Am I Being Unfair Not Giving My Phone Number Until I’m Ready?

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Hey Evan, I have recently started chatting with someone on a dating site and he keeps asking me for my phone number. He says he doesn’t use the internet much on weekdays, but I’m reluctant to give anyone my phone number until I have chatted with them for a period of time.

Am I being unfair with this expectation of not giving my phone number out and preferring to spend weeks on online chatter? I actually do like this gentleman, which is unusual for me. Thanks in advance for your answer.


I figure this is as good a time as any to float a pretty non-controversial theory of how to be successful in dating. Ready?

Okay, so you know what a Venn Diagram looks like, right? Two circles that overlap in one area. Hold that in your mind for one second.

The problem in dating is when you think your circle is the “right” one — even when it doesn’t overlap with anyone else’s circle.

You’re one circle. He’s the other circle. The place where your circles overlap is your relationship. The more they overlap, the healthier it becomes.

The problem in dating is when you think your circle is the “right” one — even when it doesn’t overlap with anyone else’s circle.

This is where I came up with the idea (espoused in Why He Disappeared) of “effective vs. ineffective”, as opposed to “right vs. wrong”. Example:

Guy wants to get laid on the first date.

Girl wants to save herself until marriage.

Is either of them “wrong”? No. I would suggest that both will find their stances largely ineffective in dealing with the majority of the population.

Is it possible to find a woman who’ll have sex on Date 1? Sure.

Is it possible to find a man who’ll wait until marriage before having sex? Sure. But there are a LOT fewer people who will agree to either.

This Venn diagram theory goes for pretty much everything in life. If you think something is reasonable, but nobody else on the planet agrees with you, you’re going to be more effective by finding a compromise point closer to the majority position. If you don’t, you may be left standing alone.

Men who don’t pick up the full check on Date 1 are not “wrong”, but they are ineffective.

Women who ask men if they will commit on Date 1 are not “wrong”, but they are ineffective.

All in all, Janelle, you’re not “wrong”. But you are ineffective.

In the Venn Diagram of Online Dating (copyright, Evan Marc Katz), men’s circle is Speed. Your circle is Comfort.

He wants to meet you right NOW and see you naked ASAP.

You want to “chat with him for a good period of time,” and after “a few weeks of online chatter”, you’ll give him your phone number. Then, presuming a few phone calls go well, you want to meet him for a safe coffee date at 2:30 on a Tuesday, so you can have a quick exit strategy if you don’t click.

Both of you are ineffective. And by ineffective, I mean that by not being able to understand (much less cater to) the opposite sex’s point of view, you’re pretty much eliminating your options.

You don’t want to do things his way.

He doesn’t want to do things your way.

Neither of you is wrong. Both of you are ineffective. And by ineffective, I mean that by not being able to understand (much less cater to) the opposite sex’s point of view, you’re pretty much eliminating your options. You know as well as I do that women don’t want to be bullied into going on blind dates:

“Hey, Janelle. Read your profile. Think you’re attractive. Not good at this email thing. Let’s see if there’s chemistry. Here’s my number. Call me. Let’s go out on Saturday night.”

By the same token, he doesn’t want to receive an reply that says, “Dear Dan, thank you for your initial inquiry. However, I’m very uncomfortable giving you my phone number. Who knows? You may be a serial killer or stalker. Besides, your profile doesn’t say very much about you, so maybe if you tell me more about yourself, if we click, then, maybe in a few weeks, I’ll give you my phone number and we can go from there.”

This is the entire reason that I came up with a strategy that works for both men AND women.

It’s called the 2/2/2 Rule (two emails on the dating site, two emails off site, two phone calls and then a date). I spend about a half-hour explaining it in my Finding the One Online audio program, which helps women flirt and connect with quality men online.

If you’ve ever wondered why you struggle with men, it’s quite likely because you’ve never given much value to HIS circle in the Venn Diagram.

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  1. 1

    I always ask for the man’s phone number, and offer to call him. I’ve encountered very few men who have a problem with this. Just like meeting rather than being picked up on the first date, it’s really no big deal. IMO, after a few emails exchanged and one phone call, I know if the person is someone I’d like to meet. Two phone calls is too much unless I’m still uncertain about the man, as the in-person chemistry is so important, and can’t be gauged from phone calls and emails. Just my two cents.

  2. 2

    Ugh, I hate men who try to send me too many messages online b/c in my experience, those guys are not serious about meeting me. I personally think a lot of them are not single and are just amusing themselves. It doesn’t really matter, b/c whether they aren’t serious about meeting or aren’t really available, they aren’t going to be for me.

    If a man doesn’t try to move to email or phone after a couple of decent messages on the site, I’m kind of thinking he’s a no. If you want to really creep me out, send me your number or email in the first message. Some people are clearly trying to do the minimum, like the guys who say in a first message “do you text” or “would you like to meet for drinks” yet won’t answer if I saw something reasonably like “Hi, what’s your name?”

    I did entertain a couple of people who sent way too many messages that were well-written and thoughtful(and I’ll admit, on paper they looked like winners in every way)but as expected, one never asked for my number and the other did but then was really flaky about following-up. Would claim to be calling one day and not, or call for like 5 minutes…clearly wanting to keep me as an optiong but basically just wasting my time.

    I think the goal is to not fool yourself into thinking that there is a connection that isn’t there, b/c I just think too many people will take several weeks of writing to mean that they are dating . I don’t think so, but also don’t want to feel that “let down” from someone who was never real. B/c even if my head tells me it’s not real, you do get to a point where you are anxiously awaiting to hear from that person as if they matter when they really don’t.
    People who aren’t willing to share a little basic information or let me hear their voice are not good bets.

    1. 2.1

      You are so right 100%!

  3. 3
    David T

    I recently went out on two DATES with a woman who NEVER gave me her phone number. We always connected and organized via the dating site chat and then a third party smart phone chatting app. Frankly I was weirded out by her secrecy about that and some other things. Obviously she did not think I was a complete loon or she would not have agreed to the second date. Obviously I thought she had been burned by some guy who must have called her incessantly or stalked her or why else be so cagey? Still, when she went somewhat quiet on the one communication thread (and still would not give me her number) I walked away. Even my Venn circle only extends so far into her worldview and I suspect most men would have come to the end of their even sooner.

    Now I am meeting a woman Tuesday evening with whom I have swapped a few emails, chatted a bit and had a couple of phone calls. I suppose that is about the 2/2/2 rule. She insists on meeting at Starbucks (ugh) but if that is what she wants, I will go with it.

    Another woman I set a first date one evening after only some really fun flirtatious chatting and then texting that same morning! It went great, though after our second date we won’t be continuing. Everyone has different expectations and standards, and I believe every interaction can be different.

    1. 3.1

      Even in this day and age of Facebook and Youtube, and letting it all hang out online, women still have to be concerned about their safety. It’s nothing personal against men. She is being cautious because too many stories are out there about women going on blind dates and then being attacked. I circumvent the issue of giving out my personal number by using Google Voice.   Does that make me a paranoid loon? I have every right to a reasonable amount of privacy and security.   There’s no way to tell for sure if a guy is not a rapist or a mugger,   or a scam artist.   Every woman who takes basic precautions before getting to know a guy is just being smart.   Guys should probably do that,   too. You never know who you’re meeting.   

      1. 3.1.1

        I have not heard one single story about a women going on a blind date and being “attacked”.   Or really anything even CLOSE to being scary.   I think as long as you meet in public and tell someone where you’re going you are fine.   I have too many friends who have dated MANY guys online to believe that most guys are weird creepers.  

        1. Anna

          Well, here is the story for you. I have given my phone number to this guy with whom I exchanged quite a few emails and he did not disappear or pressure me. The rule this guy is giving 2/2/2/ is for the losers as it treats people as some kind of kettle that needs to be quickly turned over and inspected, I tried it and concluded I was a loser. Never again and especially not after the experience I had today.

          This fellow got my phone number and he went nuts! 143 text messages from last night to morning. Telling him I will call the cops made him living and he was taking this abuse to the next level. Now he is in jail, charged with harassment and I am wondering where I went wrong. One thing is sure, I have given my phone number to a wrong person.

          I won’t be giving my phone to anyone until I am exclusive.

        2. Evan Marc Katz

          Sorry about your freak story. Just know you will not be exclusive with anyone if you don’t give him your phone number. Good men need to be trusted.

        3. Anna

          I do not think you should be so categorical. Two men that I am seeing both want to be exclusive with me. You know in some countries having a phone is a luxury. I do not see why giving them a phone is a must. One of these guys is a prof at the university, another is an engineer, so neither is a goof or a loser. To me, both of them are good guys who are protective of me and are willing to give me a sense of security.

          If in the future I need to date, I will give a Google voice number that reroutes to my phone. I have the same cell phone number for 16 years and I do not plan to abuse this number by giving them to people who might be a riff raff. You are not a woman and when cops today told me how prevalent this is, you should realize that men should be re-educated on their expectations.

        4. Sofie

          Keri, I have given my number to a few men but cautiously when I feel that they are emotionally stable.
          Here’s a story about a man I gave my number to but kind of wished I didn’t…
          Once I gave my number to a guy and then we chatted for an hour on the phone. When I put the phone down and thought about it, I realised he kept steering the conversation towards sex. Not just sex but weird perverse stuff involving donkeys, dead chickens and his dick. All jokingly but still for a first conversation, it made me think he might be a bit twisted. He talked about other stuff ie his job, he made horror props for films which “might” explain his humour…
          Next he texted a few times and as he was not obsessive and gave me space to reply without freaking, I thought ok maybe he might be worth meeting. We arranged a date. He texted a few times to let’s know he was looking forward to meeting. Then the day before he sent me the longest texts ever recorded in history cancelling on account of the fact that he thinks I’m a princess who’s never had any troubles and men fall at my feet (I wish!) and he’s exaggerated his attractiveness on his profile by lighting his best angle to hide his greasy skin, spots and balding head! Much more followed by, girls are scared of him and cross over when they see him in the street but but on the plus side he’s about to inherit a million and has a giant ( if rarely used) c**k!
          I replied that I understood if he felt like that and not to feel bad about himself, gave him some beauty tips and suggested he leaves dating sites for a while and join clubs where meeting people would be less pressure. I guess I turned into an agony aunt. He didn’t take it nicely at all… :/ he sent me a few other verrrrry loooooooong texts that basically accused me of being shallow and heartless, oh and a bitch amongst many other names, even though he had cancelled!   He made me feel horrible all day!
          So glad I didn’t meet him!

        5. Pat

          You’ve not heard of one single story??? There have been women not only attacked, but murdered on blind dates! Where have you been living??

      2. 3.1.2
        thomas bridges

        I agree with you 100 percent. Here is my situation, I had chat with a woman on Plentyoffish and we sending each other messages for the last two days. On the third days, we were sending each other messages and the communication was going very well in my opinion. She automatically type in her phone numbers and I regret this to this day, accepted it and close my plentyoffish account. We texted each other on the phone and even talk on the phone a little bit. The next morning, I sent her a good morning text but I didn’t get a reply, so I decided to sent her two more text messages and receives no reply or I was being blocked. This made me feel like I wasted my time for nothing. My feeling was a little disappointed and felt like it was a waste of time. I wish I wouldn’t have accepted her number to begin with but what I couldn’t understand why would she give me her number to begin with because it really disappoint me and hurt me a little bit. I feel like I can’t trust anybody.

  4. 4

    If you are worried about someone having your cell number you can get a Google voice number. It rings to your cellphone, you can use it solely for online guys and change it/turn it off when you want.
    I think that’s a way better alternative than refusing to talk on the phone for weeks.

    1. 4.1

      Seconding the Google voice number for security. People who consider themselves “normal” — especially guys; you have no idea what we put up with as women in terms of safety concerns, and a quick buzz through Gavin DeBecker’s The Gift of Fear, if you have no time to do a search for “women” + “harassment” on MeFi, might well be enlightening — have no idea exactly how “extreme” some “extreme” behavior can be.

  5. 5

    I would be leery about a woman not giving her phone number. I have spoken to many ladies who gave their number so we could talk prior to meeting and also some texting. So if someone didn’t give it out, that is such an anomaly. I can understand if it was the socially accepted norm (to withhold it) but it isn’t. Anyone who is that way is either paranoid or hiding something. This business about being burnt in the past by a stalker doesn’t cut it. We have all been burnt before by various things but it isn’t an excuse to deviate from the norm.

    The risk to withholding the number from a good guy who will be turned off is much greater than the risk of exposing herself to a stalker.

    1. 5.1

      John, please see the comment right above yours (and mine too in response to it, once EMK lets it out of moderation).

    2. 5.2

      Are you kidding?

    3. 5.3

      I’m a guy, and I agree that you should not hide your number. Maybe one out of 200 dates has a woman refused to give out her phone number in case something happened, etc.

      If she didn’t give out her phone number, I’d think she were a freak or hung around with some bad people. Yes, I would JUDGE her. Aren’t I so horrible. But I would judge her and be a little worried about where she is coming from. (I also would not take the date/relationship seriously from that point on.)

      1. 5.3.1

        Hope you apply the same principle on your sister and daughter and just tell them to be quiet when they are raped or harassed with text messages or incessant phone calls. It is unfortunate but 1 out of 5 if not more are emotionally unsafe people.

      2. 5.3.2

        and she would have a very lucky ESCAPE 😀
        You seem to have angry thoughts that lead to
        these JUDGEments you make.

        1. Sofie

          That was in response to Mark by the way.

      3. 5.3.3

        Mark, you are clearly out of touch with reality and with that mindset, you won’t be able to date any real  women. Heavens knows where you are getting these “200” women from, LOL! Fiction.

    4. 5.4

      Ahh, no.   As an attractive woman I’ve had stalkers since high school.   No one gets my number until after the initial 15 minute meeting.

  6. 6

    After 18 yrs of online dating I have my own rules which I stick by. 3-5 emails onsite or off then we either phone chat and/or meet or the contact stops. It’s very simple and easy. No 3 or 4 weeks of being someone’s “pen pal” or an email response 3 days after I sent one. I’m a very busy man and there’s thousands of other women on Match. If one woman doesn’t want to play by the rules set forth by the internet dating consortium (me, myself, I, and of course Evan….lol) then on to the next 3 who do. What women don’t realize but men know is, is that there are OTHER women on the site besides THEM. I can’t believe the number of women (and I ask them all) that never do a search on the women that they are competing against. They really do think they are singularly that special….lol I always search the men I’m up against just out of curiosity.

    I’ve now also learned to Google image search women’s photo’s to find out so much more about them before I even email them. So women, if you’re using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other photo’s in your profile that are up on another public site they’ll come up in an image search with a lot of other info. Try it, it works a lot of the time but not everyone has a Facebook page darn it!

    1. 6.1

      18 years ??? That either makes you totally expert or totally clueless.

      1. 6.1.1

        I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess you could figure out which of the 2 I’m closer to being…lol Let’s just say I’m “pretty good” even with what I’ve learned just from the years I’ve been on this blog. When the internet was invented and most guys were looking up porn I was searching “personals” sites and emailing women long before jpeg’s were invented. Loved it then. love it now! 🙂

      2. 6.1.2

        Very funny Androgynous 😄
        The whole point in avoiding giving out our number is avoid players who show about the sheer number of women they can get ie JB
        Also JB wants us women to know how unspecial we are and how busy he is! JB You must be fun to date!

        1. Jennifer

          Haha, Sofie, you’re a card!   Who in their right mind wants to date multiple people for 18 years?

    2. 6.2

      JB, no woman thinks she is the only woman on an internet dating site. And yes, I have checked out the competition. You don’t know something that we don’t know. Sheesh, where did you come up with this stuff ? If a woman doesn’t respond back to you in a timely manner, it’s because YOU aren’t the only man on the website.

      I am being bombarded with messages on POF at the moment. There are lots of men I would like to communicate with, (and many that I have no interest in), but I can’t communicate with even ALL the ones I want to. So I’ll just go with 5 or 6 of my very, very favorites. It’s not because I think I’m then only woman online, or even the only woman these men are interested in. I have a limited amount of time to be doing any combination of e-mailing, phoning and face to face dating and I assume the same is true for the men I meet online.

    3. 6.3

      i’m one of those women who’s online dated and done a pretty good job of scoping out the competition! i’ve always asked men whether they do, and get the same results you’ve gotten from women–not one has told me that they did.

      i agree that many women in the online dating sphere are just making things too hard for a man. i’m not sure why anyone, man or woman, thinks that a person who doesn’t know you from a hole in the wall would be willing to jump through these kinds of hoops (pen pal, several phone calls, etc.) just to get the chance to meet you … especially when there are THOUSANDS of other options. and what’s the big deal about giving someone your phone number? i mean, what’s the worst that can happen??

      unlike Androgynous, i don’t think 18 years of online dating makes you potentially clueless (unless you are!)…the presumption is that everyone is online dating with the objective of being in a l/t relationship is a false one. some people just want to…date!

      however, JB, on this point: “I’ve now also learned to Google image search women’s photo’s to find out so much more about them before I even email them.”

      sorry, that sounds a little creepy. :-/

      1. 6.3.1

        Well imadime, I could care less about “creepy”. Knowledge is power and when I Google image search someone and find their Facebook page full of “real” photo’s of what they look like right now head to toe it saves a lot of time not to mention seeing who their friends are etc…to me it’s just like a giant extension to their Match profile. Not to mention their lovely LinkedIn page with full work history. It helps a lot especially with people with a 3 sentence profile that says nothing. This idea btw came right from the Catfish TV show so you know who you may be really dealing with. It’s just a matter of time before online dating profiles will have all of these things combined anyway. Yep every profile will have those little logo’s at the bottom we all know and love and see everywhere everyday

        And SparklingEmerald I know what you’re saying and that’s great you and I check out the competition obviously just being on this site means we’re by far smarter than the average online woman/man. 🙂

        1. SparklingEmerald

          That google image search is GOLD. I’ve had 2 men using fake photos try to contact me online, one through my facebook, and one through meet up. The face book guy, I found his photo on the website of an unknown German politician. When I busted him, he deleted his facebook account.

          Apparently, women in my age group are prime targets for catfishers.

        2. JB

          I find between 5-10 fake widower profiles on Match everytime I search men in my area between 40-60. They’re so easy to spot and when you Google search their photo’s (that usually look like models) you see where they stole them from. I always report them as fraudulent. Last week I saw a world renowned mountain climber/millionaire who’s married’s photo’s being used and when I reported it it took Match a week to take it down. I’ve met many women that email these guys!!

    4. 6.4

      Competing? Seriously? I am not in competition with anyone…this is dating, not football.   This isn’t a win/lose situation.   I am not out to “beat” anyone.   Jeez….

    5. 6.5

      This is exactly the kind of creepy stalking I would NOT want in a man. So if someone like you were to find something on social media that caused you not to message or “like,” GREAT! Thanks for saving us the trouble!

  7. 7

    I have no problem exchanging phone numbers after a couple of on-site messages. Like many people, I don’t have a landline and my cell phone number is the primary contact # for my entire family. I’ve given it to recruiters, hospices, colleges, schools, doctors and what have you. What’s the damage if I give it to one more guy? If he gets weird, I can always block him. (Never had to.)

    One exception, if your very first message contains your phone number and is asking for mine, and doesn’t say much else besides that, I probably won’t answer, because come on! It’s right up there with a first message saying “I like your profile, let’s meet soon and see if there’s any chemistry”… eh, let’s not. Too fast.

  8. 8

    Want to add – hadn’t thought of this until after I hit Send, so apologize for double-posting – there was one time when I refused to communicate with a man by phone, but not for safety reasons. He was in my area on business, I believe he said he was on a six months on/six months off schedule, originally from Sweden. He kept giving me the international number to his Blackberry, for me to call and text. I called my provider and found out what the rates were for me to call or text, or receive texts from, a Swedish number (pretty steep). I kept giving him alternate suggestions, like using email since we both had smartphones, but he insisted on doing it his way. When he finally told me “but it doesn’t cost ME anything – I expense my phone bill to the company” … That was it. I said, “I like you, but I’m a single parent, with a kid in college, and this is outside my price range”. Still have no regrets about turning him down, imo this was just an indicator of his overall attitude.

  9. 9

    Getting or giving a phone number before a first date doesn’t mean as much as it once did. Online dating sites easily allow for dates to be set up without phone contact. I went on many dates after a handful of e-mails and rarely had any problems. The times I did give out and/or ask for a phone number were all about situations where for whatever reason, it might be good to have numbers in case of being late or getting lost or sonething of the sort. The biggest concern I’d have with the OP’s position is wanting to e-mail back and forth for an extended period of time. Few who are serious will put up with that these days. Most of the “endless” e-mailers – regardless of gender – just want a pen pal.

  10. 10

    I think people use the notion that they might be stalked too loosely. In fact, I think people say they have been stalked when they never have been stalked, or truly understand what it means to be stalked.

    I have been stalked a few times. By stalking, I mean I’ve had to have actual law enforcement intervention, and the stalkers have gone to jail. The stalkers were an ex-boyfriend I had lived with, a customer I dealt with at work who was unhappy with the decision about his claim, and a random guy who saw me walking into my apartment one day, i.e., people who I have seen me in person. As I result I do not have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or anything of that nature.

    I do, however, have a dating profile on one dating website, and I have never had any problem with anyone this site. I have given my phone number out — usually within a 2-3 emails if I am interested in the guy. The most I’ve had is an endless texter who would never follow through on setting up a date. I followed Evan’s advice on that one — texted him that I was looking for a boyfriend not a texting buddy, and that was the end of that. (Bet you never thought you’d see that Evan — me saying I’d followed your advice and it worked!) 😀

    Of course, maybe I’m just getting to old for guys to stalk any more. :/

  11. 11

    It’s definitely good to take some time before handing out your number. I haven’t been “stalked” but I’ve made the mistake of handing it out too soon and the guys blew up my phone excessively. And if I felt they weren’t a good match, they began to threaten me. One guy harassed me with texts and calls every day for 3 weeks before letting it go that I didn’t feel we were a good match. I think these were red flags I would have seen had I extended the electronic conversation a bit more, instead of switching to offline immediately.

    At the same time, I see no point carrying a convo via text and email for several weeks and waiting to meet because I’m not looking for an e-friend or text buddy. And I do have to actually speak to a guy over the phone before meeting. Texting isn’t enough.

  12. 12

    What has worked well for me in the past – get a separate pay-as-you-go cellphone number that you only give to guys from online dating sites. Then if that phone rings/beeps, you know it’s not family/close friends/work folks calling/texting. And because it’s not your published home or work phone number, it’s unlikely that you’ll get some one stalking you (finding out your home or work address) from that phone number.

  13. 13

    Why I will always be ineffective at dating and will most likely grow old without a partner: I usually do not agree with what the culture at large is doing. Oh well. I guess it’s the price I pay for the values I hold.

  14. 14

    Ditto what Robyn said (separate prepaid phone, with a number they can’t Google to find out where you live).

  15. 15

    Well it generally is easier to track someone’s address down a landline or work number than with a cell phone number. Also when I Google my cell it doesn’t come up with any info linked to me. On the other hand, some websites had my landline with my home address posted on it. I contacted the websites to have it removed. I virtually never give anyone my landline. Only my parents call me on that. lol

    I’m also not into adding men I’m “just dating” or haven’t even met in person yet on Facebook… I don’t feel everyone has to be a “friend” on FB. If it becomes serious, or we remain friends after dating, then we can add each other.

  16. 16

    Its a phone number! I never understood why people are so uptight about it. My phone number is on a business card that I’ve giving to literally hundreds of people. If you don’t like someone, ignore their calls!

    1. 16.1

      Bravo Julia! It really is that simple.

    2. 16.2

      Yeah I’m also not sure I understand the big deal. In the unlikely event that someone, having your phone number, is able to cause you real distress with that information, you can always block them. But otherwise just ignore calls and messages that you don’t want to respond to. This has worked perfectly well for me and I have not been shy about giving my number when asked to guys I like, or think I might like. Most people are not stalkers.

    3. 16.3

      with you 100% julia! it’s really just not that serious.

    4. 16.4

      Nice  one  Julia

    5. 16.5

      Julia –


      why not post your number here, then? If it’s   not such a big deal. After all, what would the harm be? No need to be uptight about it~

  17. 17

    There is no way i am giving any
    Man my number at this early stage of online dating. A few phone calls would have to take place first.

    1. 17.1

      How can any phone calls take place without a phone number? Very confused.

    2. 17.2


      I don’t understand this.

  18. 18

    I have a special portable telephone with a dating number. So when I’m through with dating, the telephone number is no longer used. Problem solved.

    I would not give my personal fixed telephone or a mobile which is used otherwise.

  19. 19

    I get their number and call first and block my number the first time I call. Generally after 1 or 2 conversations, I either give them my number or do not call ever again!

  20. 20

    JB I am grateful to be rich enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, and thin enough not to be concerned with searching the competition. What a waste of time. If you have been online dating for 18 years straight, either your relationships have all failed due to the common denominator in all of them (Guess who!) or you’re interested in friends with benefits, booty calls, and hookups, which I (and most high-end women) find immensely boring. I loved Sparkling Emerald’s reply to you. Her strategy of filtering out low-rent prospects and sticking with her favs makes perfect sense. We women want and will have what we deserve–the best of the best. If that is not available to me on a given night, I’d rather stay home and read (or write) a good book :-).

    1. 20.1

      Very nicely stated!  

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