Seriously, How Old is Your Primary Photo on Your Dating Profile?


Seriously, how old is your primary photo on your dating profile? 1 year? 2 years? 5 years?

Okay, time to spill the beans below! =)

For helpful hints on photos for your profile, click here.

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    Oh, and the verbal descriptions aren’t worth crap, in my experience.

    Not saying that all this applies to you personally, but this just might be the way others take it.

  2. 22

    All my photos are taken within the year. (2008)

    I try to take new ones every 3 months or so.

    I am surprised to hear guy friends stories of meeting up with someone who doesn’t look like their photo. I truly do not understand this and what the person who posts older pics is thinking. Usually my guy friends end up feeling deceived and cut the date short if not walk out.

  3. 23


    Do you have a digital camera with a self-timer (or access to one)? That way you can take shot after shot of yourself, without annoying your friends, until you get the picture you want. Just use a tripod or set it on a stable surface (counter, bookshelf, etc). I think by having a good full-body shot available, it will definitely help your prospects.

  4. 24

    I agree with A-L. Most people assume that if you don’t have a full-body shot posted then you are hiding something. You may not feel inclined to pander to this fear, but it may cause you to unnecessarily miss out on a good match.

  5. 25

    I’m impressed with all the posters here and their up to date photos.

    I’ve often noticed that some people age more quickly than they might think. A lot of people over 35 can put on 10 lbs in just a year, and not everyone carries their weight well. 10 lbs a year is just 100 calories extra a day – and 100 calories is a quarter of a cinnamon danish!

    I’m a fan of putting up lots of up to date pictures, but, as a women I find the age requirement a problem. Why not let people put their age in the profile if they chose to, but give an age range in the sections that go through a search engine?

    As long as your picture is up to date, this would result in fewer women having to fake their age so they’ll actually turn up in a search. After all, some women do work hard on maintaining their figures, and they won’t get a chance to even be seen if they admit they are over 40.

  6. 26

    I met a woman online abour 5 years ago. She didn’t look at all like her profile pic. When I asked her how old her photo was she told me “about 10 years, but I stlill look the same”. Not quite. Five years later, she is still on the dating site and using the SAME photo.

    I learned….look for profiles with at least two photos taken at different times. And a profile with only head shots, the person is probably hiding something.

  7. 27

    Mine are less than 6 months old. Yes the old bait and switch. I am leery of the single photo. I like to see at least 4 photos,including one full body shot. . What are people thinking? What do they say when they show up on the first date? I would tell the person that they misrepresented themselves and leave! Generally, I ask if the photo is recent. One guy said no , it was 6 years old and I asked him to send me a recent one. Five days later he sent it, BIG difference. He was much heavier and looked much older. Needless to say we never met .

  8. 28

    I don’t have an active profile right now, but all of my pics are from the last year. The most recent one was my Halloween costume. I do have a couple of full body or from the knees up shots as well.

  9. 29

    My own pictures are all current within two years.   I am instituting a new policy where, if I am unable to meet an internet date within a few weeks of communication (i.e. out of state guy who will be visiting the area I live in), I will ask to video chat with them.   Yesterday, I had a date with a guy who is successful, erudite, excellent music taste, educated… but unfortunately sent me some pictures that probably are pushing at least ten years old, sans receding hairline and belly.   I am mid-thirties, he’s mid-upper forties so I believe that he thought that he wouldn’t have a shot with me using current photos.   So of course he starts out the date sort of defensively, like explaining why he hasn’t had time to exercise as much lately.   What gets to me though,   is that I would still have gone out with this guy in his current appearance state,   because we have a lot in common both  personally and professionally  and he’s an excellent conversationalist with great stories. He is not bad looking, but obviously there’s that disparity when you meet someone who looks worse than pictured.   I gave him the benefit of the doubt and actually enjoyed our date because we have a lot in common conversationally.   But guys, please, do send up to date photos.   We younger  women  really are not as shallow  as  you think.

  10. 30

    I heard from women that men do that too, but I can talk only about my experience. At least 7 out of 10 dates that i went to, looked way different than their pic. Women think that since their pic is only two years old, its not a huge thing. Girls, we do change, it’s just when you look at yourself everyday, you think you dont. Girls change more than guys, because they change their hair, make up etc. At one point i though to write a small book of my stories, meeting girls by seeing only their face pic, which looked ok, but then realizing that face pic is at least 6 years old, and the reason there is no body shot is because she is at least 240lbs. Then there special angle of shots, lifting camera above their head and looking up for the shot, so their double chin wont be visible. Side shots of their face, body shots from miles away, and all that still from years ago. What’s the point, you only wasted time, yours and mine 🙁

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    Oh, and who do men think they are fooling when EVERY picture of them has a ball cap ?
    The sad thing about that is, I LIKE bald. The last two guys that I REALLY liked (who didn’t like me back 🙁 ) were both bald as an egg. Never been a deal breaker for me. So lose the cap guys, you aren’t fooling anyone. And bald is sexy to a lot of women. Hiding a bald head–not sexy.

    My main pics are less than a year and are dated. A close up, one from the knees up and full length. The rest show me doing my special interests, and are older but are dated, some theatrical, one artsy shot of me in an art museum, and a recent one of me on a bike in a charity bike ride.

    I’ve actually thought about going back to being a brunette, my magenta red hair is expensive and time consuming to maintain. But then I would have to re-do my photos. My bright red hair is kind of a big deal. Guys usually tell me they really like my hair. As do total strangers men, women, young and old whenever I am out an about.

    Maybe when my pics start reaching the one year point, I’ll change my hair color & style. And maybe I’ll have better luck as a brunette.

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