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dating coach for smart, strong, successful women Evan Marc Katz
Longtime readers know that sometimes I like to reveal a little bit about how I work.  It’s sometimes embarrassing to share things, but I think it’s a valuable  glimpse into me and this unusual business  of writing things for public consumption three times a week.

Today, I want to share with you two contradictory ideas.

  1. I trust myself to give dating and relationship advice more than I trust anybody else.
  2. Every Thursday for the past five plus years, I’ve linked to an interesting article written by somebody else.

Which is to say that I’m constantly reading books and articles that I can synthesize into simple, effective dating advice, and yet I don’t subscribe to any  other coach’s newsletter, blog, or YouTube channel as a means to learn what to teach.

That might mean I have a massive blind spot or a surfeit of confidence (or both). But I think it means that I trust my experience, my desire for growth, and my ability to square these contradictory impulses in a public square, for all to see.

The reason I’m stating  this is because I am constantly bombarded (behind the scenes) with people who want to guest blog for this site. They’ve written a great article. They’ve written a great book. They think my audience will love it. Basically – they’re looking for free PR for their work. I don’t blame them. I also never say yes.

I trust my experience, my desire for growth, and my ability to square these contradictory impulses in a public square, for all to see.

Comb through 1000 blog posts over nine years. You will not see another author’s name on any of them. That’s my control issue: I will write about your advice. I will link to your advice. I will not have you writing on the blog that has my name on it.

Today is no different, but yet it is. I received an email from a Sonya Schwartz, asking me to link to her article, “34 Signs He Wants to Marry You.”

Normally, I would decline this obvious self-promotion, but as I clicked through, I saw how much time and care she put into this piece – and how it largely echoed  all the things I normally advise women to look for when choosing a husband.

So without further ado (and I know it was a lot of ado), allow me to present to you 34 Signs He Wants to Marry You. It is a monster of an article with an infographic and 34 different text links for each sign, and I sincerely hope you like it.

When you’re done, come back here and tell me what, if anything, you learned from Ms. Schwartz’s piece.

Have you ignored some of these signs, only to discover, too late, that you were with a man who was never going to marry you?

Your thoughts, as always, are greatly appreciated.