(Video) Tony Robbins & Marie Forleo: What It Takes To Have an Extraordinary Life

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I’m not going to give this a preamble.

I’m just going to encourage you to block out an hour and watch this from beginning to end. It’s two self-help superstars, Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins, at their finest – funny, authentic, vulnerable, confrontational and super insightful.

Forleo, whose B School program was the inspiration for my Love U, interviews Robbins about his movie, “I Am Not Your Guru.”  

She intersperses her interview with clips of Robbins on stage and the results are riveting. I would annotate this entire thing for you, but if you’re short for time, go to:

9:00, 16:24, 22:00, 26:10, 29:18, 34:15, 42, 53, 55, and 57 minutes.

This stuff is golden. You just wait until I start doing my on-stage interventions like Robbins does. I’ll say “fuck” 50% less, but it will be twice as potent when I do.

Your thoughts, below, are appreciated.

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  1. 1

    Thank you for posting this Evan, this is just what we needed, I think.

    Hopefully, maybe, this will halt the ‘poor me’ mentality for a little while. Giving us a kick in the pants to take responsibility for our own dating lives 🙂

    That person didn’t message me back…but, hey, at least I’m not a cockroach in the desert!

  2. 2

    Towards the end Robbins asks who you were allowed to be and who you weren’t, according to your parent. For the rest of the day i thought about which sides of my personality i find easy to express, and which sides i repress. The answers are exactly the same to both. A very powerful video! Robbins can be maligned for his marketing methods, and i would feel very uncomfortable in his seminar set up. Yet i can’t fault his incisive self help.

  3. 3

    What an inspiring video. It’s the first time I heard Tony Robbins speak; now I understand his popularity. Loved the video of him speaking to the suicidal young man. Am going thru some career challenges and videos like this really are helpful–not just to help attain the work goals/successes I want, but to bave maximum fulfillment along the way.

  4. 4
    Janet Borders

    Fantastic I loved it( his words )the part where he talked about shocking that kid who was (suicidal ) & caring for that kid was wonderful . The part where he is a giver and he gave even when he was broke . I’m a giver I appreciate hearing it from him . Meditating and slowing down both of them talking about that . Finding what we can give is what makes this world wonderful .

  5. 5

    Amazing!! Thank you for sharing, Evan.

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