(Quiz) 10 Signs You’ve Wasted Time on the Wrong Men and Don’t Know How to Choose the Right One.

20 Signs You’ve Wasted Time on the Wrong Men

You’ve heard of the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I have no doubt that men and dating have driven you mad before.

“Why does he look at my profile but never write to me?”

“Why does he hook up with me but not want to be my boyfriend?”

“Why does he tell me he loves me but treats me so poorly?”

These mixed messages are the hardest thing to take — and it’s hard to find any measure of objectivity when the subject is so close to home.

Hell, it’s even a relationship cliché: “Don’t try to fix her. Just listen to her.”

But I have to admit something that’s hard for me to say out loud:

I sometimes feel like I’m going crazy, too.

As a dating coach since 2003, I know exactly what to expect when I post something on my blog, or share a quote on Facebook — and yet I’m always surprised when I rub people the wrong way.

The very women I’m trying to help — the very women I’ve devoted my life to — often have a negative reaction to my advice. And it’s always the same exact story.

I’ll post something really positive about finding a quality, trustworthy man who makes a consistent effort to make you feel safe, heard and understood…

Within seconds, I receive comments like:

“Men are pigs!”
“You can’t trust guys at all!”
“There’s no such thing as unconditional love!”

As a trustworthy guy, a happily married man, and a dating coach who has helped thousands of women find love, I tend to take such false statements personally.

But I shouldn’t.

I should know that these women are in pain, that they don’t mean what they say, that they’re just venting and looking for support.

Hell, it’s even a relationship cliché: “Don’t try to fix her. Just listen to her.”

But do I listen? No.

I’m a guy. I try to fix.

I point out rationally that their statements are untrue. That there are plenty of trustworthy men. That there are millions of happy couples. That it’s one thing to feel hurt; it’s quite another to believe that one entire gender is so bad that no couples in the world are actually happy.

Technically, I’m “right.” But it doesn’t matter.

The second I contradict the narrative that men are scumbags, I have revealed myself to be part of the problem: just another patronizing guy who doesn’t understand women.

Talk about the definition of insanity!

So from one flawed human being to another: I am always open to learning what I can do better to get different results, and I hope you are, too.

I’m approaching the end of my most recent Love U course, and it has been an amazing six-month journey. I learn so much from my clients each day and I continue to pour that knowledge back into my coaching for your benefit.

That’s why I strongly encourage you to take my quiz: Do You Attract the Wrong Men?”

After listening closely to the experiences of 750 women who have gone through Love U, I have discovered twenty telltale signs that indicate unhealthy relationship choices.

When you’re done with my quiz, you will get an assessment as to whether you are Confident, Mildly Insecure, Insecure or Very Insecure.

Whatever the answer, just know that I’m not judging you whatsoever.

I can assure you: that change doesn’t involve giving up on men and love forever.

As a dating coach, my job is to hold up a mirror so you can see for yourself what’s working and what’s not.

Once you see evidence that men have repeatedly mistreated you, you’ll have all the impetus you need to make a big change in your life.

I can assure you: that change doesn’t involve giving up on men and love forever.

Rather, it means learning how to conduct yourself with confidence to repel the wrong men and attract the right ones. But before you can do that…

Click here to take my quiz and get your free assessment.

Warmest wishes and much love,

Your friend,


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  1. 1
    Just saying

    Basically almost all the “good” quality trustworthy men are men complaining women do not find attractive. We are attracted to good looking, physically attractive ones who treat us badly because they have been spoilt by unwarranted and undeserved admiration and desire from women like us.

    1. 1.1

      Please speak for yourself. I AM attracted to good, high quality, trustworthy men.

      1. 1.1.1

        Two things KK

        1. Don’t feed the troll! This person “Just saying” is obviously a guy posing as a woman.

        2. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

        1. KK

          You’re right, Adrian. Happy Thanksgiving!   🙂

    2. 1.2

      I think Just Saying’s point was that “complaining women” – that subset of women who complain that men suck – aren’t attracted to good men. Instead, they are drawn to men who have learned to take advantage of women who tolerate bad behavior. And that seems overwhelmingly true to me. Except for men who are willing to use violence (still thankfully a small minority) to control women, it’s basically true that your boyfriend can’t treat you any worse than you let him treat you. So for those of us who walk away from people who aren’t good to us, our experience of people is that they’re generally good. Lotsa self-fulfilling prophesy here.
      Happy Thanksgiving, all.

  2. 2

    Thank you, Evan.   Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family. xo

  3. 3

    I didn’t think I as doing too badly but I got 12! Oh dear. The part about mistaking chemistry for compatibility is totally true.

  4. 4

    Thanks for this post. I just did the quiz also and got ‘mildly insecure’ which seems about right. I agree that if we want respect we need to expect or require it from others – not let them treat us poorly, etc. I read your other article about being secure, anxious our avoidant and it really got me thinking. If many of those secure types are married or in a relationship, it is hard to find someone. I am attracted to the secure types but haven’t met a single non-married or engaged one yet. I have dated here and there but not much over the past year – I seem to go in spurts as to when I have the energy to invest fully into trying it again. I want to have high standards – meaning, I want to be with someone who is safe, values me as a person, respects me, who is stable in general, etc. loving, caring and all that. But, I tend to go into dating now not expecting anything – and hoping for “the best” aka hoping he is stable, not clingy, dramatic or planning out our futures on the first date. I Just hope for a good time, to get to know someone, enjoy each other, etc. the basics. But, it hasn’t gone very well and my standards almost seem to be dropping lower and lower – ie: hoping I don’t accidentally date a guy who will later end up stalking me (as this happened recently). I want to date and have hope for it, but it is not easy. I need to read more of your articles on here. Thank you for this great content…it’s opening my eyes to some things that will help me with the dating situation.

  5. 5

    Most extremely attractive women have physical and financial requirements that eliminate 99.9% of the male population. Then when they finally find a man they feel meets these unrealistic standards and he treats them like crap, they bitch and moan about how there aren’t any “nice guys” out there. Maybe if kindness, intelligence and sensitivity mattered more than being gorgeous, rich or black (or any combination of the 3) then more women would be in happier, more fullfilling relationships! (and by the way, I’m happily married).

    1. 5.1

      Maybe if you didn’t see all but the “most extremely attractive women” as not good enough for you, your life story might sound a little different.

      1. 5.1.1

        Good point, Pat.

        They’re are plenty of average-looking, nice women available, but usually the “nice guys” don’t want them.

        1. Adreana

          darn the typos!

  6. 6

    On the contrary!!! During my single days those would be the LAST women I’d approach. A woman such as my wife who as you say is “good enough” has BALANCE. Balance is knowing how to look attractive without it being a 24hr obsession. Balance is being driven but not obsessed with money and material things. Balance is being able to carry on an intelligent conversation about a variety of issues. Balance is not being glued to your damn phone. I honestly have never placed a ton of emphasis on looks alone. If you possess the INNER qualities then physical hotness is entirely secondary.

    1. 6.1

      “I have never placed a ton of emphasis on looks alone.”

      then why start your comment with a complaint about the pickiness of extremely attractive women?

      whats your beef then?

  7. 7

    I don’t have a “beef”. This is just a phenomenon I’ve observed during my lifetime of human interaction. Typically, (and there are of course exceptions to every rule), the better looking someone is (male or female) the more superficial and judgmental they are with regard to the opposite sex. And in my opinion this is one of the main reasons so many relationships are doomed from the start and so many marriages end in divorce. “The traits that set us each apart, are in the mind and in the heart.” This applies not only to exceptionally attractive people, but to society in general. The media is largely to blame.

    1. 7.1
      Evan Marc Katz

      I immediately mistrust anyone who includes “the media is to blame” in a diatribe. The media isn’t a cohesive entity that makes decisions for you. It’s a loose collection of journalists (and non journalists) who report and offer opinions for money. Stop worrying about blame. Make better choices, lead a better life.

  8. 8

    This is simply an observation on my part. It seems undeniable to me that TV and movies, along with social media, are a large influence in the behavior of people, particularly young ones. They often aren’t astute enough to distinguish between fact and fantasy. Don’t you think advertisers are aware of that??? “You don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle.” Sex sells! There is more pressure than ever before to look good and be wealthy. I just feel through my observations that the external qualities are overemphasized and the internal are often ignored. Ever see a 250lb woman doing sports on ESPN? She could be a Harvard graduate and it would still never happen. I HAVE made good enough choices to be able to look beneath the surface. Many others haven’t.

  9. 9

    Took the quiz, got 14! It wasn’t really a surprise as i based it on my past relationship history. I have had   throughout my life an endless set on crushes on unattainable men, and a smattering of short relationships whereby the men’s behaviour was decidedly beige towards me (looking at my past behaviour i can’t say they were wholly to be blamed for that).

    It’s tough looking at the mirror, and seeing you have to change. But I find it a whole other level reprogramming yourself. In the past year I have taken your advice and dated a wide array of men. Of them all there were two guys I seriously dated. Two months in, one showed such a wide array of red flags signalling beige behaviour that I exited with a painless polite conversation. The second guy was my dream man except that we were not AT ALL sexually compatible. Walking away from an attractive guy which had shown such exquisitely good behaviour was like sawing off a limb.

    Your advice has been a lifesaver for me, things have gotten so much better since I have followed your blog.   This quiz is a good reminder that I don’t want to go back to my old behaviour. But boy, oh boy, change is difficult.


    1. 9.1

      Malika- what is beige behavior?   How were you and guy #2 sexually incompatible?

      1. 9.1.1

        Quite simply, he always seemed very enthusiastic about the way i looked and being sexually intimate, but as time passed, he seemed to have less and less interest in me as a person. If we were having a conversation he would either switch off or become critical or combative about what I was saying. When two months in he tried to turn a date evening into a late night booty call, I had all the information I needed, and decided to exit.

        Guy number two: A lovely man who was more into cuddling than sex. There is nothing wrong with that, someone else would be more than happy with that arrangement, but in the long term that would be a frustrating position for both of us to be in.

        Neither were bad people, but they just weren’t a long term match.


  10. 10

    Most women will probably not do this but you have a better chance if you make him wait for sex, at least 6 months, longer or until marriage is preferred. It will harder to get a boyfriend or get married if you give yourself sexually early on. If you’re having sex with him that easily he will assume you are sleeping with other men while dating you.
    No sane man wants to marry an easy woman. If you can’t respect yourself and wait for sex how can you expect men to trust and respect you?

    Pay your own way unless the guy you date insists. This will mean you are a team player in a relationship. He won’t be wondering if you’re wasting is time and all you want is for free expensive meals.

    1. 10.1

      “No sane man wants to marry an easy woman”.

      The women who wait wouldn’t be ok with an “easy ” man either. I’m not saying this is you-but I’m as someone who waiting for a true connection, I’m always repulsed by those men who are into casual sex yet, yet they think they’re entitled to a virgin/or a rather reserved woman.

      If a guy tries to have sex with me on the first few dates I don’t see him again.


      1. 10.1.1

        Could you wait 16 months? That’s my minimum amount of time to be waiting. i don’t like casual sex I did with a married woman. I didn’t know she was still married (separated over a decade), until 3 weeks after we met.

        1. Adreana

          Is this some competition  over who could wait longer?   lol 🙂

          I’m curious as to why you chose 16 months though…. what makes it so special?

        2. Stacy



          I would also like to know why   you decided at 16 months vs. sayyyy 6? Just out of curiosity…

          While I personally think it wise to wait until you know enough about the person for emotional (especially for many women) and health reasons, I don’t understand the arbitrary time frames and it comes off as a bit odd to me.

        3. MikeTO

          Sixteen months is the minimum, the maximum would be 3 years. You can’t know a person while having sex. It would be like being drunk as you to get know a person.
          Without sex which can be an addiction for a lot people they can’t make good decision for a spouse. Also many men now only pump and dump. That’s what Tom Leykis teaches.

          Here is a study where married sex produces higher quality relationship, sexual satisfaction, etc.
          This doesn’t mean her and I would be sleeping around with other people. if a woman did that to me I would have to move on.

          For me I like to do things with the best outcome in this case patience is a virtue.


        1. Karmic Equation

          Semen contains chemicals that make a woman feel happy.

          So it’s not condoms or “casual sex” that depresses her, but rather that most responsible adults use condoms when they’re not in monogamous relationships, and therefore, the woman doesn’t get the benefit of the seminal fluid high, so t0 speak. Although I’m not really buying the oral sex thing being the same as absorption through the vaginal canal.  This was written by a man, after all. lol


        2. Adreana

          “You can’t know a person while having sex. It would be like being drunk as you to get know a person”.

          I agree with this point.

          If you don’t mind me asking, are you also waiting for religious reasons?


        3. Caroline

          @MikeTO-interesting perspective. Of course, there are exceptions to every “rule” and differing experiences. While I would think many would side on “longer” being better; I do believe for me PERSONALLY-I wait until it feels right. There seems to be an innate timing   to most relationships. They ebb and flow with our emotions and logic. Putting an arbitrary time (16-36months) would not be the right thing for me personally. There would also be a doubt raised in the back of my mind as to holding out for someone who may not “jive” with my sexual needs, a lack of sexual desire or even their orientation if other factors arose which made me question (I have a colleague who is gay but married a woman thinking he could suppress his true desire. Marrying her and “coming out” later devastated her down to her core. And he regrets putting her through it).

          Im in NO way passing judgement on your beliefs Mike TO. I just have a different perspective and life experience. What may be best for you may not be for others:)

        4. GoWiththeFlow

          A “study” of 293 women is hardly conclusive evidence!   Makes for titillating headlines though.

      2. 10.1.3

        I agree it smart to wait for the right time, but I personally wouldn’t wait till marriage. I think we’re all aware of those couples who waited until the wedding night, only to divorce a few years later.

        Imagine being stuck for the rest of your life with someone who’s not sexually compatible….

        No thanks!

        I understand some  couples learn and improve with communication, but some never do.

    2. 10.2
      Karmic Equation


      I’m sure there is a lot  of men who are hypocritical, who push for sex early and then slut-shame the women for giving in to him.

      Women need to avoid those men or dump them as soon as he has shown himself to be such a hypocrite.

      Personally, I’ve waited to have sex until I felt like it. Sometimes that was 3 hours after meeting. Sometimes it was 2 months after meeting.

      I don’t believe men are hypocrites about how fast a woman has sex, per se. I believe he judges her hastiness only when he recognizes she hasn’t established a true connection with him. Once he feels the connection is real (and not based solely on “chemistry”) he doesn’t judge. At least not the men I consider quality men who are looking for quality women, not a fantasy woman.

      The key is that the woman has to be able to establish a true connection with the man, whether he’s religious or a player. Once he trusts her judgment, he no longer judges her. Kind of a paradox.

      That’s been my experience, anyways. I’ve had a 6-year relationship with a man I had an ONS with. I’ve been married to the guy that I had sex with on the 7th date. I’m currently in a 13-month relationship with a man who never even bought me a soda before I slept with him.

      The key is that to ensure that the MAN feels the connection first. It doesn’t have to be love, and it has to be more than just lust. If he doesn’t feel the connection himself, yes, the woman will be judged. Is the man a hypocrite? Or is he   clueless about what is driving his judgment? Maybe a little of both. YMMV

      1. 10.2.1

        No one can have a “real connection” within 3 hours of meeting. That’s lust alone. Nothing more.

        1. Karmic Equation

          Yes, you can.

          Just because you haven’t experienced it, doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

          It’s not the norm, I grant you that.

        2. KK

          The “feeling” of a real connection when with someone for the first time is different than a “real connection”. I have had that “feeling” more than once and I still stand by what I said. A “real connection” takes time.

        3. Karmic Equation

          I’ll agree with that, KK

          However, perception is reality, for most people, particularly men.

          Once they perceive they have a connection with you, it’s real to them and they behave accordingly.

          And the key is that the MAN feels the connection for you, not the woman feeling it for the man. If a woman doesn’t spark that connection and she has sex believing that “they” have a connection simply because SHE feels it, but she doesn’t know HE feels it? Yes, she will be judged.

          This is why Evan’s, “don’t have sex until exclusivity” works for so many women. The man agreeing to exclusivity is how a woman who doesn’t know how to gauge a man’s feelings of connection to her ascertains that he actually has developed (or at least wants to develop)  a connection with her. In other words, a man who agrees to sexclusivity with a woman is telling her definitively he feels or wants a connection.  Whether the connection is “real” still remains to be seen.

          Some women don’t need that declaration to know that a man feels the connection. Those women don’t worry about judgmental men, because men she ends up sleeping with don’t end up judging her, because she doesn’t have sex unless she feels HE has connected with her, not that SHE has connected with him. It’s a small, but critical nuance.

      2. 10.2.2


        I think you are referring to the “in the moment” type of connection. For me that feeling happens when I’m attracted to the person, present , and  I have that “he really gets me  ” feeling….(which is what we all crave for ).

        But is it a sustainable connection, and not just that feeling of high with   new love interest?

        Maybe. But personally, I’d rather take things slow and let the man reveal who he is   ( and his true intentions) with time. I believe some men are intentionally deceptive and some are good-intentioned but clueless. lol.

        I had one guy tell me he wanted to marry me 3 weeks after dating….was he just saying that to appear trustworthy? Perhaps. But I could see in this eyes how that he was really sincere in the moment. He was swept up in his own emotions and wasn’t thinking logically or clearly.Ironically,    he became less trustworthy to me.

        The same goes wih guys who tell you they want to spend all of their time with you and want to talk for hours on the phone- their intent is sincere but they don’t know what their asking for. lol.



        1. Karmic Equation

          Not that type. I’ve NEVER gotten (or given) vibes for that type of “in the moment connection”. I’m ever pragmatic. Alas, sexual but not necessarily romantic. LOL

          The “in the moment” connections you speak of are the based on romantic feelings. I guess you could say that I’m not romantically inclined so don’t get sucked up in those feelings. Lucky me! haha

          And, given my history, most, if not all the men I’ve dated/had sex with were also pragmatic. Some more sexual than others, and only one was romantically inclined (and yes, I loved him most, now that I think about it). He was also the ONS that turned into  a 6-year relationship.

          Anywho, the connection HE feels for me, the connection that I think I automatically spark in men who already happen to be interested in me, is that he feels I see the “real him” — not the romanticized version of him that I’m projecting onto to him, but the real him. Maybe it’s the questions I ask. Maybe it’s the way I ask those questions. Maybe it’s the genuine interest in HIM that I convey, in an organic, not-interviewy way 🙂 — that shows him I see HIM as a human being first, who happens to be a man.

          Fusee and I had a slight difference of opinion a long time ago, in that I stated I dated with the goal to find a friend and she stated she had enough friends, she was looking for a husband 🙂

          So I guess you could say that I go into a date expecting to find someone I could be friends with (whether or not they will materialize into friends or not). So I treat my dates the same way I treat friends, with warmth, friendly familiarity, etc., and because of that men see me as a person first, not a conquest first. And the connection is made.

          Maybe I’m oversimplifying it, but that’s what I do. I treat men I date the same way that I treat men I don’t date, the same way I treat my male and female friends. The topics of interest change, of course, but the way I treat them all is pretty gender neutral.

          Once in a relationship, the real difference between the way I treat my bf and the way I treat my friends of either gender is that I only have sex with my bf and there are certain topics I discuss with only him and not with my friends. I don’t tell my friends what to do, who to be friends with, etc. And I don’t do that with my bf.

          The other difference is that if a friend does something I don’t like, I’ll tend to shrug it off, whereas if my guy did it, I start the evaluation/monitoring process, “Can I live with this behavior long-term?”.

          Maybe that’s why guys don’t judge me. Men typically don’t judge their friends.

        2. Adreana

          “So I treat my dates the same way I treat friends, with warmth, friendly familiarity, etc”.

          That is a very good point  , karmic. What I’m gathering is that you show them your “realness” from the start, and in turn they relax around you and a true connection develops. Men definitely reveal themselves more when they don’t feel they’re being evaluated.

          When a man asks you out -do you think it’s wise to say “lets be friends first”, or do you just go to the date as if you’re meeting a friend?


        3. Karmic Equation

          No. That is not wise.

          Just treat him like a friend. Don’t judge him, just observe him. You do you and let him do him and let whatever develops develop.

          Doesn’t mean you sleep you with him on the first date 🙂

          Just let him drive. Let him talk.

          I know that a lot of women complain that men talk about themselves the whole date and don’t ask about her. I don’t mind that. In fact, I ask a LOT of questions, usually follow up questions to whatever he talked about first.

          How he talks about what he talks about gives you a lot of information about him.

          The best interview I went on (and where I easily got the job) was when I asked most of the questions to the interviewer. My questions made her think that SHE was brilliant, and therefore, so was I. That particular interview, I talked about 10% of the time and I asked HER questions about the job and how she felt about the job and her role supervising that job, etc.. I wasn’t doing it to land the job. I was genuinely curious and engaged.

        4. Karmic Equation

          Also, you know how Evan says to write a profile that SHOWS who you are instead of using adjectives to describe who you are?

          You should SHOW your dates who you are; show your dates you are a friendly, genuine person. Show them what you want from a date.

          Telling him you want to be friends takes all the fun out of the date for him and for you. While ultimately you may end up “only” friends, let it happen or let it become more. Don’t put a limit on what your date could or could not become by telling him what you expect.

          He gets carried away kissing you and his hand get too familiar, move his hand to someplace more agreeable to you  and pat it while continuing the kiss. That tells him without words that he went too far with his hands, but you like the kissing.

          Women have to learn to speak without using words 🙂 Men understand  actions. That’s why women who threaten to breakup with a guy but never does get treated like crap. Don’t make a threat you don’t intend to carry out. Words are cheap. Men know this.

        5. Karmic Equation

          I don’t think this needs to be said, but just in case.

          I dress as one of the sexiest friend the guy I’m dating will ever hope to meet.  LOL

          This is before the relationship starts, of course.

          After the relationship starts, I tend to do jeans and t-shirts, cuz that’s what is appropriate to wear to most places we go to 🙂

        6. Adreana

          “Men understand  actions. That’s why women who threaten to breakup with a guy but never does get treated like crap”.

          Absolutely! I had a girlfriend   that would get into a fight with her bf, threaten to break up with him and then cook him a 3 course meal the next day. Then she would wonder why he was so much nicer to his female coworkers.

          “I dress as one of the sexiest friend the guy I’m dating will ever hope to meet”.

          I agree with this. I’ve always looked good but in a casual “beachy” kinda way..very recently, I’ve been wearing more dresses, high ( but comfy) heels, and straight hair instead of my tousled waves for a change.


  11. 11

    There are hundreds of women that are successful yet warm, caring and supporting (of their men). Just to name a few: Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama, Nobel prize winner May-Britt Moser, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Oprah Winfrey, Alanis Morissette. There really is no mutual exclusiveness of success and being a real woman. I for myself find that with a man by my side that I support and care for I for myself accomplish even more! That’s maybe the mutual bargain! Regards from Germany

    1. 11.1

      Tayol swift? Really? She doesn’t strike me as “warm, caring and supportive” at all. In fact, if anything she comes across as cold, ambitious and ruthless. Not there’s necessarily anything wrong with that though…

      1. 11.1.1
        Karmic Equation

        When it happened, I read the rumor that Jake Gyllenhaal broke up with Taylor because she was chasing him/acting too stalkerish? Bought a house next to his or some such. After the breakup, he was more of a gentleman and just said he couldn’t handle the publicity dating her.

        Goes to show that a woman as gorgeous as Taylor can have trouble maintaining love because she lacks self-control. You can love a man without making him the center of your universe.

      2. 11.1.2

        lol. She seems caring and warm with the man she’s been seeing for awhile (forgot his name). She seems more relaxed and free with him, and I think it’s because she finally became wiser in her choices. The other guys she dated ( John Mayor and the one-direction dude) weren’t  stable enough  and they drove her “ruthless”   side to the edge. lol

        1. Tom10

          @ Adreana #11.1.2
          “She [Taylor Swift] seems caring and warm with the man she’s been seeing for awhile (forgot his name)[Calvin Harris]. She seems more relaxed and free with him, and I think it’s because she finally became wiser in her choices.”
          Lol. Two weeks after this comment was posted Taylor Swift began dating Tom Hiddlestone. I think I’ll stick with my initial assessment that she “comes across as cold, ambitious and ruthless.”
          Potential suitors should approach her with caution!

        2. Emily, the original


          What she did is the equivalent of a female checkmate move: The longtime boyfriend supposedly dumped her because she was pushing for marriage and babies (depending on what source you read). A week later, she starts a rebound fling with a hotter, more successful man. And makes sure the former boyfriend knows it.

      3. 11.1.3



        IMO, we don’t know squat about the relationship intricacies of celebrities.   We just think we do 😉

  12. 12

    *Taylor. Lol

  13. 13


    I just want to thank you for being YOU! I so appreciate your honesty, your non-judgmental attitude, your human-ness, transparency, humility, willingness to grow and see other points of view, and the hope you exude that there ARE plenty of quality men out there…I wish you were still available 😉 I’m about to take this quiz to help me find my own “Evan.” Lol. Thanks again!


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