You Don’t Want Him Anyway

Let me tell you a true story about Alice, a member of my group coaching.

But before I tell you about it, I want to share a little bit about Alice.

In her mid 30’s, very attractive, intelligent but not intimidating. Alice is a good person and a good catch.

The two things that she doesn’t trust? Men, and herself when she’s around men.

Thus, Alice never has trouble attracting guys; her trouble is in keeping them.

Does this sound like anyone you know? Nah. Didn’t think so… 🙂

Anyway, Alice recently started dating Dylan.

Dylan is tall. Dylan is hot. Dylan is creative. Dylan is confident. Dylan is experienced.

Basically, Dylan is all of the characteristics that Alice finds so rarely in one man, that when she happens upon such a guy, she HAS to have him.

Ready for Lasting Love?
Ready for Lasting Love?

Oh, and one other thing: Dylan is on the rebound from a relationship. Alice is the first person he’s been with since his breakup.

Some random cute guy breaks your heart and all you can do is beat yourself up and attempt to plot how to win him over once again.

What follows is altogether too predictable.

Alice went out with Dylan and, barely able to contain her excitement, slept with him on the second date.

Dylan, still excited the next day, made overtures to follow up.

Alice, breathing a great sigh of relief, started treating Dylan as a boyfriend…

Which meant calls, emails, texts and demands to know where things were going…

Until, predictably, Dylan pulled the “slow fade,” where he didn’t fall completely out of touch, but became highly inaccessible.

A week had passed and now Alice was on the phone, during our coaching session, wondering how she could get Dylan back.

(sound of record scratching)

“You want him BACK?” I asked.

“Yes! I don’t have this feeling about guys very often. I want it to last.”

“You mean the feeling of elation that comes with sleeping with a hot guy? Or the feeling of despair you have because he’s a player, he hasn’t called you and you don’t have any chance of having a successful long-term relationship with him?”

The silence on the other end was deafening. Yet Alice couldn’t disagree with me.

Dylan WAS a player. Dylan DID sleep with her right away. Dylan WASN’T ready for a relationship.

In fact, when Alice looked at it objectively, Dylan was kind of a selfish jerk for coming on so strong and pulling away so abruptly.


And yet here she was, reeling from raw emotion, begging me, her trusted dating coach, to help her GET THE SELFISH JERK BACK.

This is like giving the alcoholic just one more drink.

BAD idea.

I’m guessing you’ve had this bad idea yourself.

Some random cute guy breaks your heart and all you can do is beat yourself up and attempt to plot how to win him over once again.

What a colossal waste of time.

Because even if I were a Miracle Worker — even if I could concoct some magic potion that erased Dylan’s memory of Alice’s needy texts and planted a chip in his head that forced him to call her every day… you know what Alice would get in return?

A selfish, immature, emotionally unavailable player who is in no position to be a good boyfriend to ANYBODY.

Thus, as far as I’m concerned, Dylan gave Alice a gift — the gift of freedom.

The freedom to cut the cord quickly because there is no potential of a future with a man who has shown no desire to commit.

Look back in your past and consider how much time you wasted on men like this.

Realize, at this moment, that you’ll NEVER have to do that again.