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Men may have changed their looks over the past 20 years, but they’re still the same clueless, shallow, unrealistic creatures they ever were. Check out this video footage from 1987 and ask yourself: would you rather date online or trust a matchmaking service? You know my vote.

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    I’ve dated online, and I’ve used a matchmaking service, and by far the best luck I’ve had for entering real, lasting relationships is meeting women through friends. BBQs, dinner parties, block parties, birthday parties, etc. When there’s a mutual relation, both dating parties tend to approach things with more accountability and respect.

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    Single Mom Seeking

    Hilarious! And how true! Give some of these guys a haircut and change a bit of the slang… and I’ve met some of these men in the past few years. Classic.

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    This begs a question: Marc, do you only represent exceptional women? Do you have a standard where you won’t take anyone “average”? (Yes, I understand this may be hard to answer tactfully.)
    There’s a reason why people don’t use a video option when dating sites make them available (Match.com enabled video profiles then dropped them years ago). The average person is incredibly awkward and likely to do or say something embarrassing.
    I had a great time when I dated online, and even had a couple of long-term relationships with women I met via pixels. That said, my greatest relationships have been women I met “offline,” including my current girlfriend. I’ve never thought of using a matchmaker, but I would probably recommend it to people who can’t seem to get any traction in their love lives – as much to help them get personal coaching with their own issues as to find “eligible singles.”

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    Evan Marc Katz

    I’d like to think my clients are all “exceptional” women, but no, I don’t have an “exceptional” women policy, per se. Women who work with me are, almost universally, intelligent, successful, and highly motivated to find love. I don’t judge them for looks or age or anything else. In my experience, an “average” motivated woman will fare better than an “exceptional” but uncoachable woman.

    The reason I feel so strongly about my services as opposed to matchmakers is for this reason: all a matchmaker can do is introduce you to someone – just like a very expensive online dating site. At the end of the day, if you don’t understand the opposite sex, make healthy decisions in dating and relationships, and can’t see your own blind spots, a matchmaker can’t do anything for you. Dating coaches try to empower you to learn and grow and attract people on your own, instead of paying $1000 per date only to bump up against your own issues. People who go to matchmakers often think that the ONLY problem is that they haven’t met the right person, when, in fact, that’s only 50% of the issue.

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    I have no comments about matchmaking vs. online dating, but that video is beyond hilarious! Nope, nothing’s changed much in the last 20 years. I’ve seen every single one of those lines in online profiles. Brilliant!

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    Naughty Adult Dating

    I have used too dating sites and I have meet several persons, but the real life dating, where you meet someone trough friends, I think is the best one.

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    “Men may have changed their looks over the past 20 years, but they’re still the same clueless, shallow, unrealistic creatures they ever were. ”

    Well, since it came from a guy, this comment didn’t do much to boost my faith in men. Off to the nunnery!

  8. 8

    Ahem…do you have a similar video by a woman?

  9. 9

    Hysterical!! Evan, are these for real? If anything, the men out there can use these as examples of how NOT to present yourself.

    It’s amazing how many people (I can only speak for men’s profiles as that’s my frame of reference) emphasize the negatives – what they DON’T want, instead of what they DO want. While it’s good to know what you’re looking for, when you experess the minuses you come across as negative and bitter.

    So on that note, like Joe #8, I’d also like to see any similar videos of women.

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    “…what they DON’T want, instead of what they DO want.”

    Downtowngal- good point, but I think this is because most people don’t know what they DO want.

  11. 11

    good point, Sayanta. I think the key is knowing what you DO want. If anything, it exerts positive energy to which people respond.

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    Hilarious! As much for the sclothing and hairstyles as anything the men said.

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