Comparison is the Enemy of Contentment (Video)

Comparison is the Enemy of Contentment

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    Awesome as always!

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    This is an insightful video. It is true that comparing another person’s outsides with your insides is fruitless. However, if other people’s successes motivate you to achieve those goals by using them as role models, a little envy is not a bad thing.  

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    Thanks Evan…a nice reminder about an obvious situation that often gets forgotten about.   I too love FB and find myself envying people’s trips to over seas or their wonderful relationship (when mine is nothing) so yeah…Im going to focus on being happy with MY LIFE and being ME from today onwards. 🙂  

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    Thanks Evan. I’m burned out from dating at the moment and have often gotten Facebook envy from other people’s relationships. This is a good reminder of how fruitless it is. Oddly enough I generally haven’t envied people in other areas of my life except the romantic one. For instance, I honestly never envy people at work who are ranked higher than me and make more money, because that comes with certain responsibilities and pressures I know I’m not ready for yet. I don’t envy people’s posts about their fabulous vacations or new houses. Yet I often envy people when they get engaged or talk about their spouses. I’m trying to develop that same equanimity in dating and stop the comparisons.

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    Evan, your content is fabulous — very insightful and helpful! Since you will be making more videos, I do have a couple of thoughts about the presentation (this compared to professional presenters). One, your words will be clearer if you slow down your speech a little bit, especially in the beginning. It felt like you were rushing through the intro to get to the meat of the content. It feels more friendly, warm, and welcoming if you take your time with the intro as well. Two, you might want to set up points to pause, both to give the viewer a chance to absorb what you’re saying and to give yourself time to relax a bit and blink. There seemed to be whole minutes-long intervals where you did not blink, and to some people that can feel “off.” [Also, there was some issue with the audio toward the end, but you probably already know that.]
    Anyway, great job, and I’m looking forward to the next installment!

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    Great advice!…So very true!

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    Great video! Looking forward to the next one!  

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    Peter 51

    There is cultural anecdote that suggests envy is somewhat female as a normal emotion.   If my sister has a new man, then I must have one too.

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    Nadja geipert

    Hi Evan,
    i really like this video and couldn’t agree more. I have a saying that i frequently use on clients who suffer from a serious case of “compareritis:” to compare is to despair!
    PS Your wife sounds like a delight!

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    Diana Beaton

    Great video! I think I’m going to replay this one once every couple of weeks to remind myself.   So easy to slip into that comparison frame of mind…Thank you for the reminder!

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