The Biggest Lie Ever Perpetrated by Parents, Couples and Self-Help Gurus

Over the past few weeks, I’ve read your comments.

I know how men have disappointed you.

I know you’re wary of taking a chance and opening your heart again.

I know you’re looking for a shortcut that will immediately let you know if a guy is a player, slacker, jerk, or alcoholic.

With such men…

You will constantly cry.

You will constantly fight.

You will constantly be disappointed.

You will constantly question yourself.

You will constantly agonize about where things are going.

You will constantly obsess how you can love someone so much and be so unhappy.

But it does beg the question, doesn’t it?

If you are not consistently happy, why are you in the relationship at all?

It’s a tough question — and you may not have a ready answer for it.

Your first reaction may be to protest, but I’m going to challenge you to consider that I’m telling you a cold hard truth that is hard to accept:

You’ve hung onto the wrong men for your entire adult life.

In fact, that tenacity is a quality you took pride in — being able to push through, hold on tight and try to work things out with your partner.

If you are not consistently happy, why are you in the relationship at all?

Yet no relationship you’ve ever worked hard at has EVER lasted. Has it?

Which brings me to one of the biggest epiphanies I had about relationships.

This is what has allowed me to be a happily married man, and what has helped me facilitate thousands of other happy relationships as well.

What I’m about to tell you is the #1 thing you need to know to choose a husband.

The best way to know if a guy is right for you is the absence of anxiety.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Consider the times in your life when you’ve been happiest.

Were you up in the middle of the night thinking?

Were you distracted at work?

Were you constantly torn between staying and breaking up?

Ready for Lasting Love?
Ready for Lasting Love?

Of course not.

Yet that’s what you’ve been like when your relationships stopped making you happy, and you thought that was normal.

You thought that was love.

Uh uh.

Thus, you’ve bought into the biggest lie ever perpetrated by parents, couples counselors, clergy members, and self-help gurus:

“Relationships take work!”

Based on your life experience, I’m sure you’d feel the same way.

Every relationship you’ve ever had was not only work, but it was TOO much work.


    • that boiled over when he didn’t listen to your needs.



    • at yet another conversation that turned into a screaming match.



    • of wondering where the relationship was going.



    • of wondering how this man you loved could be so insensitive to your feelings.



    that the man you knew during those first few months was never going to live up to his potential.

Yep, that describes most relationships. But does it have to?

All relationships take some effort, but when that effort starts to feel like actual work, your relationship is not serving its purpose.

When I look at my happy marriage and the happy marriages of my clients, those relationships all have one overriding quality:

They’re EASY.

If that sounds hard to believe, that’s because you’ve never chosen an easy relationship before.

For you, love has always meant arguments, insults and insecurity.

Or maybe you’re used to placid men where you never fought, but you were bored, uninspired, and constantly second guessing why you were there.

Your struggles don’t say anything about love itself.

They only something about the men you’ve chosen.

So please, consider this simple and priceless pearl of wisdom.

A good relationship is easy. If it’s not easy, it’s not that good.

Your entire life, you’ve tried to fit a square peg in a round hole.

For years, you’ve fallen for men and tried to justify why they were a long-term fit, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

You cried and fought, and broke up and made-up, and vented to your friends and family, all because you thought that this was NORMAL.

All because “relationships take work.”

Sorry, my friend They don’t take that much work.

Let me put it another way:

If you tried on a pair of shoes and they didn’t fit, would you keep trying them on for TWO STRAIGHT YEARS?

No way.

You might think it’s too bad the shoes didn’t fit you.

You might admire how gorgeous the shoes looked.

But I can guarantee you wouldn’t continually force your feet inside them.

This is what you’ve been doing with men forever.

This is what you’re going to do differently – starting right now.

You wasted years on the wrong men and never paid attention to the right men.

Instead of standing around, hoping to win the love lottery, you can create the relationship of a lifetime just by taking a series of smart and achievable actions.

But that begs the question: WHERE ARE the right men?

That’s what you want to know.

In your mind, if I could tell you the one place to meet these theoretically great guys, you’d handle the rest.


This is the opportunity I am offering to you today.

Instead of standing around, hoping to win the love lottery, you can create the relationship of a lifetime just by taking a series of smart and achievable actions.

You’ve been waiting for luck, timing, and fate to intervene.

But that’s not the way love usually works.

Your success rests in YOUR hands.

That may seem exciting. That may seem scary.

But from this moment forward, you will have the ability to determine your own fate.

  • You will be able to effortlessly let go of the pain and negativity in your past.
  • You will carry yourself with unshakable confidence in all dating situations.
  • You will attract quality men and make them invest in you before meeting.
  • You will be an incredible first date who always gets a second date.
  • You will enjoy dating, knowing that you’re in control of the entire process.
  • You will easily handle sexual situations, maintain healthy boundaries, and make your man want to come back for more.
  • You will never worry about breaking up with a guy out of fear that you can’t do better.
  • You will understand what he’s thinking and why he does what he does.
  • You will be able to tell men how to please you and get what you want from your relationship.
  • You will learn the difference between chemistry and compatibility and use that information to choose a healthy, long-term partner.
  • You will act with confidence and trust and inspire your man to do the same.

And most importantly:

  • You will have the fun, passionate, lasting love you’ve always dreamed about.

Since 2003, I have helped women like you create better relationships.

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Your friend,


P.S. So far 750 women have gone through my Love U program. Nancy is one of them.

A fifty-something widow who had been through two bad marriages, Nancy registered as a private client in my Love U Masters Course back in May last year.

She had little dating experience, little confidence, and little trust in her ability to navigate men and relationships successfully. After going through the short weekly videos and talking on the phone every other week, Nancy wrote me this email:

I feel like I’ve been having some real ‘Aha’ moments over the last couple of weeks. The idea of ’embracing uncertainty’ was significant for me. I got home last night after spending 11 days out of town. I have been listening to the Love U modules and calls on the road, and also spending time talking with some very good friends. I am feeling really good about where I am right now. I’m happy with myself…how I’m handling my relationship with David…just happy. It feels great. My very dearest friend, who I just saw, told me that she is seeing a lightness in my step. I love to hear that.

Here are some things that are really sticking with me from Love U:

1. My communication style. I have always tried to communicate in a kind, friendly manner. In the past, I felt that I should be willing to be more confrontational, not so wimpy. I really liked the module that spoke about the compliment sandwich. I feel affirmed about how I like to communicate. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be kind….I’m not a wimp, I’m just a nice person.

2. Acceptance. I am embracing the idea of accepting your partner. Really accepting. I definitely entered both of my marriages with the idea that I would be changing my husbands. How freeing to let that go, and focus on accepting a partner for who they are. And, of course, if I can’t accept them, then they are not the right partner. 🙂

3. The module this past week where you shared your proposal story really hit me. What impacted me the most was how you described your indecision, and how your wife could not (and should not) have changed anything about herself. I like myself. I had work to do, definitely. I have to move past my fear and allow myself to open up, but at my core, I like who I am. I don’t want to change. The right man will like who I am, and won’t want me to change.

Are you sick of changing for men who don’t appreciate you?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can find an easy relationship just like Nancy did.

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