How to Open Up Your Relationship

How to Open Up Your Relationship

I was going to write more about the six important steps that the author used to make this lifestyle choice work for him, but to me, the existence of such an article is all the proof I need that “open” relationships require WAY too much work for my taste.

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My Husband Refuses to Have Sex with Me

How It Feels When Your Man Doesn't Desire You

I know it may sound irresponsible to say that given your marriage vows and the fact that I don’t know you. But I have had way too many women turn to me after 25-year marriages just like yours – and ALL of them wish they had the guts to prioritize their happiness sooner.

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Is Evan Marc Katz’s Marriage Sad and Uninspiring?

Is Evan Marc Katz's Marriage Sad and Uninspiring

I haven’t done this for a long time, but an individual comment on this post just rubbed me the wrong way. Since I couldn’t shake the feeling, I figured this would be a great opportunity to explain myself to anyone who may have the same perceptions as this reader about me and my “uninspiring” marriage.

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