(Video) Harvard Sailing Team – Girls Will Be Boys


Here’s the third video clip, and it’s all about the girls. Share your thoughts on this comedy series.

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    I wonder if the level of understanding reflected in the satires contributes to better relationships in those couples.

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    The InBetweener

    “I never clean! NO! WAY!” HA HA!!
    “I hate talking. NO! WAY!” LMAO!!
    I really don’t think there are any guys like that. 😛

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  4. 4

    Do guys actually act like this? They seriously joke with each other about hitting girls? That’s not cool.   I’d like to hear from the guys how much is accurate in this video.

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    Karl R

    Helen said: (#4)
    “I’d like to hear from the guys how much is accurate in this video.”

    They’re not interested in  talking on the phone  during the game.
    They don’t understand why you’re asking what he’s doing during a football game.
    They  didn’t see anything that  dirty around the house/apartment before you cleaned it.
    They say women are crazy (and sometimes believe it).

    Everything else is at least an exaggeration, usually an over-the-top exaggeration. Some of it is completely wrong. Guys aren’t going to talk about relationships while the football is in play. Maybe during the commercial break. And the only place I’ve seen guys cheer a Bud Light commercial is in a Bud Light commercial.

    Helen asked: (#4)
    “They seriously joke with each other about hitting girls?”

    If a guy says he wanted to hit a girl/woman, he’s not joking. He’s explaining the degree to which she managed to enrage him. And his buddy is going to remind him that it’s not something you do (that part was reasonably accurate).

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    Karl R #5, thank you for the clarifications!

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