do a short exercise at the end, and voila — you’re going to have all the tools you need to understand men and find love.

I can’t guarantee you a husband or a boyfriend, no more than a personal trainer can guarantee you lose 25 lbs, a therapist can guarantee you become happier, or a recruiter can guarantee you a specific job. I provide an invaluable, one-of-a-kind service — the ability to make smart, healthy relationship choices on your own for the rest of your life.

And that’s what I CAN guarantee — that by the time you graduate Love U in 6 months, you will feel more confident, more self-aware, and more in control of your own destiny. You will no longer wonder why men do certain things. You will no longer take off years from dating out of fear. You will no longer stay in bad relationships for too long. You will be able to create your own love life from scratch, carry yourself with confidence, and attract a commitment oriented man — if not during your time in Love U, then inevitably afterwards.

I’m sorry but there are no refunds or cancellations in Love U Live. These were the terms you agreed when you originally enrolled.

However, if you’re in a crisis that will make it impossible for you to participate in Love U (i.e. a loved one is seriously ill, not “I’m struggling at work and am too busy to date”), you can email us at and we will evaluate things on a case-by-case basis.

We endeavor to be fair and ask you to honor your original commitment – not to us, but to what you shared with us the day you enrolled; that finding lasting love is a top priority and you will do what it takes to persevere through trying circumstances.

While Love U is a video-based curriculum, I’ve discovered that you get the best results when you can ask questions, get support, and have me hold your hand through this process. Which is why I give you:

6 months of live coaching calls, where you can meet other smart, strong, successful women who are going through the same Love U process. Whether you or not you ask questions on our live sessions, you will learn tons from our epic Q&As.

If you have a work conflict or are in a different time zone that prevents you from attending, each coaching call is posted privately inside Love U the next day so you can watch, listen, and take notes.

6 months in my Love U Community, where you can get assistance from me and hundreds of other smart women. Seriously. Ask a question about the guy you just started dating and dozens of women (and I) will give you a Love U approved perspective – so you don’t have to rely on your mom or your friend who gave up on men for relationship advice.

Combine the videos and exercises with the coaching calls and community and you have a first-class version of Love U.

No big deal. Every call is recorded and uploaded the next day for easy access at your leisure. By the time we’re done, we will have spent nearly 50 hours together on Zoom, reinforcing best practices that allow you to be the best, most confident version of yourself with men.

You’re going to be on Zoom with me for 6 months of group coaching sessions during which you have an opportunity to get personal coaching (generally 5-10 minutes per question) from me. When there are 50-100 women on a call, I obviously can’t answer your question each week. However, even if I don’t, chances are, someone else has a similar question from which you can learn. Same goes for the Love U Facebook Community, where you can share day-to-day details of your dating experiences and get instant feedback from me and the other women in the Love Universe.

Yep. In fact, it’s the primary purpose of the program. My belief is that you are wonderful the way you are. It doesn’t mean you can’t stand to learn things like how to write a great profile, how to flirt, and how to communicate effectively with men. But it does mean that the primary reason you have struggled in love isn’t YOU, but rather, your choice of men. When you graduate from Love U, you will quickly be able to weed out the time-wasters and identify the keepers.

Yes. The first month on Confidence is extremely important, because if you don’t have confidence, it’s hard to make healthy relationship choices. And the last three months are exclusively focused on relationships: Understanding Men, Relationships, and Commitment.

Furthermore, apart from the week about online dating, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how relevant a lot of the dating stuff is to your relationships. Confidence matters. Past Baggage matters. Flirting matters. Courtship matters. And if, for god knows what reason, your relationship doesn’t work out, you have the dating tools to get back out there quickly.

Some women come to Love U with boyfriends and learn to communicate better and strengthen their relationships. Many more discover during the first module on Confidence that their boyfriend is not the man they need him to be and gather the strength to break up, heal and move on to a healthier relationship – one that doesn’t require a dating coach.

I know there are different challenges for a 60-year-old woman than a 35-year-old woman. But believe me when I tell you that 95% of dating and relationship advice is the exact same. We’re talking about men and women. Dating and relationship dynamics. Communication. Commitment. Confidence. Self-awareness.

You need to understand all of those things — at any age — if you’re going to succeed.

I have helped many women in their late 50’s through their late-70’s find husbands, and I have no doubt that if you have a particular question that is not covered by the videos, I will be able to answer it on our Love U Live coaching calls or in the Love U Facebook Community that I moderate daily.

Great. It’s a much lower bar to jump and therefore, much easier to help you. The first four months, in particular, will be of great value to you: Confidence, Meeting Men, Dating, and Understanding Men.

But I would also point out to you that if you don’t want a husband, it’s probably because you have a negative association with marriage from either your parents’ divorce or your own divorce. What if I told you that you could be HAPPILY married the rest of your life? Does that change how you view marriage?

If you are satisfied with the status quo, don’t apply to Love U Live.

If you feel really confident that you understand men, don’t apply to Love U Live.

If you feel you can effortlessly navigate online dating, texting, sex, dating multiple men, and create and maintain a lasting loving connection, don’t apply to Love U Live.

Personally, I’d be shocked if someone who hasn’t hasn’t experienced a healthy, easy relationship would know how to do all of this on her own, but if you are that rare woman, more power to you.

If you want to spare yourself a lot of frustration, confusion and heartbreak, this is an incredible opportunity to apply and discover if Love U Live is a great fit for you.

Because, after going thru Love U Live, you will never again make ANY of the same mistakes you’ve made in the past.

Listen, no man is perfect, much less perfect for you. But if you can stop investing your time in selfish heartbreakers and start investing your time in kind men with strong character who believe in commitment, you can manifest that relationship you’ve always wanted. But it all starts with you.

  • Being more proactive in love.
  • Opening up to more men.
  • Opening up to different men.
  • Understanding how men think.
  • Making compromises for him the way he has to compromise for you.
  • Understanding how to find the right man to fit your personality.
  • If you’ve been dating the same guys over and over, maybe it’s time to choose a different one.

The reason to invest in Love U Live is because you’re ready to break from the pain and confusion of the past and create a new relationship with men and dating.

You’re done dating the same frustrating, emotionally stunted losers.

You want to learn how to make the winners stick around.

Perhaps the best thing about Love U Live is that I’m not just offering you an eBook and telling you to go at it yourself.

  • I’m giving you 30 minutes of video coaching per week.
  • I’m giving you a short exercise every week.
  • I’m giving you a live coaching session every week.
  • I’m giving you access to a private online forum to ask questions every day.

I’m giving you a path that offers knowledge and support and all but guarantees success.

The only question is whether you really want success or whether you’d rather stay exactly where you are right now.

I think you already know the answer.

Love U success story of a happy couple taking a selfie


I defied the odds as a divorced woman in my 40’s when I met (online - Tinder!!) and married the love of my life last summer. The reason he is lucky to have me is I’m supportive, caring, sexy, kind, an excellent communicator, intelligent, open minded, non-judgmental, easy going and know what it takes for relationships to go the distance in a happy and healthy manner.

My intention for my love life is to keep my relationship strong by nurturing it, honoring it, loving my husband as he is while strengthening our bond and connection as a couple.

My husband and I are very playful, always laughing and having fun! We bring out the best in one another!


happy successful smart strong woman finally engaged to boyfriend


"He proposed last Thursday evening in front of my family's lake house - he said he knew that is my "Happy Place" and wanted to do it there."

We are engaged! He proposed last Thursday evening in front of my family's lake house - he said he knew that is my "Happy Place" and wanted to do it there. I will add that he also did this right before spending the weekend helping my sister and I move my elderly parents from one assisted living place to another so I teased him that I knew he is really in this "for better or worse"! We are both excited about the future and as I've told you before, I really have you to thank for all of the advice, guidance, and pep talks I got from you.


happy woman who joined Evan Marc Katz Love U program celebrating her two-year anniversary with husband


"I've recently celebrated my two-year anniversary with my husband"

At 27-years-old, I am young, I am extremely goal-oriented and busy, but I've known for a while that I want to make time in my life for love. For a long time, I really only believed this in theory, but over the last few years, I have had a few boyfriends, random love interests, the guys you go out with who string you along and it doesn't go anywhere, and even a couple of guys I have been guilty of stringing along without it going anywhere...

Before joining Evan's Love U program, I had actually already been receiving a lot of his newsletters for a while and putting them into practice the best I could (like actually making time to date people, and putting in the required energy / minimal effort to have results ;). It took me a while, but I had already begun taking his advice seriously about knowing when to walk and when to give men a second chance, to look for things in potential future-boyfriends that would make me feel good and fulfilled in the long-run rather than looking for someone who was just like me, and of course, to keep dating, no matter all those disappointing dates!


Love U love story of a lovely woman who found love online with the help of Evan Marc Katz


"I love him, so do my kids. And I owe it all to Evan Marc Katz."

I never dated online before I worked with Evan.

I know that every single thing he teaches is true - listen to him - follow his advice - he definitely knows what he’s talking about! I refer everyone to him. When I listened to him, great things happened- when I didn’t, I fell on my face.


Love U love story of a strong successful woman showing her beautiful engagement ring


"I followed your advice religiously and found exactly what I was looking for!"

I followed your advice religiously and found exactly what I was looking for! I'm still touched and grateful that you did that call with me back in January.


Love U love story of a smart, strong, successful woman happily engaged to her boyfriend


"I ended up getting engaged to my boyfriend, we are getting married next June, and I’m three months pregnant!!!!!!"

It’s been awhile and I have been meaning to update you. All good news! I ended up getting engaged to my boyfriend, we are getting married next June (because the venue was sold out this year) but it’s all booked and everything, and I’m three months pregnant!!!!!! We are due on New Year’s Eve!!


Love U love story of a happily engaged successful and strong woman


"Mark and I are ENGAGED!!!!"

Mark and I are ENGAGED!!!! We got engaged on Leap Day at Rehoboth Beach, about two weeks before everything went crazy and shut down. The timing worked out perfectly because we were supposed to go to DC that weekend to see friends and we are able to get together with people. So, you have another success story!

We are planning a wedding for November 14 (for now). We were a little optimistic when we picked the date back in March. We are excited to be getting married, but I would not recommend planning a wedding in the middle of a pandemic!


Love U love story of old couple happily married at the age of 80


"Two years ago, we got married at 80—and couldn’t be happier."

There I am today, once again a poster child for online dating at any age. Not only did Bob and I meet at 75, but two years ago we got married at 80—and couldn’t be happier. The morning after our big 80th birthday party we invited just the family to brunch and surprised them with a wedding—very informal needless to say.


Love U love story of a woman in her 40's successfully find love online


"I learned that men are not scared by strong and successful women but actually like them."

I was in my late forties, successful in my career as a medical doctor, but feeling as a shipwreck in my dating life. I knew how to lead a CPR team if my patient`s heartbeat has ceased. I had no idea how to take care of my own matters of the heart.

I had a long history of bad relationships, dates disappearing after a seeming success, and me taking night calls on holidays to avoid loneliness.

My perception of the situation was in the lines of "I am too old and fat", "I am too foreign and my accent is too strong", and "I am too smart and too successful, and that scares the men away.”