My Boyfriend Has a History of Sleeping with Prostitutes. What Should I Do?

Bra of prostitutes on the couch with her money.

I met a man online last year who has treated me wonderfully. He is everything my ex’s have not been. He treats my child as his own. He is transparent (opens all accounts, phones, computers), honest, loyal, caring.

After one month of dating, he told me that he slept with prostitutes for several years. He’s in the military and started with them as a virgin at 23 and continued until 28. He’s seen around 20-30. He is 30 now (like me). He let me read his journal from those years. He never wrote about what they look like or the intercourse, so I don’t think he was focused on “using them” but instead he wrote about how desperate he was to find someone to love and to settle down. He even tried to date them. He had a very hard time dating and was rejected often. He is a very sensitive man. I can tell that he was looking for a connection, love, and intimacy. He also wanted to get laid and that was an easy way to do it. He believed that it was more respectful to pay a woman for the act instead of randomly hooking up with someone at a bar. However, he was arrested at 23 for it and still saw them for years after that. That alarms me. He feels regret and remorse but I just can’t get past it. It doesn’t bother me all of the time, but it comes up from time to time and I feel worried that I’m making a mistake. Especially since I’ve been through a bad marriage. I don’t think he is a sex addict like my ex; sex with him is very vanilla. He seems more interested in the connection for the most part.

Recently he flies to my hometown to ask my father for my hand in marriage and now he just proposed to me. I love him but I just feel worried sometimes, I am afraid of his past.

Like I said, he is wonderful to me and outside of this, he’s pretty perfect for me and my child but I worry I am making a mistake. What do you think? Should I let his past go? Is it a big red flag?


Somehow, in ten years of writing this blog, I’ve never gotten this question and I’m really glad it was worded the way you worded it. It forces me to think about my answer and try to put myself in your boyfriend’s shoes.

To be fair, it’s a little tricky because I’ve never been to a prostitute. It’s not that I never thought about it. I’d see thousands of ads in the back of LA Weekly and marvel at HOW MANY GUYS were willing to pay for sex. Personally, I couldn’t fathom it — both because I had no money in my twenties and because half the fun of sex was in the act of seduction. Paying someone to be interested in me for an hour was far less interesting than charming someone into actually being interested in me.

But that’s not who your boyfriend is. He’s not a player. He’s a sensitive man with no game who was willing to take the easy way out and straight-up pay for sex. I can’t say I have any friends who’ve confessed to being this way, but I make it a policy to try not to be judgmental about different people’s life choices. Especially if they’re not hurting anybody else. And that, to me, is what makes your boyfriend’s story feel more sweet than creepy.

I think you should let his past go and focus on how he treats you and how you feel with him

While most men would never bring their sordid past up at all, and if they did, they’d minimize it, your boyfriend told you the whole story, his feelings about why he did what he did, AND shared you his journals from the time. You tell me he was looking for connection and that was the best he could do? I completely believe him.

Furthermore, I believe that (most) people grow and change a lot from 20 to 30, and again, from 30 to 40. I wouldn’t want to be judged for the most embarrassing behavior from my early twenties, and I don’t suppose any of our readers would want to either.

So, as surprised as I am to be saying this, I think you should let his past go and focus on how he treats you and how you feel with him, as opposed to behaviors he was open about a decade ago, well before he met you.

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  1. 1

    I completely agree. None of the things that would be red flags (for me) are present in this story: no lying, no secretiveness, no indication it’s ongoing. If he had been a “sugar daddy” and supported his various girlfriends financially, would you have even though to be concerned? I really hope you don’t hold his past against him, especially not when it sounds like he is doing everything in his power to demonstrate his commitment and respect for you.

  2. 2

    Why shackle yourself to a guy with a criminal record, someone who didn’t learn from their mistakes?    If the law didn’t stop him, what makes you think you can when he runs into the arms of a hooker for comfort after you had a fight.

    Date him sure, but marrying him without a very very long engagement is setting yourself up for a fall.   Be smart, protect yourself, your finances and your health.   If he pushes for marriage then you have a very insecure guy on your hands who is desperate to marry anyone. Why settle for that?

    1. 2.1

      I totally agree. Why marry. If things go baf in your relationship. He may resort to old habits. I knpw a friend who is a male. I had no sexual relationship witj him. Pure friends. And oh ya. He has paid for sex while in a relationship witj a great gal.

  3. 3

    To Dani-   I completely agree with EMK. The fact your guy has been very transparent with you speaks volumes of his character. He hasn’t tried to hide his past from you, and that had to be a difficult decision for him to tell you about the prostitutes. He’s being an open book with you, as it should be. If he’s that honest now, he’ll continue to be truthful. From the sounds of it, he treats you like a queen and also loves your child. That is a good, solid man.

    Don’t let his past determine your future with him. He clearly matured and has left his youthful experimentation behind him. I’m a middle-aged woman and see too many men in my demographic who are emotionally still boys.

    You found a decent man who wants to take care of you and build a life with you. That is priceless. Don’t let him go. All the best to you–


  4. 4
    Emily the original

    I’m not sure why he revealed this to her. Fine, he was bad with women in his 20s and wanted connection. I’m sure there are other men in his shoes. But now she has the images of him with prostitutes in her mind. She may understand his reasons as a person but as a woman is borderline creeped out. Also, there’s desperation in this story, which as a woman kills some of the respect she needs for him as a man for there to be attraction. No woman wants to hear her man has no game at all, just as no woman wants to hear he hooked up with half the women in his college. TMI. If he’s now a different person all these years later, why bring up a person who no longer exits?

    1. 4.1

      I’ve had this experience with an ex.   He told me when we had the condom discussion.   He had always used a condom but I’m glad I knew.   A man with history with prostitutes is a higher risk category for me.   Then there is the fact that he didn’t want to get tested   . . . a tale for another day.

      I’m fine and have tested clean since.   I think his not getting tested bothered me more than the prostitutes.     He was a woefully disorganized person, I must admit.   If I arranged for the whole testing situation he would have shown up and done it but I refused to organize that for him.   And he was a bit immature about women.   One thing I can say is while hookers provide sex, it doesn’t mean the man learns much about courtship and seduction from them.

      He was really, really sweet.   Again, I’m glad I knew.   Then it made sense that he was sexually experienced but not as experienced with kissing.   (Quick study, though. ;-)) That’s the thing to. Going to a prostitute doesn’t make a man a good lover.   Or knowledgeable about a woman’s pleasure.

      It meant a lot to him to be able to be vulnerable, tell me the truth, and have me hold that without judgment.   Really set a tone of openness and honesty in our relationship.   And yes, you know me and my former history of beta males.   So that didn’t affect my respect for him, but him not taking some responsibility (getting tested, buying condoms) eventually did.

      On a side note:   that was my last beta male. I have been finding men in the middle lately and it certainly is   . . . interesting.

      1. 4.1.1
        Emily, the original


        It meant a lot to him to be able to be vulnerable, tell me the truth, and have me hold that without judgment.  

        I just wouldn’t want to know that a man I was dating seriously had been with a prostitute. It’s one things to say, ” I didn’t do well with women when I was younger.” Ok, fine. But I don’t need to know every detail, that you could never get a date or get laid … because the natural response is … why am I hanging out with this guy?

        On a side note:   that was my last beta male. I have been finding men in the middle lately and it certainly is   . . . interesting.

        What are the dudes in the middle like?

        1. S.

          I guess we differ. I want to know details, especially if it possibly affects my sexual health.   Now, he didn’t tell me specifics.   But yeah, a lot of men I dated weren’t the most successful with women.   I don’t mind that.   They were very sweet, wonderful men just no where on the alpha scale if that exists.

          why am I hanging out with this guy?

          I’m hanging with this guy because he’s kind, treats me well, looks hot to me, and has no trace of arrogance.   That’s how I roll. 😉   Still is even with middles.

          First, middles I meet in person.   They are not online and are rare anyway.   It’s interesting.   Sometimes there is a bit of a power play.   They want to lead and it’s usually not where I want to be led.   (Not talking about sex.)   So they are strong.   It’s not edgy, it’s just strength.   But they are all of the above too.   It’s actually really attractive to have both rolled into one.

          My default was feeling safe.   If I guy made me feel safe by being kind, and we could have vulnerable talks together, and I found his face/body hotter than a firecracker, I was in.   Alpha males–just to use that term for ease, not that I agree with the term–just don’t make me feel safe.   I always feel they are going to make fun of me, be full of themselves, or just be unkind.   I’m a sensitive person so I’m not a match with them.   They probably are good men too, but once I feel like someone might say something unkind any budding attraction I may have had dies a quick death. Others are less sensitive to that kind of thing and can remain attracted.

          Middle have a combination of both.   But I have to be careful too because they even sometimes have conflict over which they are sometimes.

          Still learning. 😉


        2. Emily, the original


          I want to know details, especially if it possibly affects my sexual health.

          I could see that. I hadn’t thought of that. But, really, someone could give you something even if he’d been with just one woman. I guess the best thing to do is be safe until you both get tested.

          My default was feeling safe

          Well, a little safe is good. Not too safe.   🙂 I’ll have to think more about your concept of the middles. Just off the top of my head, I don’t know any.

        3. S.

          Hi Emily. I had missed your response to this comment. But I’m meeting even more middles and had more thoughts.

          As for the prostitute thing, I think coming of age during the AIDS epidemic just put sexual health to much more importance than if I had been born earlier. So when I think of people with riskier behavior in their past (or present) I want to know. I like the honesty, but I also feel I can protect myself better. In this zone of honesty, about-to-be partners have revealed their STD status (which they would have anyway) and just things that it felt better to clear the air aboutbeforehand. I didn’t get details or any imagery about any of it. Yes, you can get an STD from a man who slept with one woman. But it’s more likely if he slept with 40 vs. one. Also depends on how safe he chose to be with them as well. See? It’s a whole conversation.

          Back to middles! You don’t know any? Wow. I’ve always known some, just some didn’t physically attract me. But what you consider ‘middle’ and what I consider ‘middle’ may differ too. My ‘middles’ will still be closer to the beta side than the alpa–ALWAYS–because I dislike alphas to the point of near puking. Sorry, alphas. I can be friends with them, though!

          The other side of the middle coin is that who are the middles attracted to? That could be a bit problematic. I’m finding in a subtle, unspoken way that the guys with a leetle edge–that edge has them wanting a girlier woman. Makes sense. I’m love being female, but I find they are turned on by the more female side of me, to the point of not really seeing (or wanting) all of me. And because I don’t think they see all of me, I don’t feel safe enough to be my truly feminine side with them.

          Conundrum. With the beta guys I could be everything I was. Totally open. Cause I never thought they would be strong enough to hurt me. (Newsflash: they could.) And because I had more control. The lack of control with the middles is a bit unnerving, but I’m feeling into it. It’s really interesting when the guy is in his very masculine place and if I happen to be in my masculine place that day. Like two magnets you put together. Attracting but not quite . . . connecting.

          I’m enjoying the exploration. Experimenting with fluidity. I’m not all feminine, all the time. He (or more accurately ‘they’) doesn’t/don’t have to be all masculine all the time.

          I think you have a different relationship with safety/kindness/emotional vulnerability in men than I do. Therefore the things that unnerve me and make me want not want to be around a guy probably turn you on a little.

          Different strokes. 😉

    2. 4.2
      Vinita Rodrigues

      I’ve been where she is and I agree with you. No matter how much I tried to suppress the images through the day, I used to have nightmares through the night. I didn’t have one night of good sleep in our 3 year relationship, and even for 2 years after that. It made me violent, irrational. I started cutting off from people and disconnecting from the world. As a woman, it’s hard. It’s hard to think that the man I am sleeping with now, who I love, had at one time slept with a woman by paying.

    3. 4.3
      Zain Fazal

      lol ah yes “game” the practice of studying how to get the attention of women who don’t deserve it in the first place. If the best thing about a guy is his ability to court women that just shows how low the standard is for male excellence has fallen, but I digress.

      He was up front about his past, and for that he deserve props. He’s laying it all out for her. If She loses respect for him that’s her problem not his. Here is what I learned about people.

      Everyone is f&cked up in one way or another. We all have skeletons in our closet, Even Evan Marc Katz, has stuff about him he probably doesnt’ want others to know.

      He’s transparent and honest. He revealed something to you not many guys would have the balls to reveal.

      and I guarantee there is some f*cked up shit in your life that you don’t’ want us to know abut.

  5. 5

    As one of those rare people who doesn’t see sex as a big deal, I don’t see how visiting a sex worker prior to the relationship is something that should end a relationship.   If anything,   knowing how bad people tend to be in bed, I’d be feeling sorry those poor women had to put up with that for any amount of money 😂

    I’m friends with a woman who did cam work for a few years. She’s in a similar situation regarding her kid,but she doesn’t have access to child care (in the way of family). I remember sitting at her home one night and I offhandedly asked her how work was and she replies “I feel like I’m chatting more than showing my tits.”. This seems to be a common thing sex workers tell me. A lot more talking than screwing apparently.

  6. 6

    What is this giant hang up about prostitutes?   Yes, I wouldn’t ever do it.   Yes, I find it distasteful.   But in this new world where people are free to do what they want and sleep with whom they want, what is the big deal?   Would you be having the same misgivings if he admitted to one night stands?

    1. 6.1

      Honest question, Skaramouche, would you mind if a woman had a history of seeing male escorts (including criminal history)?

      1. 6.1.1


        98% of women will never have to see a male escort due to the market saturation caused by men seeking casual sex, so that’s really an unfair hypothetical. But honestly, if she did it in her 20s and was over it, no, it honestly wouldn’t bother me.

        1. Marika

          Hahaha, fair enough Shaukat.

        2. Yet Another Guy


          Once again, you have highlighted the fact that female incel is an oxymoron.     A lot of women try to shift the argument to not being able to have sex with a man they desire; however, that is little more than a straw man.   There are very few woman on this planet who cannot find a sex partner if they desire one.

          With that being said, visiting a sex worker is fairly common in the military services.   All one needs to do is visit a military base and one will have one’s answer.     Men outnumber women by a ginormous margin, and the bulk of the men serving in uniform are under 26 years old.

  7. 7

    Showing his diary about the sex workers is creepy and TMI.

    I feel like there’s more to this story.

    1. 7.1

      100% agree with you!
      As someone who was engaged to a man with similar skeletons that came to light ( and a lot of counselling to deal with it), and there is ALWAYS much more to the story with those guys, my ex told me himself. That said, the fact this guy is transparent is great , but the STD is a boundary he needs to respect or she will need to do something about it. If not the future could be ugly!

  8. 8

    Here in Europe prostitution is legal and I do know a number of decent guys who paid for sex when they were single. Personally, I wouldn‘t ”žpunish“ him for his honesty and let this subject go. Good luck to you.

  9. 9
    Elle 1

    She uses words to describe her feelings that raise red flags for me. She feels worried and alarmed enough to write to Evan, despite the fact that she has only positive things to say about this man aside from his sexual history. On the one hand I agree with Evan, but on the other hand her intuition may be telling her through these feelings not to marry this man. I trust intuition more than logic and reason in these circumstances. Marriage is about feeling secure in a committed relationship. If she isn’t feeling secure now, she probably never will. For that reason, I think she should move on.

  10. 10

    I enjoyed reading Evan’s response, and agree with all of it.   The guy is described as someone who was simply looking for a connection, through sex. For that matter, he seems to be one who creates emotional bonds through sex. I think that’s more rare for men compared to women.

    That being said, EMK.. the following part of your response was a bit cold!

    But that’s not who your boyfriend is. He’s not a player. He’s a sensitive man with no game who was willing to take the easy way out and straight-up pay for sex.

    C’mon Evan.. that’s just.. look.. you  surely realize  that confidence and game is a positive feedback loop.   If a young man has the physical tools, he will experience so many instances where women affirm his worth as a partner, for minimal effort expended.   And if said guy has even a modicum of intelligence, he can easily build upon it.

    I think the guy described in the OP does not have those advantages, and if he is sensitive (which is something to which I can relate), then he likely internalized every rejection, and associated it with self-worth.   I’m sure you’ve seen this a million times in your travails as a dating coach.   So, to say he “took the easy way out” is just too harsh.   Going against what society, or at least women in the dating realm, says about your worth as a partner, and building confidence in the face of such negativity is difficult.

    1. 10.1
      Evan Marc Katz

      I can sympathize with a sensitive man with no game who was willing to take the easy way out and straight-up pay for sex. But that doesn’t negate my belief that this is exactly what happened. You may be lonely, you may be shy, you may be insecure, but you’re not “brave” for paying for a hooker in the face of “society.”

      1. 10.1.1
        Karl R


        I think you misunderstood what Scooter said.   He didn’t say that hiring a hooker was brave.   He said that having confidence, especially when society is dumping on you, is difficult.

        1. Evan Marc Katz

          If that’s the case, then I stand corrected. It wasn’t clear to me from his last paragraph. Either way, as a coach I’m sympathetic to anyone who is struggling, but as you and I know, the one thing you can change is how you approach things; you can’t change the rest of the world.

        2. Scooter

          Karl had it spot on.   I didn’t say going to a hooker is brave, however, it’s understandable under such circumstances.

  11. 11
    agatha schwarz

    I think the LW is not so much in love with him. I wouldn’t marry a guy who goes to my parents for my hand before speaking of it with me, after a year of dating. He is desperate, he has issues, and to show his diary about his past prostitutes: ick! I would run, not so much about the hookers – though I despise the behaviour – but because of his actual behavior with you. Too dependant, too creepy.

    1. 11.1
      Karl R

      agatha schwarz said:

      “I wouldn’t marry a guy who goes to my parents for my hand before speaking of it with me,”

      That’s a cultural (and sometimes generational) thing.   My wife was a little disappointed that I didn’t ask her father’s permission before asking her to marry me.


      It never occurred to me.   I wasn’t marrying him.

  12. 12

    What is with the quote “especially if they are not hurting anyone else”. Anyone who is paying to use another persons body may want to think about this a bit. If prostitution truly isn’t hurting anyone, then why are prostitutes disproportionately coming from impoverished backgrounds? Why are their trafficked women at all? Why is this not the sort of “work” that people aspire to? I am not saying that happy escorts do not exist, BUT for the majority, it is not something that they want to do and it is usually done by people with no other options. Have you ever sat in the middle of a place full of men, with paid women who look like they want to be in any place other than where they are? No, sorry, I have traveled through many poor countries where westerners go in order to enjoy paying for women, and it is not a happy atmosphere.

      1. 12.1.1
        Mrs Happy

        Dear Karl,

        thank you for posting this, I just watched it, very informative.   Gosh, New Zealand is just always the best – the first country to ever legislate votes for women, first to fix prostitution’s evils, and after the Christchurch terror recently, Jacinda Ardern will probably be the first Western leader to immediately reverse the gun laws which allowed a modern mass shooting.   I also really appreciate how the Maori weren’t conquered by white people, and exist equally and with parallel laws.   It’s a strange often unappreciated country, usually ahead of its time, and just quietly happily pottering ahead of all the other Western nations in the domains that matter.

  13. 13

    I cannot believe anyone is encouraging her to continue seeing this man. Just because “he’s vanilla” in bed with her doesn’t mean A THING about whether or not he’s got a sex addiction problem. The guy was arrested for soliciting a prostitute, yet continued to break the law, risk his health and risk serving more jail time by paying for sex again after the arrest. One of the key signs of addiction is when a person continues to do something despite the negative consequences it has in their life. If this dude doesn’t see going to jail as a hugely negative, destructive event in his life… if that wasn’t a huge wake up call to him, that would be a huge red flag to me. Yes, it might have happened a long time ago, but I wouldn’t trust a man like this unless he was in therapy and/or had done some major work on himself around the issue. Even then, I’d tread carefully.

    Secondly, she stated that she doesn’t think this guy is a sex addict like her ex…. so she has a history of dating men with sexual addiction, and this seems to be a pattern for her. If I were her, I would RUN to a 12 step meeting like COSA (co-dependents of sex addicts). This is more about HER past with sex addicts than it is about whether or not this guy is a suitable partner. Good luck to the OP, but again, my advice is to RUN to therapy and/or a meeting.

  14. 14

    I cannot believe anyone is encouraging her to continue seeing this man. She has a history of dating sex addicts…. HELLOOOO?!?!? First red flag. Next, he got arrested and STILL continued to risk his health and the threat of more jail time by continuing to solicit prostitutes??!?!?!? BOY BYE!!!! One of the biggest indicators of addiction is when a person continues a behavior despite major negative consequences to their health, job, life, etc. If being arrested didn’t come as a wake up call and enough of a reason to STOP paying for sex, I don’t know what it would take for this guy to see the writing on the wall and face this problem for what it is. Another arrest? An STD? RUN, don’t walk away from this guy. And go to a 12 step meeting like COSA (co-dependents of sex addicts) and/or therapy while you’re at it.

  15. 15

    I’m a guy who like Dani’s boyfriend has visited prostitutes.   Twice in my life (I’m 35) I’ve paid for sex, and those are also the only times I’ve ever been intimate and had sex.   The last time was 8 years ago.   Some of us are unattractive to women to the point that it’s not worth trying to ask women out, etc., because rejection (or worse) is 100% guaranteed no matter what.   Do you know how painful that is for a guy – as a human being – who wants to be with a woman who actually wants to be close to him?   I’ll tell you: it’s lonely and miserable and at times, excruciating.   But for me, that’s the way it is.

  16. 16
    Mrs Happy


    A huge percentage of men in the military use prostitutes.   It’s really normalised in that environment.   I’d ask him to get tested for STDs and then carry on having a relationship.   But only you can know whether you are truly okay with this.   In your letter you repeat that you’re worrying – work out what it is you’re worried about, specifically, and come to specific conclusions.

    BTW this happened to me – years ago, a past boyfriend (in the military) said a few things, and so on an early date I asked him (simply because what he’d said made me wonder) if he’d ever used prostitutes.   He paused for a few seconds, I could see him considering what to do w.r.t. answer honestly or not, then told the truth.   Impressive really, given peoples’ tendency to judge.

    I had to go and think about my stance on this.   I decided, since I’m fine with the concept of prostitution in theory, I didn’t hold it against him that he’d legally used prostitutes (different country to yours, different laws).   He’d tried to do it ethically.     I asked him to get tested for everything (I”m paranoid about my health) and we continued on.   We broke up later due to unrelated things.

  17. 17

    I disagree with Evan based on experience. There is nothing ‘sweet’ about this. The men I’ve known with this history became or were already porn/sex addicts or slept with prostitutes later on. It is a red flag. Also be aware that prostitution can involve exploitation and sometimes, human trafficking especially when the sex worker is foreign. You are with someone who knows this but looked past it in the name of meeting his own needs. Aka. An unethical person. Our true character is revealed by what we’re doing when no-one is looking. People with character get their sexual needs met in mutually enjoyable ways.

  18. 18
    Girasole Per te

    I am probably a lot older than most of you but I’d like to give you my perspective. What this man was involved in is known as acting out his sexual addiction. It is good that he is coming “clean” so deep down he knows he needs help — and he does. He also needs grace from us.

    Illicit sex only deprives people of the ability to have real intimacy within the context of a real relationship — one that is committed.

    To anyone who thinks that sleeping with whoever they want does not bring any permanent consequences, you are sorely mistaken. Thousands of men have destroyed their lives, their families, their marriages and the life of their children because they thought that illicit sex did not affect anyone. It DOES and in ways none of you can imagine.

    Men (and women) who continue to believe the lie that illicit sex is nothing find out quickly once they find the person they believe is “the one” that they cannot satisfy their addiction to illicit sex and quickly begin to act out. They effectively kill any chance to have any meaningful, lasting relationship with the person they love because they are used to a fake intimacy (sex-based).

    If you care about this man, be a friend to him and ask him to see a counselor who will help him sort out his feelings, his past and present state. Show him compassion and real love by telling him how his history makes you feel. He wants real intimacy, not the counterfeit one that illicit sex offers. He has shown you that he wants you to know the real man inside (ugly thoughts and desires included), you now can do the same by sharing your fears, doubts and thoughts. They are all real TO YOU.

    People — sharing our truth is what real intimacy is!

    I suspect that you also need to feel safe, mentally, emotionally and relationally. My guess is deep down, you fear that he may go back to illicit sex (prostitution) or their wicked substitutes – porn and masturbation — no matter how much he says he loves you.

    Take it from a wife who is now living the awful reality that her husband visited prostitutes for years while having sex with his wife and caring for our children. My husband’s history included ONLY illicit sex with promiscuous women and never a real relationship based on trust and honesty and he kept all this a secret from everyone. It is devastating to me and his children to know we were living in deception.

    One last thing, I heard once:
    “Never give up the next 40 years, for the next 40 minutes.” — How true!

    Best to you all,

  19. 19

    I’m not sure why so many people assume he did this because he lacks “game”. I know of a guy who is a total womanizer. He literally has women falling to his feet, competing with each other, and even willing to “wait their turn” for him to openly claim/acknowledge them. You could say he is pretty famed in his field of work (choreographer /performer). Even I was attracted to him (not anymore of course). He has access to all sorts of women including actual professional models. In fact, his recent ex was a model. Yet, he is constantly involved with escorts / prostitutes and it is disturbing as heck. He complains of loneliness a lot (even while having multiple girlfriends at once who are fully aware of each other). They all cry openly over him while he posts BS about trying to find true love and how he can’t live without love (all while in a bed with some escort). Why be with escorts despite countless women? He even tries to have real relationships with these workers on the side, which results in his normal girlfriends leaving him (which he replaces quickly). This addiction to prostitutes runs much deeper than lacking game, I just don’t know what exactly. So unless her fiance explicitly expressed lacking game as the reason for his past, she really should not assume such. She needs to be careful.

  20. 20
    Joseph Dupuis

    Stay with him

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