Do You Give The Wrong Guys A Chance?

If you’ve ever vacillated between being “too picky” and spending time with men you don’t like, check out this Love U Podcast. In it, I tell the story of two clients who are learning to trust their judgment and cut off men quickly, and finish by telling you how I decided my wife was “the one.” You don’t want to miss this.

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How You Can Stop Beating Yourself Up About Your Ex

After a breakup, it’s normal to ruminate on what went wrong. But from what I see from my Love U clients, you’re probably focused on what YOU did rather than what HE did. In this Love U Podcast, let’s reframe your breakup and get really clear on why your relationship ended – he wasn’t a very good boyfriend at all.

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My Partner of 7 Years Won’t Get Divorced!

My Partner of 7 Years Won’t Get Divorced!

One word of caution: if you say you’re going to leave and you DON’T leave, you’ve just sent the message that you’ll continue to put up with this indefinitely the way you did for the last seven years. I know it’s not my life and it’s easy to say from afar — I wouldn’t want someone to marry me due to an ultimatum; I’d want someone who wanted to marry me. Yours doesn’t.

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