The College Try – Garfunkel and Oates


What can I say? These two hyperliterate women make me laugh. Plus, they’re truth tellers. I like truth tellers.

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  1. 41

    Hey Karen,
    Go live in a sheltered world then.   Are women so weak that they need to be insulated from jokes or anything that might dare be hurtful towards them even if meant as a joke?   Should the world stop working because insecure people can’t handle it???   Good Lord.
    To all those posting about irony.   There is no irony.   Cite me whatever example you are referring to and I will clear it up for you.

  2. 42
    Karl R

    Karen said: (#40)
    “I would hate for some already insecure young woman to watch the video and as a result be swayed by the strong ugly imagery (no matter how in jest) and vagina disgust (no matter how lighthearted), that it tipped her away from a life of enjoying her body, her vagina and her capacity to orgasm.”
    Your ability to blow this out of proportion is truly amazing.
    I’ve never been under the impression that my scrotum is a visually attractive part of my body. My legs, buttocks and abs get compliments. The scrotum, never.
    Somehow, I’ve been able to accept that my scrotum (just like every other man’s) is acceptable to women … unless the women want to forgo sex with men completely. I’m comfortable being seen naked. I’m comfortable having my legs spread. I’m comfortable having my scrotum played with (provided the handling isn’t too rough).
    Having made the transformation from someone who was uncomfortable with my looks into someone who is completely at ease with my looks and body, the essential transformation comes from within. It didn’t require people telling me that I was beautiful in every possible way. (If it had required that, I’d still be uncomfortable with my looks.)
    On the contrary, I’m able to be comfortable with my looks even though I catch a fair amount of unflattering teasing (usually about the glare off my skin when I take off my shirt).
    Karen said:  (#40)
    “No matter what, I’d just rather see more vagina loving women at ease with their bodies and fully enjoying their sexuality, and able to orgasm.”
    Teach them that masturbating to orgasm is normal and healthy.
    I don’t have to think my scrotum is gorgeous in order to be comfortable with it. If I truly internalize being at ease with myself, I can be comfortable with the fact that it looks like a purplish, wrinkly, hairy little bag.
    Karen said:  (#40)
    “I was caught up feeling for all the impressionable young women NOT yet comfortable with the look, feel, smell or taste of their vaginas or sexuality,”
    TASTE ??
    Most heterosexual men are sufficiently comfortable with their sexuality and able to orgasm regularly -without- ever tasting their own sperm (or anyone else’s).
    If women are equal to men (which I fully believe), then it should be equally possible for you to be comfortable with your own damn bodies.
    Even the wrinkly parts.

  3. 43

    “It’s a messy visible secreting organ
    Real woman genitals are kinda gross
    I thought it’d be smooth and non-threatening
    Or nonexistent like Barbie’s
    Instead it looks like a half eaten Beef and Cheddar
    In the garbage can at Arby’s
    It’s wrinkly and flappy and uneven and messy
    And kind of pink but also kind of brown
    With a super aggressive tongue-like hole
    And a hoody triangle protruding skin mound
    It’s like a weather beaten deflated football
    Or a decomposing, bloody pear
    Or a toothless mouth with gum rot and yeast
    That’s salivating and covered in hair
    I knew it smelled weird but this is extreme
    Like old French dressing at a salad bar
    Or expired banana Activia
    Or a dead, rotting turtle you left in your car
    It reminds me of the smell of my grandma’s house
    Or a guinea pig with bacterial disease
    Wafting from a jar of formaldahyde”
    I contend if this same routine was done by two men on you tube instead of two attractive women, other women would not dismiss the lyrics so easily and be so quick to defend it as funny.   I don’t think it’s the sex of the presenters that make it “funny” or not.   It just allows them to get away with degrading women’s bodies in a way that men wouldn’t likely attempt in public.
    I can appreciate the humor in it.   I get it.   i really do.   in my heart, I just feel the price of the laugh isn’t worth the potential insecurity it may perpetuate.

  4. 44

    Karl #40
    When a person goes down a woman, for most, if not all women, there can be a moment of vulnerability and concern that the taste of her vagina is somewhere between enjoyable and tolerable enough for the person pleasing her.   So yes, I believe this too is a common insecurity girls and women overcome in learning to enjoy themselves.  
    i believe their perception directly relates to their ability to relax and enjoy the pleasure being given vs avoiding the act or not being able to truly enjoy it.

  5. 45

    Karl R,
    Blown out of proportion.   Incredibly correct!

  6. 46
    Karl R

    Karen said: (#43)
    “I can appreciate the humor in it.   I get it.   i really do.   in my heart, I just feel the price of the laugh isn’t worth the potential insecurity it may perpetuate.”
    Following your line of reasoning, Jeff Foxworthy should stop telling jokes, because his redneck jokes could perpetuate potential insecurity in lower-class southerners.
    Following the same line of reasoning, Gabriel Iglesias, John Pinette and Bruce Bruce shouldn’t tell jokes about their own weight, because they might perpetuate potential insecurity among fat guys.
    Oh my God! Christopher Titus should avoid making jokes about his dysfunctional family, because those jokes could perpetuate insecurity among people who grew up in messy family situations.
    And we should stop watching Mel Brooks entire body of work, because it might perpetuate potential insecurity among Jews. Evan, I’m so sorry if I’ve been thoughtlessly enjoying myself watching material which could damage your fragile little ego.
    Almost every comedian makes fun of white guys. How on earth has my delicate mind managed to withstand the assault ?!?
    You believe that women need to be protected from “potential insecurity” caused by humor. I believe that women are tough enough to shrug off the same kind of jokes which are told about white guys all the time.
    I think your attitude is far more damaging to women than mine. It perpetuates the ignorant belief that women need to be sheltered, protected and coddled “for their own good.” My attitude perpetuates the idea that women are strong and equal to men.
    Karen said:  (#43)
    “I can appreciate the humor in it.   I get it.”
    No. You can’t appreciate it. And you don’t get it.

  7. 47
    Karmic Equation


    I fail to see how you can link this video to non-orgasmic women. You are really stretching it. Pun intended.

    If women aren’t comfortable with their bodies *within themselves* nothing outside of them will ever be able to make them feel comfortable. Therefore, nothing outside of themselves should be able to make them uncomfortable either. As Karl R wrote “the essential transformation comes from within.” If this is not the case, the women have MUCH bigger problems than how their vaginas look, feel, or taste. That is actually the LEAST of their problems.

    You are really over-dramatizing this and making a mountain out of a mole-hill. It’s wonderful how you love your vagina and are multi-orgasmic. I really feel hurt that you have this capability because while I only get along with my vagina, I’m not even singularly-orgasmic during sex, nevermind multi-orgasmic…so I should I feel inadequate because you have this ability and I do not? How inadequate you have just made me feel. It’s shameful what that you were so insensitive as to point out my inadequacies like that.

    Obviously, the above is tongue-in-cheek. I don’t feel in the least inadequate. Most women aren’t orgasmic during intercourse. So count yourself lucky. But that doesn’t mean I count myself as unlucky or inadequate. If I did feel inadequate, then the problem isn’t in what you communicated but rather what I felt about myself before any communication ever took place. It has nothing to do with you. Non-orgasmic women or insecure women will continue to feel that way even if this video never existed.

  8. 48

    “I contend if this same routine was done by two men on you tube instead of two attractive women, other women would not dismiss the lyrics so easily and be so quick to defend it as funny.”
    I disagree. If this kind of routine, as in “I tried same-sex oral because I thought it was cool, then realized at the last moment I couldn’t do it” was done by two men, it’d be infinitely more offensive and boundary-stretching.
    This same routine done by two straight men wouldn’t make any sense.
    This video isn’t about what you think it’s about.

  9. 49

    Another thing to note is that these women aren’t talking about how they feel about their OWN vagina.   I look at mine, touch it, cleanse it and groom it.   It’s not my favorite body part in the looks department, but I’m fine with it.   I do not want to do any of the above activities with another women’s vagina.   I don’t think they are portraying self-hate.

  10. 50

    I simply felt sad in response to the video.
    I felt surprised Evan chose to repost it on his site.   I felt moved to share my experience.
    I did not post to oppose someone else’s experience.   I was simply sharing my own.   There is a difference.
    I am all for freedom of speech.   Freedom of experience.   There is no right or wrong here.   There is no fight.   There are just different ways of experiencing the world.  
    Laugh, enjoy the video…so what.   Have your experience. There is no need to be disturbed and reply with criticism because I shared that I didn’t enjoy it the same way some of you did.
    I felt sad and concerned about women who may be inhibited because of how they might experience the video.   So what.   It is just my experience.   I never intended to suggest my experience needed to be someone else’s experience.   If I came across that way, my sincerest apologies.
    Truly, to each their own.   Variety is the spice of life.

  11. 51

    It is not your personal view of the video that is so shocking Karen.   It is your belief that so many women are fragile and insecure and need to be sheltered from even jokes and comedy.   That is what is appalling!   I don’t feel the majority of women are fragile nor need to be sheltered or would be bothered by this video.   How can you cast such a dismal view of women?   It is inaccurate and not representative of most.   It is when people want to cast their wild beliefs on  others that causes an uproar.

  12. 52

    While I don’t share your views or experience regarding this video or vaginas in general,  I respect the manner in which you’ve defended your point of view.

  13. 53

    Locutus #51
    Hyperbole much? What’s the irony here? Simply that you are so harsh with people who don’t agree with you, and your language is even harsher than the opinions you claim to disagree with. How would you know what is “inaccurate” or “not representative of most”? Several women commented that they were not pleased with the video for various reasons. You don’t have to agree with us, but don’t turn around and insult us, or judge us. If you are “so shocked” and “appalled” that not everyone agrees with you, maybe that is your issue.

  14. 54

    @Goldie – “If this kind of routine, as in “I tried same-sex oral because I thought it was cool, then realized at the last moment I couldn’t do it” was done by two men, it’d be infinitely more offensive and boundary-stretching.”   Just curious as to why?   Not ribbing you: genuinely curious.  

  15. 55

    @ Karen #43
    Thanks for taking the time to write out the lyrics!!!   Now all those poor women you wrote about and felt so “sad” for, all those women who have been traumatized watching the video can now clearly see any of the lyrics they might have missed.   Well done!! They will now be suicidal.   🙂

  16. 56

    Karl R said: (#46)
    Karen said: (#43)
           “I can appreciate the humor in it. I get it.”

           No. You can’t appreciate it. And you don’t get it.
    Respectfully Karl R., you can do both, i.e., appreciate the humor and get it, while not being happy  with the content and the message it sends.
    Here is an example, using a  comment I read on another site today:
         “Women always complain that it’s stupid how men can sleep with multiple women and be considered a Stud.

         I say to women it’s called the lock scenario. They say “What?”

       Then  the clincher —- “If a key opens lots of locks, it’s a Master Key. But, if a lock is opened by lots of keys, then it’s a shitty lock.”
    I  snorted/laughed out loud when  I read it.   But, after I laughed, I thought…”Yikes.   That is really clever and  really f’ed up, and sad that there are still  people that think that statement is true.”
    See I appreciated and I got it (snorted/laughed out loud and acknowledged it’s cleverness), although I am  not  happy with it’s content and message.   🙂

  17. 57

    It’s not agreeing with me.   It is agreeing with most women.   Do you think women should be sheltered like Karen suggests?   If you don’t then you agree with me and not Karen.   It’s funny how someone can come in and cast extreme views and you don’t say squat to it, but then you jump all over me.   Your bias is showing Ruby.   Is it because you are gentle with women and love to criticize men?   Seems that way to me.   And after reading many of your comments in many topics, it appears you argue and disagree with Evan maybe 75% of the time.   Maybe you ought to listen more often because you don’t know much about men at all.   It totally baffles me why you are not chastizing Karen for portraying women as being weak.   I am a man and it bothers me because most women I know would think she is a quack for saying that and they would be insulted by her comments too.   Why?   Because most women I know are smart, confident and strong.   And yeah women I know aren’t afraid to use strong words when it’s necessary.   They are not all cuddly and gentle and citing people as hostile when someone uses a strong word.   If a guy came in and portrayed his strange beliefs on all men I would blast him with both barrels.   Did you see how Lia and Karmic and Karl R think Karen is absolutely ridiculous?   These are the types of women I am used to (sans Karl R, sorry Karl LOL).  They speak right up and are not afraid to use strong words when called for.   They seem to see things with an unbiased point-of-view.   Learn from them.

  18. 58

    @Locutus, Karl R, Karmic
    Nowhere did Karen say the video should be censored or women should   be sheltered from it.    The closest she came was that she would hate it if an insecure woman was negatively affected and that thought makes Karen sad. You presume that means she believes the video is”wrong” or should be censored.   She only said it made her sad and explained why.
    Locutus, this is the second time you have read between the lines and inserted your interpretation as what the writer really meant. Others attribute your interpretations  as literal from the writer. They run with the mistake making for circular pointless discussions.  

  19. 59

    Perhaps you have a habit of saying what you don’t mean.   What you said in the other discussion was interpreted the same way by others not just me.   My posts in this discussion are clear.   It seems Karl R has no trouble seeing the exact same thing of Karen as I did.   So does Karmic.   Why don’t you go ask Karl if his comments are pointless.  
    Eleanor you seem to have only come in here to instigate an argument with me because your statement was totally wrong in the other discussion and you can’t admit it.   Funny how you immediately singled me out and insulted me saying I start pointless discussions.   Your wrong here again just like you were wrong there.   You’re clueless.   People claim I am harsh, but you just walk right in here and hurl a major insult to me wrapped in softly written words.   No different from being harsh.   You’re a real winner Eleanor let me tell ya.   Go back and reread Karen’s comments.   Nobody talked about censoring the video.   Mistating words again??   You have a habit for doing that.    Funny how these people all  thought  Karen’s comments were ridiculous- #22, #24, #28, #29, #30, #33, #35, #42, #46, #47, #49, #55

  20. 60

    Locutus #57
    I’m glad you’ve taken the trouble to read so many of my comments. Maybe you ought to go back and re-read them, so that you can interpret them properly. In this thread, I’m not referring just to Karen, but to the other women here who were not fans of the video, and there are several. The more that I read your posts, the more I see that they make little sense, and that you simply enjoy antagonizing others, so it’s hard to take what you write seriously.

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