Why Do Women Fall For Narcissistic Men?

narcissistic man looking at his red cars mirror

Ever fall hopelessly for a man who was more in love with himself than he was with you? Get in line.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology:

“We tend to be attracted to people who possess the four qualities (flashy and neat dress, charming facial expression, self-assured body movements, and humorous verbal expression) that narcissists tend to (initially) possess…After the first meeting, narcissists were rated as more agreeable, conscientious, open, competence, entertaining, and well adjusted by the other members of the group.”

That’s all well and good, and it explains why charmers make strong first impressions. But further studies show why they’re such bad relationship partners:

Ever fall hopelessly for a man who was more in love with himself than he was with you? Get in line.

“Narcissists don’t play well with others, and this becomes clearer in the long-term. Narcissists don’t tend to do well in long-term relationships, and suffer from all sorts of intra- and interpersonal problems. Paulhus (1998) found that after the seventh roughly 2.5 hour student work group session, narcissists were rated by the other members of the group as less agreeable, less well adjusted, less warm, and more hostile and arrogant.”

So, the article asks, “What are we supposed to do, intentionally go for those who show the traits that are exactly the opposite of what is generally considered attractive?” The author suggests that the answer is an unequivocal YES:

“My message to all those who are sick of being duped by narcissists, assholes, chauvinistics, etc. is to change the script entirely. Girls, next time you go to a club, approach every single guy you see who looks shy and awkward and is standing in the corner of the dance floor sipping his drink too fast. Give the guy a chance who approaches you and isn’t smooth at all but seems like he is genuinely interested in you. Give those a chance who don’t at first display all four super attractive qualities and see if after talking to them for a little while and you’ve given them a chance to open up a bit, if they start to naturally turn on the qualities you are seeking in a potential mate/friend. If they truly aren’t attractive after getting to know them, then you might want to look elsewhere, but give them a chance.”

Personally, I think that’s a little bit extreme. Not every single well-dressed, confident, funny guy is a toxic narcissist (cough, cough), and you shouldn’t avoid all engaging men like the plague. But nor should you be seduced by them. The qualities that matter most in a 40-year-marriage are not necessarily displayed in an online dating profile, in a 15-minute party conversation, or on a brief coffee date. And you’d be well-served to give men who are not so “smooth” a good fair shake before you determine they’re not worthy of you.

One other amusing conclusion from the author:

“I think blogging is a terrific arena for narcissists, if not the best arena imaginable. Narcissistic bloggers can get a constant stream of admiration from complete strangers in the form of comments after each blog post. The blogger doesn’t have to value the commentator or form a relationship with the commentator. In fact, the commentator is helping to feed the narcisstic blogger’s addiction for instant admiration. And comments that are too critical can easily be deleted.”

Um, no comment.

Read the article here. Your thoughts, as always, are appreciated.

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  1. 1

    My best friend is a narcissist. He and I can talk for an hour on the phone and 55 of the minutes will be about him and when its my turn to talk for 5 minutes, he is always doing something else. He tells everyone his stories and problems and whenever someone else speaks, he brings the focus on to him. I love the guy but he can be difficult in that regard. He is like that with the girls he dates too.
    But here is the rub-he is extremely good looking and  women throw themselves at him. He blows off   9s to date 10s.   So are these ladies attracted because he is a narcissist? No. They are attracted to him because of his looks and then along the way they figure out he is a narcissist. Some of them dump him for that reason when they figure it out. Others stay until he ditches them.  But the attraction they felt towards him was due solely to his looks. And they put up with his selfish ways just because they think he is hot.   Women arent attracted to narcissism per se, but they will gravitate to looks, personality disorders be damned in the short term.

    1. 1.1
      Narcissistic Women

      Not all narcissists are malignant. Some are benevolent like Evan, you just dont want to be intimate with them. Evan raves on and on about how hot he is and how his wife is subpar to him blah blah blah and yet he is still adding back to to society with his blog.
      I admire you Evan for what you do even if you’re a bit egotistical

      1. 1.1.1
        Evan Marc Katz

        I’m letting this thru just to show others what I deal with on a regular basis.

        You cannot find ONE post from me talking about how “hot” I am.
        Nor can you find ONE post calling my wife “subpar.”
        My wife is the greatest person I’ve ever met. Anyone who is on my mailing list or purchased my products knows that’s how I feel.

        The only thing I’ve ever said is that my wife came in a package that I wasn’t originally looking for (older, Catholic, divorced, geographically undesirable, 40K in debt). I use these differences as a teaching tool to get women to open up to different kinds of men. My entire business rests on the idea that you can make certain compromises and be happy that you did.

        In summation, the only way I’m egotistical is that I have a very low tolerance for people who lack reading comprehension skills and make bad arguments. As you can now see.

        1. Narcissistic Women

          I was just being cheeky – it was all said with tongue in cheek.   You do go on about yourself and how you’re alpha and all and I’m just ruffling a few feathers. I’ve actually been a fan of your blog even though I’m not single and not looking. I find what you say helps me understand my husband most of the time.
          You took it seriously. I’m sorry if what I wrote (which was honestly me being funny) is something you have to deal with daily. That’s pretty shite.
          Having said all that, I’m glad I wrote in because I got your attention and it’s sort of celebritish. You’re all over the internet so no harm in my contact with you after all (just feel bad if I upset you in anyway, sorry).
          Please know it was just me playing on the whole narcissistic blogger part of your article, that’s all.

        2. Penny

          Narcissistic men tend to marry the plain saint like women. It’s called their secondary supply. Then they go out and hook up with gorgeous women (known as primary supply). These gorgeous women mean nothing to the narcissist and the narcissist considers them a whore. However, the narc needs them to show off and feel superior while his saint wife stays at home.

    2. 1.2

      Actually I cant agree. there are Narcisists most of them are very focused on good looks, but so are other Healthy guys. what keeps a person so much time “attached” clinged to Narcisist is his unstablepersonality Jekyl Hyde. of course nowdays, its called Game.


      But to a NPD they do it because theyr head is screwed. one day I love you the others Hate you B*** … it fucks you in the head. of course being good looking adds up.


      Its their SCREWED HEAD and the fact they get bored easily dont get attached the way normal people do

  2. 2
    Karl R

    Original post:
    “the article asks, ‘What are we supposed to do, intentionally go for those who show the traits that are exactly the opposite of what is generally considered attractive?’ The author suggests that the answer is an unequivocal YES”
    Just to be clear, this is quoting psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, not the original study (Back, Schmulke and Egloff) published in the  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
    I agree that Kaufman’s advice seems to be overkill. It’s useful to understand that narcissists have these superficial qualities, but people are quite capable of having those qualities without being narcissistic.
    On the other hand, if a person is having difficulty getting their foot in the door with potential dates, those four traits are what they should develop. If they work for narcissists, they should work for decent people too.

    1. 2.1
      Lowflyin Lolana

      Getting beyond the first impression  seems to be the point of that advice, so I can get with that…

      But,  if it’s ..for example….a person who keeps spitting chunks of food while talking to me….I’d say hell no I’m not gonna make that effort….some things are too much and they should definitely get a handle on that themselves otherwise life with that person would be hopeless.

  3. 3

    I agree with Evan that this advice is somewhat extreme. I’m not hanging around a guy who is a chore to talk to with his nervousness and social awkwardness. But if you only sit around waiting for men to make the first move, you may get a lot of those superficial charmers. Best to write to men online first and strike up casual conversations with men around you , set a playful and fun tone, and see if you can create the best possible opportunity for connection. But since I was dorky and awkward growing up and then put a lot of work into being more socially confident, I would hope I could find a guy who had also done some self improvement and wasn’t a wallflower.  

    1. 3.1

      …you might want to take another look at ‘not being awkward and dorky’ as self-improvement…isn’t it more about the connection that you have with a particular person? A person can be awkward in groups, but be entertaining and a great conversation partner in a one-on-one conversation if you have similar interests and passions.

      I say this as someone who has also put a lot of work into improving my confidence, but I did that for me because I felt trapped the way I was, not to be more attractive to others. Being shy was actually a useful barometer to weed out terrible people. If they treated me differently because I was shy, I didn’t care for them. There are many people who will treat you with the same respect regardless of how shy you are and these are the ones worth speaking to.

      I personally find people attractive as conversation partners regardless of whether they are confident or shy (although I often find extroverts and superficial charmers off-putting and intrusive), so long as I have things in common with them. Having been out with someone who had no motivation to work on his social anxiety/aloofness and was a pain in the arse to take to parties with me (felt guilty leaving him on his own), then I agree if they stubbornly refuse to make life easier for themselves it’s a bad deal for you, but most shy people are extremely motivated to increase their confidence, they probably just find it difficult – because it is difficult.

      As a comment on the article itself:
      As someone who is always sexually drawn to narcissists – although not the type described in this article, as sharp dressers and flashiness is off-putting to me – I must say I find some evidence of self-doubt reassuring when I meet someone.  

      I would also add that you do not spot a narcissist by how they dress or how much they talk about themselves, you spot them by how they treat others (always with derision). They’re probably wise enough to know not to be rude to the waitress when you’re sitting right there, but do they tell you stories about ignoring female friends who show sexual interest in them rather than kindly turning them down as most of us would (because ‘it’s not fair on me to have to say no, I don’t like it, they should just take the hint and look after their own feelings’), who says they don’t like ‘having talks’ because they are too emotionally immature to be supportive or transparent, who judge strangers on things such as their appearance (do they tell you they are disappointed in previous dates because when they turned up it turned out they were fat, ugly, not cool enough – rather than judging people by the content of their character, such as whether they are nice or not), do they tell you how to live your life or simply contradict you instead of attempted to empathise with your point of view? Leaving you feeling a bit shutdown? That’s a narcissist. Not all of them dress well or go out of their way to charm you. It’s fair enough that we all judge on looks to some extent, but I don’t go around moaning that my last date wasn’t hot enough for me. I assume that the person is hot to someone else and enjoy my evening making a new friend. If you meet someone who seems frustrated that other people keep ‘letting them down’, then stay the hell away.

      The rule should be – go out with someone who treats others how you would like to be treated. Don’t fall for ‘other people aren’t good enough for him but I am’ ridiculousness, although this is tempting if your self esteem is low. It shows a lack of self respect to go out with someone who is not pleasant to other people, even if they are pleasant to you, and doing so will lower your self esteem.  

      1. 3.1.1

        Thanks for the post.   You’re right on target with what you said about staying the hell away from people who claim that other people keep ‘letting them down’.   We all know we will be the next person in line whom that man/women claims ‘let them down’.   

        I’m really starting to pay attention to how people talk about their past relationships and if they always claim to be ‘the victim’ and they never did anything wrong, etc or if they can take responsibility for their actions and any contribution they might have made to the demise of the relationship and what they learned from it.   I believe we are all here to learn and grow from our experiences.   When we forget that, we miss out on some really great lessons and opportunities, which will repeat themselves if not learned the first go around.

        Also, Google ‘characteristics of an Empath’ and you might be able to relate 🙂  

  4. 5

    I agree that we should make an effort to separate charm/attraction from actually being a good fit for someone. However I think it’s interesting that the reaction is always to tell women to pick nerdy or socially awkward men. The operative assumption is that those men would be excellent partners. that’s not necessarily true, A socially inept person might be equally bad to be in a relationship with.  
    Obviously not giving a guy who doesn’t immediately wow you is definitely a good idea. I just think it’s interesting that we always tell women to pick the complete extreme of men instead.

    1. 5.1
      Lizzy moon

      I agree, why is it men can have standards to a woman’s appearance, but a lesser attractive woman cannot be attracted a gold looking man.

      An overweight male can treat a woman like shit and feel entitled to date a much more athletic female.

      1. 5.1.1

        I totally agree… my now husband is hot.. boring but hot,, I love him and his square ways and little hobbies… I had enough of men (ugly) fat guys I was “giving a chance” and they were cheats and rotters..so I say you are right,, go for the shy guy.. I have mine now.. He is so amazing.. I make my own excitement now..no more drama or looking over my shoulder.

        But I think also my husband was not the sleeping around type and I am not either..so we are both compatible there. We are both very private people. Most narcissists are not private , they love attention.

        1. Lowflyin Lolana

          True point…not all narcissists are flashy dressers or good looking, some are just charming, or wealthy, or have some resource, talent or success or whatever, that brings them a steady fresh supply.

          I think a mistake that gets made is that people assume those types (some are celebrities) give so much of value to their audience that they must be even more amazing in private and the people in their lives must be so lucky and get even more.

          The reality is that the people close to them often get less, as they save their best for the audience, which is a reliable and unconditional neverending supply of positive attention..unlike a partner.   They also, sometimes, play that partner and the audience off of each other.   Alternate lovers can be found in the audience, stories about the partner’s private life may be told in exchange for attention and validation (and they may be told untruthfully in a way that is unflattering to the partner)…and so on….I’m going to remember that bit and make my next relationship with someone who is a private person and likes it that way.

  5. 6

    Interesting study… I often wonder if this is something I am running into or not.
    I think the problem is that it is so easy to confuse certain generalities with definitions of personality disorders.   “Is he just having a bad day or is he depressed?” :He seems confused…is it stress or ADD?” I wonder if it was easier to detect bad qualities before we became so acquainted with personality disorders.   And I also wonder if self-diagnosing our lovers gives us the upper hand or the reverse?

  6. 7

    that,s not the msg I took away. maybe women are so blinded by charm and attraction we won,t seriously consider anyone else. Anyone else immediately gets written off as “less than”. No one is saying that zero attraction is a better bet.   there are alternatives.
    i go further than you. I think charm and attraction mean more than “not necessarily a good fit”‘.   it means   “not  a good fit” (for me anyway). As soon as I get “that feeling” I step away from the light. It.s not served me well in the past.
    I do find my boyfriend attractive but it grew over time, and is still growing. Not sure what took me so long given he,s tall, athletic with a nice face, and a great  voice. our getting to know each other was   lowkey,  normal, respectful. He didn,t sweep me off my feet but he didn,t let me down either.   Love should grow, I don,t expect to be in love after ten minutes or even ten weeks.
    I get that it can be fun to go toe to toe with a charmer for an hour or two on a night out. But that,s it, that hour is the best he,s got.   

    1. 7.1

      I think the issue is that love is a very confusing emotion. People can be blinded by shallow things and when those things are stripped bare there goes the love. Or people also are driven to play out some drama from childhood and that warps their perception of love. People can fall for someone in an affair and then realize its their spouse they really love after all. I think my definition of love is a story about a young mother who was burned and disfigured in a plane crash and thought her husband might leave her after losing her beauty. But nope he still adores her makes love to her and life has continued on like before. To me thats love as it transcends everything . Instead of wanting to leave her hes jusr grateful shes still alive. Some people are probably not capable of this   true love.

  7. 8
    Sparkling Emerald

    marymary #7   You said
         “I do find my boyfriend attractive but it grew over time, and is still growing. Not sure what took me so long given he,s tall, athletic with a nice face, and a great  voice. our getting to know each other was   lowkey,  normal, respectful. He didn,t sweep me off my feet but he didn’t let me down either.   Love should grow, I don,t expect to be in love after ten minutes or even ten weeks.”
       Is this typical for you, or is this the first time someone “grew” on you ?   I used to give guys a second chance hoping they would grow on me, but that only happened once (the guy pursued me relentlessly, but it didn’t work out anyway)   After a while, I stopped taking second looks at guys I wasn’t initially attracted to.   I felt like I was leading a guy on and wasting his time otherwise.   I think it’s cruel to give someone false hope. I have been attracted to narcissists and to nice guys too.   However, when I find myself attracted to a narcissist, I RUN in the other direction, since they are not the ONLY types I’m attracted to.
       Maybe in this incarnation as a single, I should take a second look at guys who I’m not instantly attracted to, and see if it can grow.   Maybe since I’m older, I could “grow” to love someone.

    1. 8.1

      I’d be careful. I’ve done that because it’s very rare I’m attracted to men so I thought I should stop looking for attraction.

      There needs to be some attraction, otherwise you’re really not invested at all. I make friends with dates that I just don’t have any urge to kiss whatsoever, but I also stay away from those that I have a very strong sexual urges towards despite my better judgement (within a few hours narcissists give themselves away by being judgemental towards others, whether in their stories or on the actual date. Just stay away from anyone judgemental, as this is a sign of emotional immaturity.)  

      Also, not all women are sexually interested in narcissists. Some are immediately turned off by them or get turned off the moment they notice narcissistic or dismissive behaviour. These women just have a greater sense of self worth, which isn’t to say they are ‘better’ (I have low self worth), but to say they have probably had an easier time in life, and lucky them 🙂  

      Don’t worry too much about who you date, maybe just concentrate a little more on when to walk away. If you go on a few dates with a narcissist, it’s no big deal. You don’t know them yet. It’s more recognising the point at which you think: ‘Oh, this isn’t a nice guy. He doesn’t treat others as equals or with respect. He appears to hierarchise people or talk down to some people/patronise people/seems low in empathy. I’m walking away’. Traits like these just don’t belong in a pleasant relationship. Imagine everything he says about someone else he is saying about you – because he might eventually, there’s nothing special about you – and decide if you would want to be on the receiving end.  

      1. 8.1.1
        Lowflyin Lolana

        I have to second anon.

        Getting with a guy I’m not attracted to because I thought it would “grow” was a very bad decision for me in the end. It wouldn’t have been if I hadn’t really been committed to the idea that it would grow.   I was told it would and believed it would if he was a good man, and he was.

        But I have to have some sexual connection at least in the beginning. I have to want to kiss him. Otherwise it’s not fair to him and it will waste time. It was a hard lesson to learn and I can’t tell you how many people advised me badly on it.

  8. 9

    Narcissists are the way they are because (for whatever reason) they can be so. Their M.O. works…. so they keep the same M.O. – for decades, if not an entire life-time.
    So long as a fabulously handsome guy (or fabulously beautiful girl) continue to be “successful” regardless of how selfish / “narcissistic” they are, they will not change their attitude or behavior.
    “If it works, why change it?”
    Not all fabulously handsome guys or fabulously beautiful girls are narcissists, but I have to say that I’ve never met a butt-ugly narcissist.
    There’s a reason why the saying “handsome is as handsome does” still exists 😉
    So…. stunning good looks and flashy initial impressions can be lovely and delicious, but you gotta dig below the surface to know what the real truth (person) is. And they have to take the same time to get to know the real you in return.
    Similarly, some people may not “shine” at first, but will show their true value with time, as you make the effort to get to know them (and they in return make the effort to get to know you).

  9. 10

    Some may have narcissistic tendencies but for some it’s a full on personality disorder.   I was married to one (tendencies) and dated one (personality disorder).   They generally lack the ability to empathize with others, objectify them and see them as existing for the sole purpose of feeding the need for admiration.   The ones will a disorder have constructed a carefully crafted reality that is inline with the self-aggrandisement.   Even psychologists and psy docs will tell you they can’t generally be treated as they lack ability to see their own faults.
    Why are women attracted?   Well for one thing, the N I dated was larger than life, was exciting, and always had others hovering around him. I was also spiritually dead inside and had no ability to see it for what it was without therapy.   N’s also seem to have a knack for finding those who are people pleasers, constantly seeking approval, low self worth, etc.  
    BTW, Evan, good use of APA citation style.   Karl, you forgot your year and page number.   I’m just messin’ with ya!   I had to write a ton of papers for my degrees and I have APA burned. In my brain.

  10. 11

    I knew a guy when I was in my twenties that I believe was a narcissist.   We did community theatre together.   He was flat out gorgeous, tall, great voice, bla bla bla.   There were a lot of women both in the theatre group and at the hospital where we both worked that threw themselves at him.   I wasn’t very impressed though.   I thought he had a week chin, a huge self importance button and the depth of the fog an my mirror after a long shower.
    That being said he did make a concerted effort to charm me one evening when a group of us went out of town to see a play that we wanted to put on in our town.   He was very charming, I’ll give him that and he was determined.   The man kissed me silly – seriously those lips were made by Stradivarius.   Some how in the midst of all that kissing I suddenly got that, for him, this was a game.   It wasn’t just about trying to get me into bed, (which didn’t happen) it was about getting me to fall for him.   That was the real goal for him.     
    I didn’t fall for him but I did know several women who did and none of them fared well.

    1. 11.1

      There are some men whos thrill is to get a woman to fall in love with them and leave women pining away and destroyed. Thats their definition of winning or having machismo. I allways thought there must be a part of them that really hates women why else enjoy such a cruel game. They say alot of psychopaths have strong sexual chemistry so maybe thats part of why they get off on this as they lack empathy and detest weakness like falling in love. Some women fall very hard and this is enough to devastate their lives.

      1. 11.1.1

        Are you sure they are not secretly gay?   They like to “play” with women, but not actually go through the act of having sex because they don’t find women attractive?   Another possibility is mental illness .

  11. 12

    My boyfriend and I talked about this recently.   He said, “I liked you as a person before I fancied you”.   A part of me was  miffed that he wasn’t instantly  devastated by  my outstanding beauty, but the better part was reassured that it’s not just physical attraction  for him.   And it would be hypocritical for me to be offended,  I liked him as a  person before I fancied him too.
    We  met at church  and were in the same bible study group  so we had the opportunity to get to know  each other in a no-pressure environment.   it’s different with online dating I guess,  you go into it as strangers  and there must be a higher turnover.   I’m sure Evan has good avice re online dating, I’m afraid I don’t.
    I don’t think we should continue to see someone for whom we have absolutely zero attraction.   But if there is at least the normal  sparkle there that occurs when male and female interact (I get that sparkle from my brothers, toddlers and men in their 80s, it’s not just about sex), then I would give it time PROVIDED you share the same values.   I think we can trust to nature for attraction to grow.   our first kiss was really awkward (I hadn’t kissed anyone in over five years), but we have got past that.
    starthrower  mentions being  spiritually dead.   That’s what changed for me.   I learned to let  myself be spiritually alive instead of  repressing it.   If you can value that about you, you will meet someone sooner right rather than later.     it won’t be about who pays for what date, or chemistry, or any rules. “Deep speaks to deep”.   narcissists have nothing to offer to those looking for a genuine connection. What they don’t have they cannot give.   (I limit that to actual   narcissists, not  guys who just happen to be  fun and confident).

  12. 13

    Hm the trouble with narcissists is that you know they should be utterly unattractive but sometimes the charm offensive is hard to resist. Since I’m into my twenties, I’m hoping that I fall off being hooked by that kind of man. Luckily it’s working so far. I’m far more likely to think   “So you’re good looking. So what?” a la Shania Twain.  
    Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think narcissists have to always be the incessant social charmers. I don’t want to be an armchair psychologist but I have met men who aren’t like that but are still narcissistic in terms of how they perceive women, in what I’ve seen defined as ‘cerebral narcissism’.  
    I agree with what others said about how people confuse psychological conditions with personality traits. Narcissists have accused me of being arrogant for expressing an opinion which runs counter to theirs or for not validating them as they want me to. It’s something that I find amusing and it shows how people how people can manipulate to make it look like they’re not the one with the issue.

  13. 14
    Sparkling Emerald

    Hi Marymary #12
         Thanks for your thoughtful response.   I don’t believe we choose who we are attracted to, but we CAN choose who we become involved with. Now, when I meet a narcissist, I RUN for the hills, even tho’ I am WILDLY attracted to them.   (maybe BECAUSE I am wildly attracted to them) In fact, I DON’T ever want to have that over the moon feeling again, but I wouldn’t mind meeting someone who can take me half-way to the moon, AND who shares my values, AND who shares some common interests AND with whom I am compatible. But even if I met someone who shared my values, interests & we seemed compatible, if I didn’t feel an ounce of attraction for them, then I couldn’t become involved.   (It would give me the willies, and be very unfair to him)   But even if   there was just a tiny spark of attraction, and all the other stuff was there, I would explore the possibility of a relationship.  
           I’m happy you found someone.   I am not a religious person, and I won’t ever pretend to be, but I do envy religious people, because there is such a great venue to meet people face to face, and it’s very likely they will share your values and be relationship oriented.   My “church” is theatrical/acting pursuits, and most of the men in these venues are either gay or narcissists.   I have nothing against the former, but not exactly relationship material , and the latter . . . . well that’s why this article is here.
         Any way, on a different subject, I think EVERYONE falls for narcissists, I have seen some men be emotionally battered through their involvement with pretty, “mean girl” types, and even in non romantic contexts, people seem to fall for narcissists.   Smooth talking con-artists,   slick talking sales people,   etc.   Just look at the people we elect to run our country !

  14. 15

    Lia @11
    The man kissed me silly — seriously those lips were made by Stradivarius.
    Are you a fan of the show MASH? Hawkeye used that line on a girl when she said she liked the way he kissed. Your comment totally reminded me of that and it cracked me up. Pretty intuitive on your part in that the heat of the moment of kissing, you could tell something was off. Man I tell ya, that women’s intuition thing scares the hell out of me.

  15. 16

    @ John # 12
    Thanks John.   I couldn’t remember where that line came from, I just know that described his kissing perfectly.   My intuition seems to be dead on but unfortunately I have ignored it often.   I paid attention to it that time though.

  16. 17

    @Sparkling Emerald #14 – very well put. I agree with your sentiments, and in particularly “I don’t believe we choose who we are attracted to, but we CAN choose who we become involved with!” I believe that even when you do decide to get involved with a narcissist man, deep down inside you know that it is going to be a challenging relationship and you just choose to ignore these alarm bells.

  17. 18

    AS # 17
    I agree!!
    I remember years ago I had an immediate, intense, over-the-top attraction for a guy –    he was a liar and a cheater.   The thing is that I can still remember the moment that I knew that he was a liar and that I shouldn’t get involved with him.   I can remember exactly where we were, what we were talking about, what we were wearing and I can remember knowing  he wasn’t a good guy, but I told myself I was wrong, I told myself that I couldn’t know that for sure.   I had no one to blame but myself when it turned out that my intuition had been right.

  18. 19

    There are also very good looking men and women who are not “narcissistic”; who have character based on their own life’s challenges, perhaps family or emotional problems, and their intellectual depth.   I have known several very good looking men who were men also with personaity and character  

  19. 20

    But it is shinny and pretty, I want it. Look, all these other silly girls want it to, but I intend to get it and reform it. Oh, its bad for me, won’t work out right? But listen, I am wonderful person, he just hasn’t met someone worthy to love correctly. I am her. He He He.  
    Agree with above. You can’t control whom you are attracted to, but you can control whom you give your heart.  

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