You Can Fall in Love at Any Age

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Yes, it’s Monday.

Yes, you’re back to work.

Yes, you are still fed up with men, dating, and online dating.

Yes, you wonder why it’s so hard to find a good guy and whether love will ever happen for you.

And yes, I’m offering you all of my products for 50% off for the next 18 hours.

Love is real.
Good men are real.
Happy marriages are real.

I’ve never done this before (and may never do it again), but want to make it really easy for you to kick off 2015 with confidence and optimism.

Love is real.

Good men are real.

Happy marriages are real.

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If you’re getting over a disappointing breakup, you should read my best selling eBook, “Why He Disappeared”, in which I explain to you exactly what he was thinking when he was dating you and how you let him go forever.

You deserve love and you can have it right now.

If you’re burned out on dating and men and are doubting whether love will ever happen for you, read “Believe in Love”, in which I walk you through an easy, 7-step process that will help you date with confidence and optimism.

If you are frustrated with the guys writing to you online and want to attract more high quality men who are serious about relationships, check out “Finding the One Online,” in which I teach you to master online dating and find love.

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I hope this is a nice gift to yourself for the holiday season.

You deserve love and you can have it right now.

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Warmest wishes,

Your friend,

Does this stuff actually work? Ask Linda, who, after working with me for a few months, is engaged to be married, at age 67:

Hi Evan,

I’m getting married next week. My guy teases me on how I “took the course” on how to meet a guy and keep him interested. He should only really know how much work that took and all the things I learned from you. He told me he was captivated by how real and open I was on our first meet. How I really listened, opened up about myself and the clincher, reaching over and touching his arm to make a point. He says he has never met anyone like me before. Could it be because we communicate so well and I NEVER? make him wrong? 🙂

Thanks again Evan. I know I owe a lot of this to you. At 67, I never lost hope and kept a positive attitude. Guys I dropped still try to contact me. LOL. I am taken.


It’s Cyber Monday. I’m never offering a better sale. Change your love life now for 50% off, using coupon code: CYBER50. It’s only good until 11:59pm PST tonight!

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  1. 1

    I must that after reading this blog for years, your advice has clicked in a way it never has before after my latest fiasco. After a brief pity party, I’m fine. Not really looking but not devastated either.

  2. 2

    I’m quite a smart and emotionally-healthy person that generally am intuitive enough to do well in dating, yet when I bought and started reading WHD, I’ve already had a few a-ha epiphany moments where I learnt something important that I hadn’t known before. That really shows that almost every woman would learn valuable things from that book–even if she doesn’t think she ‘needs’ a self-help book. 🙂 I’m really glad I bought it (I didn’t get it at a discount but it was really worth the money!! Lol)

  3. 3
    Lynn (the other one!)

    I’m not even sure where to start. Evan’s advice via this blog, FTOO, and WHD has been invaluable. So too everyone’s comments. It’s taken me months of practice to get more accomplished. Be encouraged! It’s like learning any new skill.

    Recently I took some time away from dating because of other life stuff. Including moving back to the US after being an expat for many years. Something clicked – I went back to online dating with a more positive attitude, a lot more relaxation, and an understanding of how to convey my value.

    And at age 57 I’m getting so much attention, from so many good guys – all of them younger than me by anywhere from 2-7 years – that for the first time I’m at the point where I’ll have to hide my profile. Really good, decent guys. Don’t let anyone tell you they’re not out there! I’m humbled and flattered and having a ton of fun. No more crappy coffee dates 😀

    Thank you, Evan!

  4. 4

    I took you up on your offer and am glad I did. Having trouble not reading WHD on whatever-you-call-it-Tuesday at work.
    Mostly common sense but we all know that common sense ain’t all that common.
    Thanks for the offer and I look forward to employing your advice. I have a 2nd date tomorrow and she reads your stuff too.

  5. 5

    I think you guys are fine get on with your life

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