Rules of The Blog

First of all, I am honored that you came to my site to enter an intelligent discussion about dating and relationships. I’m proud of the community that congregates here — and the high level of discourse we have around topics like sex, text messaging, and infidelity.  I thank you, humbly, for your participation.

Second, I’m not big on rules. But, in an arena where conversation can get heated and personal, I thought it might be wise to set a standard of conduct.

Three things to remember:

1)       This is my blog. It’s on my website. It reflects my views. I am a dating coach, not a licensed therapist. As such, my advice is for entertainment purposes only.

2)       If you don’t like my advice or views, I do not take it personally and think that you should find a blog that speaks to you more. It’s like television: if you don’t like a show, you don’t yell at the TV; you merely change the channel.

3)       If you don’t enjoy my take on things, but, for some reason, still want to remain an active part of this community, here’s how to do it (and how not to do it.)

Rules on commenting:

1)       Please offer your dissenting opinion with logic and facts and an attempt to understand the other side. Just because I (or another commenter) disagrees with you doesn’t mean that we’re “wrong”. It means that we have a different, but equally valid point of view.

2)       Please be respectful of your fellow commenters. Any comment that insults another commenter will be deleted or edited. Readers come here to learn and engage, not to fend off childish attacks from anonymous strangers.

3)       Please be respectful of me. I am fine with dissenting opinions, however, I’m not tolerant of people who think they can come into my house, insult my wife, and spit out my cooking. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it. Really. It’s just a waste of everybody’s time.

4)    Please be accurate in interpreting my point of view. If you take something I wrote and misinterpret it in the comments, I’m not going to post it. My views are clearly articulated and it’s not worth my time to defend myself against things I didn’t actually say.

What’s Not Allowed:

These types of comments will be summarily deleted from the blog, because they don’t add anything to the discussion:

1)      Comments that hijack the forum to ask for your own personal dating and relationship advice. The only questions that get answered on here are the ones I post once a week. The comments section is for you to give your perspective on the original question; it is not for you to ask what you should do about the guy you’re seeing.

2)      Comments that say that my dating advice is sexist because I’m putting the blame on women. Not true. I give advice to women because women ask me for advice. If men asked me for advice, I’d tell them how they should change and adjust as well.

3)       Comments about men getting a free pass or that it’s unfair how men are. I tell women how to better deal with the world as it is, not how to change men or deconstruct how things became this way. Life is unfair. It won’t become fair by complaining about men.

4)       Comments saying “Evan wants women to put up with all of men’s crap.” Not true. You should absolutely break up with a man who’s not giving you what you need in terms of kindness, effort, consistency, and commitment.

5)       Comments about how you’re happy being single and that I’m judgmental for implying that all women want to be in relationships. Women who ask me for dating advice are usually asking because they want a relationship. If you don’t want a man, good for you. Most of my readers do.

6)       Comments about how my advice is wrong just because it doesn’t apply to you. There are exceptions to everything. You may be that exception. But that doesn’t invalidate that my advice probably applies to many other women.

In short, you’re a guest in my home. Please be polite to your host.

Thanks for reading. I sincerely hope my relationship advice has a positive impact on you.

With love,