Two Quick Tests to Figure Out if Your Guy is a Keeper

Two quick tests to figure out if your guy is a keeper

What? You didn’t get a chance to watch my Facebook Live on Thursday?

Was it because you were too busy? Was it because you had too much work?

Listen, I understand that a smart, busy woman like you has a life outside of me.

Still, you missed out on some really powerful stuff.

Listen, I understand that a smart, busy woman like you has a life outside of me. Still, you missed out on some really powerful stuff.

And since you’re not the only busy woman on my list, I’m giving you access to a replay of How You Can Attract Better Men and Get the Right One to Want to Commit.

In about an hour, you’ll learn:

  •  How to stop ignoring your feelings of anxiety and set healthy boundaries with men.
  •  Why you should ALWAYS give a good boyfriend the benefit of the doubt – and break up with anyone who’s not a good boyfriend.
  •  How to talk with him when you’re upset without attacking and making him upset.
  •  The incredible power of acceptance and why you should NEVER try to change a man.
  •  The psychological phenomenon “habituation” and how it’s silently KILLING your relationships.
  •  What compatibility is, what it is not, and why it’s just as important as chemistry.
  •  What qualities you should compromise on, and which qualities you should NEVER compromise on.
  •  Two quick tests to help you evaluate your relationship and figure out if he has what it takes to make you happy forever.
  • Remember, you came to me for a reason: to help you understand men, to give you the tools to date successfully, and to help you attract a great guy who treats you like gold.

It all starts now.

Click here to watch my highly entertaining and educational video and get the confidence you need to attract a quality, commitment-oriented man.

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  1. 1

    Not to spoil this for anyone who hasn’t watched yet BUT that wisdom Evan gave about “if you DID get the one that broke your heart” was SO POWERFUL!!!

  2. 2
    Yet Another Guy

    Thanks for bringing up what I refer to as the “enough enoughs” test.  That checklist mentality plays into the hands of guys who can easily pass the “enough enoughs” test, pretty much setting up a woman up for failure at best, exploitation at worse, that is, if she is not careful.  The reality is that guys who can pass the “enough enoughs” test can generally do it with a large percentage of the female population within any given age cohort, which creates a power imbalance in most of these relationships.

    Continuing, a good bit of what you discussed goes against what a lot of female commenters have posted about not wanting men for which they do not have to work.  It is like a guy for whom a woman does not have to work is not worthy of her attention.  What if a guy is easy because he is really into a woman?  I am a guy who has been a nightmare for a lot of women when it comes to having to work for a man.  I have had women go Glenn Close on me because they had to work so hard to obtain me that it left them emotionally disturbed.  Yet, I am relatively easy for my current girlfriend.  Why?  Because she does everything that you outlined while not kissing my backside.  A comment that she has expressed several times is that I make her feel safe enough to be sexually open as well as express her true self, something that she never experienced with her ex-husband (for all my faults, I do have a wicked protective streak).  One of her girlfriends said that I make her sparkle. Other girlfriends have said the same kind of thing.  I do not know what that means in girl code.  We are six months into it (i.e., past the initial limerence period), so the safety/appreciation feedback loop that you discussed must be a big part of it.

  3. 3
    No Name To Give

    You seem kinda proud about leaving some women emotionally disturbed.

  4. 4

    NNTG, his comment solidifies my theory that people who cry about other people being dramatic tend to be the source of all the drama.

    And I already know I’m disqualified for loveU lol

  5. 5
    No Name To Give


    Maybe I’m splitting frog hairs here, but Idk about “getting the right one to commit”. If he doesn’t want to commit, seems to me like one just needs to move on. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

  6. 6
    Yet Another Guy


    How did I know that you would find fault with whatever I wrote? 🙂  No, I am not proud of leaving women emotionally disturbed. I was not toying with these women. It was just that I was very self-centered when I was younger. Experience has taught me to a) never use a woman for sex, and b) end things before it gets to this stage. Having a woman go Glenn Close on me is something that I would rather avoid.  However, some women fail to take “I am not interested in a relationship” for an answer, especially when they are younger.  Just like some guys who have been rejected, they double-down on their efforts.  Luckily, age and experience teaches people that these types of arrangements are futile.

  7. 7
    No Name To Give

    Yeah, it’s just not always readily apparent with you.

  8. 8

    NNTG: I don’t disagree. Often, I think the concept puts too much responsibility for the feelings of others on to ourselves.  That’s probably not the author’s intent though. We aren’t responsible for what others feel. Now, it’s not a license to treat people like crap, but that’s a really firm boundary I draw. We are responsible for how we manage our relationships with others in my mind. That involves treating others with respect and care, but their emotions? Out of my control.

    You can’t game any of this. People want an easy solution where you do X action and get a result, but it often doesn’t work that way. Katz tells women all the time to walk if you aren’t getting what they want, so he’d probably agree with you.

  9. 9
    No Name To Give


    Agree with you 100%.

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