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dating coach for smart, strong, successful women Evan Marc Katz
Everyone I’ve ever met hates online dating.

I can understand why.

I’ve written a book, a hundred blog posts, and a comprehensive how-to guide about the subject. But that doesn’t escape the reality of online dating:

People lie. People flake. People are always trying to trade up. Nobody’s profile is any good. Nobody writes interesting emails. You know the drill.

The only reason I’m so adamant about online dating is that is the single easiest place to meet the greatest number of single people at a given time.

The only reason I’m so adamant about online dating is that is the single easiest place to meet the greatest number of single people at a given time. No salsa class, golf lesson, or Meetup group is going to put you in front of more faces than Match or Tinder.

But let’s face it: nothing is better than connecting with someone in “real life.” I advocate having a social life to all of my clients, yet it’s the hardest thing to coach. How can you give the same advice to a 24-year-old in New York City and at 68-year-old in Minneapolis?

Enter my friend Camille Virginia

She’s the author of the new book, “The Offline Dating Method,” which I want to recommend to you today.

On her own journey to overcome social anxiety, Camille discovered a deep passion for connecting with people – and in the process, started getting asked out by hundreds of men in everyday places – from the grocery store to the airport!

I’ve hung out with Camille a few times in person and, indeed, she has a warm and open personality which, if I were a single guy, would make asking her out exceedingly inviting.

So, if you’re burned out with online dating and want some tips about how to create opportunity wherever you go, here’s a sneak peek at the three chapters of The Offline Dating Method, and what you’ll discover in each…

Chapter I: Magnetic Approachability

Master the art of approachability to attract a great man – without saying a word

  • Feel more socially confident and comfortable with strangers
  • Catch the eye of a great guy and no longer feel invisible around men
  • Magnetically pull great men to you without saying a word
  • Chapter 2: Effortless Engagement

Discover how to talk to any man with zero risk of rejection (even if you’re shy)

  • Start a conversation with zero risk of rejection
  • Feel in control of every conversation – including how to end it
  • Build instant trust and rapport with everyone you meet

Chapter 3: Asked Out Organically

Create instantly meaningful connections and inspire a great guy to ask you out

  • How to feel energized by every conversation instead of drained
  • How to quickly filter out the men who aren’t right for you
  • How to get a quality man to ask you out

No matter how you feel about online dating or apps, if you’re not meeting men in the real world, you’re likely missing out on dozens of unseen chances to connect with quality men that YOU choose.

Click on Camille’s photo or here to grab yourself a copy and turbocharge your love life right now: