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So, why is there a Love U? Why is this course different from all other courses?

After over a decade of coaching women, I wasn’t having the kind of impact I wanted to have in the world. Sure, I had a big blog readership and a sizeable mailing list, but I’d only privately coach a few dozen smart, strong, successful women each year.

And while these women invariably found healthy, long-term relationships, I knew that something had to change about the way I was giving advice.

I needed to reach more women, charge less money, and create a better teaching structure.

I needed to create a program that would allow you to make good relationship choice on your own for the rest of your life.

I needed to take everything I knew, put it on video, and walk you through the same process that has already helped thousands of women like you find love.

And so, I went back to all my materials and organized them into a step by step curriculum that you can do in 5 minutes a day. I called it Love U.

Love U is a meticulously crafted curriculum with 6 different modules.

Within each module is 4 to 5 weeks of video content and exercises, set in chronological order to ensure that each week builds on the previous one.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you will learn when you register for Love U today.

Your first month begins with confidence.

  • Whether you’re in the middle of a 3-year break from dating or at the point of getting engaged, if you don’t have confidence, your ship has already sunk.
  • I’m going to show you how to get over your past baggage, overcome your negativity, and carry yourself with strength, dignity, vulnerability with men.
  • Soon, men will listen to you, men will value your opinions, men will respect your boundaries, and men will want to commit to you, all because you’ve become the kind of woman who radiates joy and trust in every breath.

Your second month in Love U is all about meeting men. That’s usually the biggest complaint I receive and we’re going to tackle it head on.

  • You’re going to learn how to meet men real life. You’re going to become a super flirt who knows how to keep men hooked wherever you go.
  • You’re going to attract high quality guys online. You’re going to make men swoon for you on first dates.
  • And during these first few weeks of email, phone, and texting, you’re going to know exactly what to do to ensure he comes back for more.

Your third month in Love U is on dating. You may not like dating, but that’s because you’ve never done it my way.

Ready for Lasting Love?
Ready for Lasting Love?

Instead of seeing dating a soul-sucking process for people with anxiety and disappointment, I’m going to flip that script and show you how to actually enjoy it.

The next thing you know, you’re not going to freak out when you start seeing a new guy.

  • You’re not going to project into the future, worry about where things are going, or over think every text and email.
  • You’re going to be the CEO of your own love life, screening for mail interns who are worthy of working at your company.
  • You’re going to know when to have sex and when to say no.
  • You’re going to learn how to be more selective of men, all the better to minimize heartbreak and maximize intimacy.
  • And you’re going to get a simple, full-proof timeline for choosing a boyfriend, so that you don’t end up in any more relationships where you don’t know where you stand.

From this moment forward, you’ll be able to effortlessly let go of the pain and negativity in your past.

Your fourth month in Love U is about understanding men. All your confusion about what he’s thinking, why guys do what they do will be solved instantly.

  • You’re going to learn whether a guy is actually good boyfriend material, instead of a waste of time.
  • You’re going to understand masculine and feminine energy to help you find a more compatible man faster.
  • You’re going to get a no holds barred education on what men are really thinking about sex, love, communication, and commitment.
  • And you’re going to get your mind blown by my take on chemistry, where I explain what’s really happening in your brain and exactly how much chemistry you need to have for a lifetime partnership.

Your fifth month in Love U covers relationships. Now, we’re cooking!

By this point, you’ve got your confidence, you’ve met a great guy, you’ve landed a boyfriend, and you understand what he’s thinking, but there’s still a relationship to manage.

There are so many questions when considering whether your guy is ‘the one.’

  • In this module, you’re going to learn a remarkable technique to communicate with your boyfriend that will eliminate arguing, misunderstanding, name-calling, silent treatments, and unnecessary breakups.
  • Once you’re fluent in how to talk to men, men are going to go crazy for you since so few women have mastered this technique.
  • Next, you’re going to learn how to assess whether you should stay or go from your relationship. No more wasting 3 years on another dead-end guy. Identify the red flags early and get out early.
  • Finally, you’re going to learn to develop your own compatibility test, not based on backgrounds or common interests but upon whether you can work as a couple for the rest of your life. Learn to choose a compatible partner and you’ll have a happy marriage.

And in the sixth month of Love U, you’re going to learn about commitment.

  • You’re going to get inside tips on how to be a great girlfriend that any sane man would want to marry.
  • You’re going to learn when how to break up with a guy who’s not making you consistently happy.
  • You’re going to learn about how men really feel about commitment, monogamy, and marriage.
  • And you’re going to get the best piece of advice I’ve ever developed, an exercise called ‘The Husband Picker,’ which will single-handedly let you know when you’ve finally your husband.

The husband picker is not in any blog post, newsletter, or book I’ve ever written and is completely different from what I talked about on my webinar.

I’ve only shared it with a select group of expensive private clients and it is alone worth the entire cost of admission and I’m sharing it with you in Love U, to give you absolute clarity on the kind of man who will make you happy forever.

Click here to enroll now and get the best possible savings before the sale ends.

Can you see how powerful this is? Could you see how much material we’re covering?

This is intentional because Love U is supposed to be a one-stop shop, a wealth of resources that you could return to over and over to answer all of your dating and relationship questions.

It works no matter where you live, what you do or how old you are.

Now you get the benefits of my 15 years of experience where I’m going to take you from single to committed in 6 months.

If this curriculum sounds intimidating, like it’s too much stuff, think again.

I know you’re a busy woman. I know you have limited time. I know you want to get results fast.

I’ve accounted for all of that. Love U is easy, fast, fun, and effective.

Every week, you’ll be given access to around 10 short videos which cover all the material I’ve covered earlier, but in much greater detail.

Watch a few videos at your leisure and when you’re done, there’s a brief exercise to help you put these concepts into practice.

The exercise may involve looking back on previous relationships, or it may involve a new way to communicate with your man, but growth happens when you’re taking action and when you stick with me, I guarantee you’ll do something different than you’ve ever done before..

You don’t need any more failure. You don’t need any more trial and error.
You don’t need to keep doing what you’re doing or give up on love forever.
You deserve a man who listens to you. You deserve a man who gets you.
You deserve a man who appreciates you. You deserve a man who takes care of you.
You deserve a man who is devoted to you. And I’m going to help you find that man.

I’m going to help you get over the last guy, meet a new guy, and graduate Love U with not just a priceless education, but a loving boyfriend too.

Plus, you’ll have access to the Love U video curriculum for life.

When you go through a rough patch with your boyfriend, you go back to the relationship module.

You go through a breakup and need to get back out there, you return to the confidence module.

You want to know if your boyfriend is really husband material, you go through the commitment module.

Join Love U now and you will never need another relationship product ever again.

From this moment forward, you’ll be able to effortlessly let go of the pain and negativity in your past.


You’ll carry yourself with unshakeable confidence in all dating situations.

You won’t be derailed by failure, rejection, or disappointment.

You’ll be able to fearlessly flirt with any man.

You’ll attract quality guys and make them invest in you before meeting them.

You’ll be an incredible first date who always gets a second date.

You’ll actually enjoy dating, knowing that you’re in control of the entire dating process.

You’ll easily handle sexual situations, maintain healthy boundaries, and make your man want to come back for more.

You’ll no longer worry about what you did wrong when you haven’t heard from a man.

You’ll know whether he’s worthy of being your boyfriend and when it’s time to finally let him go.

You’ll never fear breaking up with a guy out of concern that you can’t do better.

You’ll be an amazing girlfriend, the kind no man wants to live without.

You’ll understand what he’s thinking and why he does what he does.

You’ll be able to tell men how to please you and get what you want without fighting, without drama, and without tension.

You’ll have the power and courage to leave any relationship that isn’t making you happy.

You’ll discover the difference between chemistry and compatibility and use that information to choose a healthy, long-term partner.

You’ll act with confidence and trust and inspire your man to do the same.

Most importantly, you’ll have the fun, passionate, lasting love you’ve always dreamed about.

Give me 5 minutes a day and give you a husband – or your money back!

Warmest wishes and much love,

Your friend,


P.S. I hope that answered all your questions about what’s in Love U. If not, please check out the Love U FAQ for further reading.