What You Should Do On Valentine’s Day When You Don’t Have a Valentine

You read my blog. You hear my relentless positivity. You probably want to roll your eyes.

My posts are so consistent and so predictable, and yet they don’t always sink in.

Yes, men suck, but not ALL men.

Yes, you have to kiss a lot of frogs, but all you need is ONE prince.

Yes, it hurts to waste time on the wrong men, but you can ALWAYS learn from your mistakes.

These are all true, but when you find yourself in another dissatisfying friends-with-benefits situation, or notice yourself texting a dozen flaky guys thru Tinder or Bumble, it’s hard to take heart in these simple, powerful concepts.

You may be tempted to shoot the messenger — to cry out at your screen that I’m not a woman, that I’ve been married for too long, that things are different now, that I just don’t understand.

But I do.

I’ve been doing this job for 14 years.

My blog got 10 MILLION readers last year.

And even though I’ve been with my wife for ten years, that doesn’t mean I’ve lost touch with what it’s like to be single and struggling.

To expect the worst from first dates instead of the best.

Ready for Lasting Love?
Ready for Lasting Love?

To want to give up on the opposite sex entirely.

You have to kiss a lot of frogs, but all you need is ONE prince.

To take a loooooong break from meeting anyone new.

To consider moving to another city with “better” prospects.

All of those are logical conclusions you might draw after a lifetime of disappointments with men.

But the thing that’s important to understand is that you are not STATIC.

However you chose men in the past doesn’t mean you have to choose them the same way in the future.

However you set your boundaries with men doesn’t mean you have to set them the same way in the future.

The question isn’t whether it works, but rather, why isn’t it working for YOU?

However you saw yourself with men in the past (insecure, anxious, avoidant, confused) doesn’t mean you have to continue this way in the future.

However you met men in the past (bars, setups, happenstance, online) doesn’t mean you have to approach it the same way in the future.

There is another way. A better way.

A way that has proven to get results. It’s called…

Finding the One Online: How to Master Online Dating and Create the Love You Deserve

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I know why you’re skeptical. It’s easy to think you’ve tried online dating multiple times and that’s all there is. But that’s like saying that you’ve gone to the gym a bunch of times, didn’t lose weight, and therefore the gym is useless.

The gym works for some people.

Online dating works for some people.

Therefore, the question isn’t whether it works, but rather, why isn’t it working for YOU?

In a world where one third of marriages start online, this isn’t a medium you can afford to ignore.


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Your friend,


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