How to Get Over a Breakup and Mend Your Broken Heart


This is not an endorsement.

I only endorse things I’ve tried, books I’ve read, or people I know, which is one of many reasons why you don’t see my blurb on the back of too many books.

Recently, I read this article about a new app called Mend that helps women  recover from breakups. Now, to be clear, I have a general bias against both apps AND breakup products. The former tend to be too slight to make much of a tangible difference in changing human behavior. The latter tend to be cynical attempts by marketers to capitalize on vulnerable women who Google “How to get your ex back” at 2am.

At the same time, I have endorsed The Boyfriend Log as a means to track your feelings about your relationship.

I think that the magic is a bit overstated, and that relationships that are meant to last have a lot in common.

While I don’t have a Love U app, it is a course made up of 280 short videos.

So why should a break-up app be any different. Mend’s founder, Ellen Huerta, recommends a bunch of time-honored break-up remedies found in books for decades (with a few modern twists), including “monitoring one’s self-care, journaling exercises, a Spotify playlist, a book club on Good Reads, and a Facebook group.”

Fair enough. Whatever works.

In fact, the only place that Huerta and I would seem to part ways is that “she firmly believes in the magic and mystery of love, which no data, chart or study can pinpoint.” Whereas I think that the magic is a bit overstated, and that relationships that are meant to last have a lot in common.  

Check out Mend for yourself and let me know what you think. I’m always looking for more resources to help out women. With good feedback, maybe this will be one of them.

Your thoughts below are greatly appreciated.

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    Used this app a week after a breakup. You feel hear a short clip about a certain topic and you will type a journal afterwards. There’s also a mood checker before the clip to determine I guess how you are.

    Somehow, even though I had been thru several breakups, hearing other perspectives on the anatomy of a breakup is great. One thing I liked about it is that they have articles you can read on that’s new and raw I guess because although there are a variety of articles from the internet about breakups and experiences, the ones that they’ve posted are close to home.

    I wish they can extend the free version for 2 weeks or so.

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