If you’re a smart, strong, successful woman, you’re familiar with this dilemma. You’re in the 95th percentile of all women in terms of your credentials. And because of that, you believe you can only date the 5% of men who are “above” you. You know intellectually that men don’t date this way: there are few men who insist on dating women taller AND smarter AND richer AND more educated AND funnier. And yet, you persist. Finally, when you meet a guy who is amazing but doesn’t fit in the dream of what you thought you deserved, you struggle. Are you settling? What will your friends think? What will your parents think? In this Love U Podcast, we’re going to explore what matters most in a relationship and why caring about what others think as an adult is even worse than caring about what others think when you’re in high school. By now, you should know better.

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