(Video) The Reason You Attract Men Who Treat You Poorly

Are You Wrong for Wanting a No-Drama Relationship?

At this point I hope you’ve had the chance to read the Love U Pyramid of Love.

Many of you wrote back to tell me how much those lessons resonated – and how painful it is to look back at all the crap you’ve put up with from men.

But there’s a big difference between realizing you’ve acted insecure in the past and understanding how to correct that behavior in the future.

That’s what I’m here for.

And what I love about my readers is that you are not shy about asking me to address what’s on your mind the most: how to identify good men and get rid of bad ones. Recent emails to me include:

  • How do you decipher the men that are looking for a real relationship vs. the ones looking for a one-night stand?
  • How can I be sure the man that comes on strong is a man is not a player and wants to build a relationship?
  • Why didn’t he felt connected with me since he showed signs of being in love?
  • What makes men commit to some women and not others?
  • How do you know when you’ve met the “right” guy?

Believe it or not, there are answers to all of these questions – and I’m going to share them shortly.

But I’ve gotta tell you: as a dating coach, I probably do the same thing that you do every day: observe common patterns and try to make sense of them.

Doctors do this. Lawyers do this. Finance people do this. Teachers do this. Dog trainers do this. We look for behavioral patterns and adjust to them.

Tell me if this pattern sounds familiar to you:

You fall for a guy based on chemistry and common interests.

He makes a great effort to charm you, seduce you, and win you over.

You get your hopes up.

You let down your guard.

You fall in love.

You later discover that he is selfish, abusive, critical, or unwilling to make a long-term commitment.

And while it seems obvious that you should let him go, you end up staying because it’s so rare for you to find such a unique and powerful connection with a man.

The longer you stay, the sadder you get, the more time you waste, and the more you convince yourself that it’s impossible to find true love.

The problem is that you don’t want to give up.

You don’t want to be alone for the rest of your life.

You want to live happily ever after.

You want to know the answer to one vital question that will determine your future:

“How can I attract better men and get the long-term relationship I deserve?”

As I said in the Love U Pyramid of Love, before we can talk about finding a husband, I think it’s valuable to walk through a few of the steps that come before marriage.

  •       Confidence
  •       Meeting Men
  •       Dating
  •       Understanding Men
  •       Relationships
  •       Commitment

That’s a lot of stuff – and you don’t have to figure it all out right away.

Today, in advance of my big Love U launch next week, I’m going to continue your free education with a video that answers 3 common dating questions centering on confidence:

How can I make a man feel needed without being “needy”?

Why don’t I ever meet any quality men?

Why do I always seem to attract unavailable guys who treat me poorly?

I’m especially excited to share the first tip about being needy. It points out what you’ve already observed in men:

If a guy is too aloof, it’s hard to feel emotionally connected to him.

If a guy is too needy, it makes you want to run away with him.

So the best way to create true intimacy – for both men and women – is by being VULNERABLE.

So the best way to create true intimacy – for both men and women – is by being VULNERABLE.

Click here to watch the video, and when you’re done, please share your biggest takeaways in the comments section below. Thanks a million.

By the way, you’ll notice there are 3 Relationship Tips that are visible but greyed out.

Patience, grasshopper.

Those will be revealed to you in a few days once you’ve had a chance to process these.

Warmest wishes and much love,

Your friend,


P.S. You want to know if this Love U stuff works? Ask Jules.

Evan, I want to thank you SO much for everything that you do. I really believe that it was a driving force behind me having the relationship that I’ve always wanted. I was divorced, never dated much before, and read your “Why He Disappeared” eBook in one sitting. It really changed things for me. I finally understood why that guy I went out with on 3 amazing dates never called me again, I finally understood why that guy I had been texting for over 1 month never asked me out. But here is my favorite part, I STOPPED GETTING UPSET ABOUT IT. Okay, I was a little hurt, but not like I was before, and I didn’t let it stop me or hold me back because I KNEW there was going to be another guy out there.

Also, I stopped trying to lead the relationship. I finally learned to let go, stop being SO invested in every single date and started to have fun with dating. I’m being honest when I say I had TONS of fun dating. I learned to focus on being playful, just having a great conversation with a man, and stopped appearing so desperate.

That’s when he found me. The love of my life. All it took was a few email exchanges on an online dating website, and before I met him I made a conscious choice to try to be myself; this meant I did not get super dolled up for our brunch date but went looking “cute” and friendly and open. He was not my type at all. He was the same culture and religion as me, which I told myself I would never do, and he was not my type physically at all. But this time was different. I decided to focus on how he made me feel and give it a chance. And let me tell you, he makes me feel like no other man has ever made me feel. Safe, wanted, loved, cared for, special, funny, desired. What I also realized is that when I am being completely and utterly myself (like the way I am with a best friend; nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to be fake about), he is even more crazy about me.

He always told me when we were first dating that he thought I was a “cool girl” and let me tell you, it took a while for me to get there!! I was a nervous girl, a not so confident-don’t know-what I’m doing-girl, but you gave me confidence, Evan. I knew that I should focus on the way he makes me feel and I should focus on making him feel good too (quizzing him on our 3rd date on whether he wants to ever get married would NOT make him feel good, so I didn’t do that, asking him why he didn’t call me one or two days out of the week when he called every other day was NOT going to make him feel good, so I didn’t do that either).

I also learned that it is OKAY for a woman to say what she wants or is important to her in a matter of fact way, and the guy can either take it or leave it. If the man cannot or does not want to provide that, it is up to the woman to decide if she still wants to be with him. After 2 years of dating. I dropped a “hint” and sent him a picture of a ring and told him should he ever consider it in the future, that was my style. A few months later he proposed with that exact same style of ring I sent him. We are getting married on a beach in about 2 weeks now, and I wanted to thank you again for all the work you do. It truly, really, makes a difference. It helped me become the woman I wanted to be (and always knew I could be) in a relationship; confident, open, giving and receiving.



P.P.S. You’ll notice one of the video tips echoes the same advice as my Pyramid of Love. That’s intentional. Repetition of core ideas is essential for your learning and I really want you to get clear on one key concept: you don’t actually attract bad men!

Click here to get three priceless dating tips that will bring out your best when you meet men.


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  1. 21

    I find myself taking issue with the wording. In many instances–and in in many instances when it comes to your intended clientele I would suppose–those of us in the dating realm are ALREADY attracting those who would treat us well, just as we are attracting those who end up treating us poorly.  The issue is instead, out of those we already attracted, whom we decide to actually LET IN.

    As in, for many of us men, we proably are already attracting kind women who have their lives together,  the question is whether we actually follow through and ask them out for another date/make her our girlfriend ect.

    And for many a woman, she probably is already attracting her share of kind relationship-oriented men would love to keep taking her out (second date, third date, make her his girlfriend, ect), the question is whether she will accept another date with the guy or not.

  2. 22
    Emily, to

    I like that. The one and only.   🙂
    Yes I got that APB. We all did. We had a minute’s silence from across the globe in honour of your SS ;))
    Now I’m asking for a moment of mourning. He left for another job. The ONE bright spot in my workday was ogling his sexy ass if I happened to see him.  🙁

  3. 23

    @Yet Another Guy #13,

    I must confess, you lost me in your post. Yes indeed, online dating can be tough for men in the way that you described. That said though, if so many men are able to do well with women “in real life” despite not having looks, a flashy lifestyle, ect., doesn’t that mean that dating for our gender isn’t so hard after all?

    The single woman that the guy made contact with in the grocery store, at a bar, through friends, at work, likely already has a profile on Match or Tinder. The reason why she said yes to the guy she met in person even if he isn’t a “Top 20% Man” (whatever that means) is that in the end it all comes down to in-person chemistry. And if you cannot inspire that then you will get **nowhere** with women, even if you do have the looks and writing ability to get lots of first dates from OLD. Read the posts from here from women who have gone on plenty of uninspiring first dates from guys they met online. [Either these guys were getting dates despite not being “Top 20%”, or these guys were indeed “Top 20%” but they still were not inspiring chemistry anyways]

  4. 24
    Emily, to


    The reason why she said yes to the guy she met in person even if he isn’t a “Top 20% Man” (whatever that means) is that in the end it all comes down to in-person chemistry. 

    Exactly. You can’t tell anything from a picture in a profile except if the person is objectively aesthetically appealing. Chemistry isn’t derived from a set of physical features but from the whole person … voice, mannerisms, energy, etc. I’ve met guys who I felt chemistry with in person but if you had showed me a picture before I met them I would have said, “Eh. He’s ok.”

  5. 25
    Yet Another Guy


    Evan already alluded to the fact that despite only finding 20% of the male population to be physically attractive, women do eventually settle down, which means that they are settling for non-top 20% men. Would you want a woman who settled for your compensating attributes or would you want to be a woman’s total package, a man that she could not keep her hands off? I do not know a single man who does not want to feel like he his mate strongly sexually desires him, but that is in fact a reality for 80% of the men in the United States. If I were to hear a woman that I was dating describe me completely in terms of compensating attributes, it would be the last time we saw each other. However, I have lost count of the number of times I have heard a woman describe her new beau completely in terms of compensating attributes to other women at a party. I do not know a single woman who would tolerate that type of dialog between her beau/husband and other men. Hell would be paid. Physical attraction does not grow stronger. What happens is that physical attraction gets subjugated to compensating attributes. That is why there are attractive women/ugly men couples. That kind of bond does not last unless the man is very wealthy. Donald Trump and Melania are a prime example of this phenomenon. I bet that she wants to vomit when he wants sex.

    If you read between the lines, what Evan does is teach women to shun the top 20% and give the 80% of men that they consider to be less than sexually attractive a chance. He emphasizes comfort qualities, which are compensating attributes in lieu of arousal attributes. To reference something that Jeremy brought to this blog, the top 20% of men engage in a cad mating strategy. These men are difficult to get to commit. They string women along because they have arousal attributes in spades; therefore, sex is easy for them to obtain. The bottom 80% have to employ the dad mating strategy; otherwise, they are not going to get sex. The reality is that women prefer cads for sex and dads for provisioning. Cads are the men who make women believe that all men are fortunate enough to have high numbers of one-night stands, which is not remotely true. While Patricia Draper and Henry Harpending coined this usage of the words “cad” and “dad” with respect to mating strategies in the early 80s, a Google search reveals that it apparently has been a hot area of research.

  6. 26

    @YAG: I can’t quote a study, I’m just going by my own observation, but maybe the reason women are pickier than men about appearance is because most women make mammoth efforts to maximize their appearance. On the other hand, most guys I know call it good if they sniff-tested their boxers and threw on a clean hoodie. When men in the 80% spend equivalent amounts of time and money on personal grooming, maybe their online luck will shift.

  7. 27
    Yet Another Guy


    The publication for which Evan recently posted a link in response to something that I posted was not the OkCupid study. It was a new study that demonstrated what the OkCupid Research team revealed was generally true. When it comes to attractiveness, men live in a world of haves and have nots whereas the female side is more tiered. The publication to which Evan recently posted a link also gave more detailed breakdowns than the OkCupid publications. This inequality when it comes to male attractiveness is not a new thing. Have you ever heard of the “The Frog Prince?” That story is basically built around the reality that women have to resort to kissing men that they find to be unattractive to find their prince.

  8. 28

    So…all of two studies? What’s the sample size?

    Anyway, why get so hung up on studies? Do you date a human or a standard deviation? Most people who’ve dated for years start to appreciate there is way more grey than black & white in preferences and attraction. Your obsession with stats (and only the stats that fit your worldview) is baffling to me.

  9. 30

    I looked and only found manosphere bullshit. No reputable statisticians or scientists make your claim. In fact, most of that garbage is a misapplication of the Pareto principle. So not only do you not understand statistics and scientific research, you also don’t get economics. Kropotkin’s ghost is whispering in my ear that all economics is hot garbage, but let’s ignore him for the moment.

    I’d explain it, but my old, ugly , dusty vagina self is tired of expending emotional labor when it’s obvious you have vested reasons to not live in reality.

  10. 31

    YAG: Sorry, but dude, you don’t understand women. Like at all. It’s like women are fembots from studies in your mind. Programmed, thinking about 20/80, manipulative and calculating. What a person says at a party is not always the full truth. You maybe don’t want to discuss your sex life in detail over canapès. You maybe don’t want to brag about how hot your man is in front of your unhappily single friend. I thought my ex hubby was hot, hot, hot, but if you overheard me at a party you may not have heard me express that directly to randoms. Also, I’ve been privvy to many a conversation where a guy has talked to his friends about how his gf needs to lose weight or other unflattering things about her. Many times. There’s no big male/female conspiracy operating here. People all make trade offs.

    We’re all just doing our best to find a person who’s right for us. Do we make mistakes, yep. Do both sexes often prioritise the wrong things, absolutely! You included.

    From what you write on here, you should be figuring out your own stuff, instead of endlessly obsessing over your perceived flaws in women.

  11. 32

    @Yet Another Guy #25: Here is where I think you have a point. Yes, women may feel attraction less often for men they meet, than we do for women we meet.  It is why most dating advice for men is all about inspiring attraction in women, whereas much of the dating advice for women, is as much about screening for the right guy. In many instances she *already has* men contacting her on Tinder, eager to go on a first date with her, eager to follow-up on a second date, sleep with her, ect. It’s just that going from that to a committed relationship with a guy she is attracted to and who stays intentional, seems to be much more elusive.

    BUT, if you believe that women feel attraction for men based on looks or even income and that a woman with a less good-looking or less financially successful man is a woman who “settled”, then you are gravely mistaken. It is instead all about the in-person chemistry which has little to do with looks or money. Go to any dating/relationship board and read the threads from the women based on their experiences. A woman may seem to respond only to a so-called “top 20% male” online but the guy’s profile are all she has to go by. It is very different when you meet up in person.

    YAG, you do bring up good points, but I often find myself thinking that you believe the women approach dating much as a really good-looking high-status male would. And that really isn’t the case.

  12. 33
    Tron Swanson

    There’s no such thing as “emotional labor.” That’s just an imaginary concept that women use to make it seem like they contribute more than they actually do to a relationship. Outside of sex, the things they claim to contribute can easily be disproven, but this only exists in their minds, so it’s protected against that. Quite ingenious, really.

    Also, I don’t know what the exact percentages are, but it’s pretty obvious that the large majority of women are going for a small minority of men. As data-collection and metrics improve, I suspect this will become more and more obvious. Elsewhere, I’ve already seen women’s arguments move from “That doesn’t happen” to “Okay, that happens online, but dating sites aren’t a good representation of reality.” In the future, I predict the new argument will begin with “Okay, that’s how it really is, but it’s actually a good and necessary thing, because…”

    Finally, keeping it on-topic: one of the reasons women attract men who treat them poorly–from their POV, at least–is because there’s so many of them out there, and they’re talking to each other and learning from each other. A growing number of men are reconsidering how much effort they spend on women, as well as learning new ways to get what they want from them. So, in that sense, it isn’t the women’s fault at all, it’s just that there’s so many of us out here, and we’ve learned so much…

    1. 33.1
      Evan Marc Katz

      Respectfully (?) you’re talking out of your ass, Tron. I’ve written about this before. It’s VERY real and VERY problematic. The fact that you don’t see this is either reflective of either your inherent bias or the fact that you’ve never actually been married to speak of what it’s like in a marriage.

  13. 34
    Emily, to


    Mike wrote to YAG: BUT, if you believe that women feel attraction for men based on looks or even income and that a woman with a less good-looking or less financially successful man is a woman who “settled”, then you are gravely mistaken. It is instead all about the in-person chemistry which has little to do with looks or money.

    I don’t know how long you’ve been on this site, but you won’t convince him of this. You won’t convince him of anything. He brings this top 20% argument up at least once every few months and it really makes no sense because he claims to be in the top 20%, so what’s the problem?

  14. 35

    Evan would have pointed this out before, but its not a case of women somehow magnetically attracting the wrong men, its actually that she specifically selects them.

  15. 36

    @Tron: “There’s no such thing as ’emotional labor.’ That’s just an imaginary concept that women use to make it seem like they contribute more than they actually do to a relationship.”

    That you believe this to be true means the women in your life have been doing all of the emotional labor…

  16. 37
    No Name To Give

    Well I’m convinced, Tron. I fail at life and deserve to be treated terribly.

  17. 38


    let me ask you something. What exactly do you, or even YAG consider the top 20% of men? Top 20% in money/income? Top 20% in looks? Because you can generally have only one or the other, not both.

    When it comes to money, I highly doubt the majority of women is looking for billionaires or high millionaire status. And that’s what the top 20 includes. The majority of women don’t aim to be trophy wives, celebrities, royalty, or to marry into situations where they lose all privacy and freedom, every move is monitored/criticized, etc.

    It would be much more realistic to claim that the majority of women is looking for the top 40%-30% – low to mid six-figure incomes, including some lower-end millionaires. Upper middle class to lower high class. A very comfortable life without all the downfalls and restrictions of fame and/or high society. A lot of career women are in that class themselves these days.

    Still, I have observed that overall, it very much depends on the socioeconomic status of the woman, herself. I would claim that the majority of women is looking for their equal when it comes to income and status. Or, at best, one or two steps up for women of lower classes. Most six figure career women I know married their equals, not way above their own class (partially, because the power dynamics of those relationships wouldn’t even work). Most “average” women I’ve ever met in my life never had any interest in marrying big money. A solid middle-class husband was what they were aiming for (and married). Most lower class women stick to men of their own class. Unlike what you believe, most poor women do not dream of being rich and famous. They merely want a decent life.

    The majority of women want to marry into a lifestyle they are familiar and comfortable with. Not one way out of their comfort zone.

    Top 20% in looks? Once again, I highly doubt it. That would mean only the most gorgeous men in the world. First of all, there are too many variants involved when it comes to individual attraction, just in regard to looks alone. I guarantee you if you show a bunch of women photographs of men, and ask them to put them in order of physical beauty, you’d get a very different list than if you asked the women to put them in order of who they are most attracted to. Likewise, you can find half the women fawning over some celebrity, and the other half going “yuck!”. A man can be physically gorgeous and have zero sex appeal to a woman. And that’s just looks alone. Well before other factors, such as personality, even come into play.

    Secondly, do you honestly believe the majority of women want to be with a man who is constantly being chased by other women?

    On dating apps, 80% of women pursuing the top 20% of men ON THAT APP might be true. But you have to keep in mind that the majority of the top 20% on that app would probably rate in the top 50% in the real world at best. If 80 men on that site look like Trump, 15 are average joes, and 5 are really good-looking, well yes – you’ll have the majority of women finding 80% of the men on that site unattractive. Same goes for money.

    Overall, top 20% on dating sites vs. top 20% in the world is a HUGE difference.

    So, once again, what exactly do you (and YAG, if he’s listening) consider the top 20% of men? What are the qualifications for a man to reach that category?

    1. 38.1

      “It would be much more realistic to claim that the majority of women is looking for the top 40%-30% – low to mid six-figure incomes, including some lower-end millionaires.”

      Um … what? $150K before taxes puts a person in the top 10% for the New York City metro area and other large urban areas, and the top 5% nationwide.

      “I highly doubt the majority of women is looking for billionaires or high millionaire status. And that’s what the top 20 includes.” No, that’s the top fraction of a percent. The top 20% is anyone over $110K.

  18. 39

    No Name to Give:

    “Well I’m convinced, Tron. I fail at life and deserve to be treated terribly.”

    The sad truth is that was he really believes. This a guy who would probably say there’s no point in me being alive because he won’t find me physically attractive. Women are nothing but objects to him.

  19. 40
    Tron Swanson


    We frequently hear that men shouldn’t try to take credit for doing what’s expected of them. i.e., “Great, you don’t harass women, but don’t act like that’s some big deal. That’s just a minimum requirement.” Well, that’s how I feel about women taking care of children. Women tend to be the ones who push to have kids, and I don’t think they should be able to turn around and then use that to garner sympathy. If you choose to have kids, you’re obligated to take care of them, and you shouldn’t get any credit for doing so. Women have far more control over the reproduction process than men do–if children are this huge burden, well, it’s pretty easy to avoid having ’em. As for the rest, modern technology has made cooking and cleaning and laundry a breeze. Doing that stuff is called “being an adult”–we all have to do it. They shouldn’t get any credit or sympathy for it.

    Also, you can keep your respect. I’d rather have my time, energy, and resources…which I’d lose, if I tried to get your respect.


    That’s a very good question. I’m not an expert on statistics or demographics, so I don’t know what the overall top 20% of men look like…but I do know that, when encountering any group of men, women inevitably go for the cream of the crop. They may not get them, but they give it their best shot. I’ve seen it happen everywhere I’ve ever been. I mean, if you want to believe that millions of men are independently making up what they’re seeing, go right ahead. That said, if you want to expand it to the top 30-40%, feel free. I care less about the exact numbers and more about the general principle.

    You said that you doubt the majority of women are looking for men of millionaire/billionaire status…but is that because they don’t want them, or because they can’t realistically get them? There aren’t a lot of high-profile millionaires in my corner of the world, so women tend to settle for less. But if more came along, I have no doubt that they’d be on them like moths to a flame. I mean, I haven’t hooked up with any supermodels (yet!), but that’s only because I haven’t come across any. Is that a sign that I’m mature and have reasonable expectations, or am I just doing as much as I can with the women I currently have access to?

    Again, we need to differentiate between “want” and “get.” I firmly believe that women want the elite (or near-elite) minority of men–but, obviously, most of them can’t get that, so they try to get as close as possible, instead. Not in the way that all people want the best for themselves, but in a way that’s coldly and aggressively about status. I’m talking about women who would rather be a successful man’s mistress than a middle-class man’s wife. The most common trait I’ve encountered in women is the belief that they deserve better than they currently have: working-class women are quietly furious that they don’t have a nice two-story home and the ability to be a SAHM, middle-class women are quietly furious that their husband hasn’t been promoted to a bigger job in a bigger city…feel free to think I’m lying, but I’ve seen it in my own family, and with every woman I’ve ever been involved with. And they engage in what’s best described as the status version of cosplaying. Working-class women want to get married and brag about how stable their lives are, middle-class women want to go to fancy events and act like they’re more important than they actually are…watching it happen is sort of surreal, to be honest. I’m sure there’s a term for it, but I don’t know what it is. The married women I’ve encountered (and I’ve slept with a few) all have an extremely smug sense of self-importance to them. They think they could have done better, should have done better, and their husband is “lucky to have them.” The culture, and people like Evan, encourage this sort of attitude.

    You’re already admitting it takes place on dating sites, and that it’s the top 30-40%. How much longer before you admit it’s more widespread than that, and with a smaller percentage of men? Not long, I’d suspect. But, as I said: by then, you’ll be arguing that it’s a good and necessary thing.

    1. 40.1
      Evan Marc Katz


      In regards to what you just wrote…do I even need to point out how tone-deaf it is?

      “Women tend to be the ones who push to have kids”

      The world has 8 BILLION people. That is not merely women pointing a gun at men and saying they want kids. Just about everyone who becomes a parent WANTS to be a parent. The fact that you don’t understand or acknowledge that is completely your limitation. YOU don’t want to have kids so perhaps you don’t understand that most fathers DO.

      “If you choose to have kids, you’re obligated to take care of them, and you shouldn’t get any credit for doing so.”

      That goes for men AND women. And working women still do the lion’s share of the childrearing and housework – which is the point of the emotional labor conversation. Man and woman both work 9-5 but he comes home and watches TV, while she runs around like a headless chicken making dinner, getting the kids homework done, prepping lunches for the next day, planning their weekends. I cannot tell if your failure to acknowledge this is a reflection of your narrow worldview or something more malicious – like you know it’s true but don’t want to admit it, but buddy, it’s true. The best predictor of a good husband is his willingness to help out with housework and child rearing and his ability to pick up on his wife’s emotional cues. This is why so many men are poor husbands. This is also why women initiate 2/3 of divorces. This isn’t being a white knight: this is undeniable big data.

      If cooking and laundry are a breeze, you should tell my wife, who spends nearly 2 hours a day on these two tasks that I don’t have to spend. She’s a stay at home mom, so she takes that on herself, but again, working women end up doing the lions share of this work even though they work just as hard and make just as much as their husbands. This is the problem.

      Also, you can keep your respect. I’d rather have my time, energy, and resources…which I’d lose, if I tried to get your respect.

      Face it, Tron, if you’ve been reading this site for years and continually try to make your pro-man/anti-woman arguments to our audience, you’ve been trying.

      The issue is that your arguments aren’t worthy of respect. They discount anything that women say as immaterial. What you don’t seem to understand is that I’m not pro-woman or pro-man. I’m pro honesty. I’m pro integrity. I’m pro logic. I’m pro fact. I’m pro empathy. And any person on this board who rails against the opposite sex without understanding and sympathizing only illustrates to me that they’re probably unworthy of a rational discussion and probably unable to be a reasonable relationship partner.

      Finally, in regards to your parting insult: We’ve done this before, Tron. If you don’t like my material, my message or my readership, you are cordially invited to leave.

      But I will not allow you to insult me on my own website. Your choice.

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