What Can I Do To Find Love? (Video)

What Can I Do To Find Love?

In case you’ve missed the first two videos in my video series about how to rejuvenate your faith in love, make sure you watch them first:

The first video shows you why “Comparison is the enemy of contentment“.

Next you’ll learn “How to make the most attractive men fall for you“.

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  1. 1

    Thank you for the well timed video. I have been following your blog for several months now & I online date like crazy. I do make a few recognizable mistakes but have met really nice, successful men, while my single girlfriends who refuse to online date, sit at home. It is not easy, I risk, risk, risk. But I would like to find love. I have a question for you. You might think it is not a very smart question. But I can’t shake the thought & I would like your opinion, if I may be so bold as to ask. I come from a horrible childhood. Unloved by either parent, I mean really, there was a 50/50 chance. My father left when I was 5. My mother & later step father abused me my whole life. I jumped out of my window, finally, when I was 17 & I have been on my own ever since. I raised 3 wonderful daughters, whom I am very close with & I was able to stop the chain of violence. But, here is the kicker. I am in my late 40’s and I have never been loved. I had two bad marriages. My question is, if you did not receive nurturing and love from your parents, can that somehow make you unlovable? Incapable of receiving love? It may sound silly to someone outside of my experience, but I am starting to think it may be true. I am single now. Every man I meet wants to sleep with me, a completely new experience. But I am not finding anyone who wants to get to know me or who likes me when they do. I am very confident, except for the part about finding “love”.   I hope this made enough sense for you to formulate an answer. Thank you so much for your blog & your videos & your time. Keli

    1. 1.1
      Evan Marc Katz

      It’s not “true”; but it’s your experience. Which is to say that all you know is men who don’t love you, however that is not remotely a reflection of all men. It’s only a reflection of the men that YOU CHOSE. As long as you chose low character men who are poor communicators, lack values, and treat you poorly, you will continue to believe that either you’re “unlovable” or that men can’t love you. Start choosing guys who want to get to know you and you’ll have a very different dating experience. You are definitely formed by your past, but you don’t have to let it dictate your future. Good luck and thanks for sharing. I hope you enjoy the new book…

    2. 1.2
      Karl R

      Keli asked:
      “if you did not receive nurturing and love from your parents, can that somehow make you unlovable? Incapable of receiving love?  


      As evidence, I’ll point to the fact that you have three daughters who love you, and you’re perfectly capable of receiving their love.

      Growing up in a dysfunctional family adds some handicaps which make romantic relationships more difficult.

      It’s harder to identify a good (or bad) partner.
      People who grow up in happy, healthy families have seen what a good partner is like. They watched both parents be good partners to each other. When they date, they find it easier to identify when a potential partner lacks a necessary trait, or when they have an undesirable trait. Those potential partners seem a little “off” to them.

      A lot of negative traits seem completely normal to you. A lot of positive traits seem strange. It’s completely understandable that you have more difficulty choosing good partners.

      I benefited greatly from having a few relationships with great partners (even though we weren’t compatible for each other), because it taught me what I should be looking for in a girlfriend, and also what behaviors I didn’t have to accept in one.

      Your actions/behaviors/responses may be abnormal.
      If you grow up in a family that lacks affection, it’s easy to display inappropriate levels of affection (either too much, or too little). If you grow up in a family that fights constantly, you may struggle with conflict resolution. (These are just two examples, but you get the idea.)

      If this is the case, you may seem a little “off” to the people who grew up in happy, healthy families. Therefore, some people who would make good partners might be more likely to steer clear of you. Not all of them, but enough of them to make dating a bit more difficult.

      Work on developing your ability to identify bad partners.
      Work on becoming a better partner.
      Be persistent. It will probably take you longer to find a good partner than people who grew up in better family situations.

      If you’re a good partner, and you keep at it long enough, you will eventually find a good partner who recognizes that you’re also a good partner.

    3. 1.3

      Keli-   I wonder if, because of your childhood, you are uncomfortable receiving love, even though it is something you want dearly and I wonder if that might be the cause of your divorces.   Just something to think about.   
      I have a hunch that my former girlfriend, who also did not receive love as a child, had this same issue.
      You might want to read about being emotionally unavailable.   
      But good for you for asking and being aware- always a good thing to correcting situations.  

      1. 1.3.1

        Louie Giglio addressed this in his message “Boy Meets Girl” definitely worth a listen.

  2. 2

    Marc. Cant wait to get my emails in the next few weeks/days about the new book.   I REALLY appreciate your “free” information.   Count me in on the book!!

  3. 3

    I just want to take a moment to thank you, Evan. In moments of weakness, reading, listening or watching your material has always knocked some sense back into me.   A man who doesn’t step up isn’t boyfriend material. Thank you for the constant reminders.

  4. 4

    Thank you so much for the words
    of encouragement. I love the new videos!! After watching them, I am feeling energized and positive about getting back into online dating. Evan, you are awesome!!

  5. 5

    Oh Evan, you keep pulling me back up every time I read/listen/watch.   It’s like my brain defaults to “I suck, dating sucks, guys suck, my last relationship failed and it still hurts like hell…why must I go on!”   Then I get my dose of   EMK and it’s “Oh yeah, I accepted stuff I shouldn’t have early on with my ex because I didn’t value myself enough and know my needs yet…and dating only sucks if you’re not screening and if you’re taking things too personally.   And all guys don’t suck, I’ve just known a lot of really bad ones since I was in a bad place myself and I let them in….I never really truly looked for and only accepted the good ones before.” So yeah, great to get all the negativity debunked again and again, and I love your endless persistence and optimism…I need it so very much! Thank you for being you!

  6. 6

    Dear Evan,

    I stumbled onto your website and videos and I just want to say how encouraging and informative they were.   I was married for 16 years, however alcohol stole most of the love and joy.   I became a widow and raised my 2 children.   My children have been my whole life and I often feel content.   When I notice that I am alone is when I do the comparison game.   When I’m the third wheel I realize I miss having someone who fills my heart with love and joy.   I have only had one serious relationship which ended after 6 years when I realized I could never be content with a man who only had negative things to say about my children.   I ended things and we have remained close friends.   I have been lied to and cheated on so much that trusting a man with my heart seems like more than it is worth.   I really only go to church and work and there are no men my age.   What is the best way to meet genuine men?

  7. 7

    The best way would be to try online dating. I used it for a long time before meeting my ex husband(didn’t have alot of luck but back then there wasn’t all this info like now, met ex offline). Now I’m using online dating again. Before I used match and others. Now I’m using plenty of fish(most of the ones I’ve met there are only looking to hookup) and eharmony. It has relatively long questionare to match you with compatible people but it costs more than most but there’s upside to this. I would think that men looking to just hookup won’t waste their time filling out the questionare or paying a couple hundred dollars a year. Not all online dating sites are the same. If you want a relationship then you’re going to have to use one where the other participants are also looking for a relationship. The only downside, for me that is, is most of the men I’ve been matched with are a good distance away. There aren’t any in my area on the site. I don’t have a problem driving 2 or even 4 or 5 hours away though and I work for myself and can. But across the country I pretty much ignore although a man from California contacted me(I’m from NC) that I am corresponding with. But in general my limit is no more than 5 hrs away. Good luck!!!

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