Do You Know Which Website Is the BEST Website for Your Needs?


Do you know which website is the BEST website for your needs?

Please share your thoughts with other readers below.

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  1. 1
    Karl R

    One of my main needs is a website that provides a large pool of potential dates in a fairly tight geographical location. I choose not to own a car. Public transportation will get me about 10 miles. One dating site (Match) has over 100 potential dates in that area. Another site (Gk2Gk) has 1 potential date.

    eHarmony probably falls in the middle number-wise, but I was unsatisfied with the results when I tried them. In the long run, I’d rather determine whether someone is suitable based upon their own words, instead of relying on the results of a multiple choice test. The test didn’t seem to handle ambiguity very well.

    Is it possible that I’ve overlooked an amazing site that would work better for me? Sure. But one rule of business is that you can’t check out all of the potential vendors. You’re usually doing okay if you check out three competitors.

  2. 2

    I am bi-cultural and bilingual and ideally would prefer someone from the same background (because otherwise there is all this common context we just don’t share).

    That’s what determines my choice of sites.

    As for how good they are… well, the number of people on most of them is HUGE, and I’d say the results for someone of my persuasion are better on those sites than on something like match, where I am (or the men are) likely to end up primarily looking for people from my group anyway.

    AND, they are all free. 😉

  3. 3

    Evan’s asked for the best website for my needs, but also for my experiences. I’ve tried several different websites and I’ll give brief reviews for each. My favorite. Has the largest pool of people, it’s easy to tell if the person is active, you feel as though you’re involved in the process of seeing with whom you’re really a match, and there’s the potential to learn a lot about someone just from their profile.

    eHarmony: The guys with whom I’ve gotten to the dating phase (ie, get beyond e-mailing and phone calls) tend to be of a higher caliber than guys from other websites. But so many of your “matches” have people who haven’t been on the website in eons, at times you may not be getting any new matches, and there is less control there. But definitely don’t do eH unless you get a 60% off special or something like that. Awful. Tries to be like eHarmony but has an even smaller pool of people, or at least a smaller number of active people. Hated it, and it’s very expensive.

    Yahoo!: Similar to Match but I didn’t have as good of results with it as I do with The guys seem to be more interested in more casual dating perhaps, though obviously not all of them.

    BigChurch: Very small pool of active people in my area (ie, count on one hand). But the one guy I met was great.

    ChristianCafe: Same problem as BigChurch. Very few active people in my area.

    ChristianMingle: A few more active people than the other two Christian websites, but not many more.

    Can’t believe I’ve tried so many online dating websites! I’ve tried the larger ones as well as some of the smaller-niche ones, and I have to say, is my favorite. Perhaps if I lived in a larger area then one of the smaller websites would have good potential, but where I am, they just don’t have a big enough critical mass.

  4. 4

    Obviously Match and Yahoo have the most people so that makes them the most popular. I don’t care for Match because like I said in another post they compress your pictures too much to make them look worse that the original. Second you can’t stay “hidden” and “unsearchable” and still email people and be seen so that’s an invasion of my privacy. Plenty Of Fish is free but it compresses photo’s so much you have no real idea what somone looks like and it hurts your eyes. There’s tons of other sites that have a lot of “fake” profiles that the sites themselves put up as lure for unsuspecting “noobs” that think they’re going to meet this “hottie” or that “hottie” and they’re just wasting their money because they’re NOT. Let’s face it there’s probably 500 sites online. The quality and quantity together is what everyone is going to be drawn to.

  5. 5

    I don’t know. I liked Match when I was on it. I also liked eHarmony.
    Chemistry was pretty bad-a lot of the men on it were on Match as well. When I signed up with them I had free service until a third date (or something like that) In almost 2 years I never got that third date.
    Yahoo! was also bad. I agree with A-L about the casual dating thing.

    I haven’t been on any other sites.

  6. 6

    I’m surprised noone mentioned okcupid. It’s probably the 2nd biggest free site (after plentyoffish) and attracts a much more intelligent crowd than plentyoffish.

  7. 7

    I met my boyfriend on They are smaller and have a nerdy/tech bent which is what drew me to the site. Also, it’s free and fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I always meant to get a profile on one of the bigger sites when “seriously” looking for a life partner, but I always had enough of a selection of guys from OKC that I was never really wanting for dates, and I ended up meeting the right guy there.

  8. 8

    When I first wanted to try online dating I started out on Match. The results were not spectacular to say the least. I have to admit that I made one really nice friend on Match.( and I am not talking about friends with benefits here..a real friend) Move to Yahoo and American Singles and a few other small dating sites. The dates I have been on have been from different websites. I am now only on 2 websites.

  9. 9

    Plentyoffish was great for me, though it’s kind of like shopping in an outlet store. There’s a sometimes overwhelming amount of stuff…most of it doesn’t fit, much won’t be to your taste, and it takes awhile to explore, but you can see so much that’s interesting and have a lot of fun as you sift through to find what you really want (or, more likely, to DISCOVER what you really want). And chatting with a lot of different people gives you a great deal of perspective and makes you appreciate the ones you might click with even more, especially if you haven’t dated in many years.

  10. 10

    For me, it’s not just a matter of the selection of men on these sites, but the ease of use, features, etc. I don’t like the sites that feel like “outlet” shopping, as Dana said, or the ones with limited features.

    I’ve limited myself to and Millionaire Match. I’m not looking for a sugar daddy, but I do enjoy some activities that are common to many Millionaire members but are considered kind of “high brow” to the Match crowd. I’ve wound up dating some good guys from both sites and had two LTRs as a result, one from each.

    I think I mentioned this in another post, but one site can be great in one city and lousy in another. Millionaire Match has TONS of guys in Texas and far fewer in California (at least within the somewhat broad range I’m searching). Just recently I discovered a lot of guys who meet (actually exceed!) my search criteria in the Bay Area on Match. Since I’m looking to relocate in a year, I’m entertaining long distance relationships, so knowing the geographic variations with these sites can be helpful.

    My sister loves Nerve in LA, and swears her friends meet great guys through the site. Where I live, Nerve is closer to AFF or some of the other sex-oriented sites–nothing but sleazy guys with three-word profiles.

    I date interracially, and I’ve considered using one of the interracial dating sites, but frankly, I’m having enough trouble with the time management issues of the two I’m on. I guess if I don’t meet anyone on the first two, or feel like I’m seeing the same people all the time, I’ll add a third.

    No eHarmony for me. Aside from their ultra-conservative political affiliations, I won’t use a site that won’t let a woman select from men younger than her but will let her date a man 15 years older. I also don’t believe they encourage interracial dating other than Asian female/white male combinations. I tried them once before I knew how conservative their policies are. In a city of 300,000 people, they found ONE man who was compatible with me. And they never asked a key question that would have determined that he was actually NOT compatible with me–I did not want to have any more children and he definitely wanted kids. Twenty-nine points of compatibility? More like twenty-nine points of time wasting.

  11. 11

    I’ll have to check out Millionaire Match I always thought does sites were kinda strange or scammy, but i guess i’ll give it a shot. I think online dating works best for caucasians and the rest of us have to find the niche sites.

  12. 12

    I just wanted to respond quickly to Cilla’s eHarmony experience. Granted, I may be in a different age bracket, but I’ve been matched up with guys up to four years younger than me (I’m 28, so those 24 year olds really seem young to me). There is a mechanism whereby you can say what age range you’re interested in, though eH doesn’t always follow it (I set my minimum age at 26). I’ve also received matches from guys of other races. I think I classified myself as “other” (I’m interracial, and they didn’t have that as an option or let me check more than one box) and I’ve received Asian, black, Hispanic, and white matches. Not to say that it’s the perfect dating website (it isn’t), but just wanted to let you know that not everyone has had your same experience with it.

  13. 13

    I’m currently trying BlackPeopleMeet again. I was on it previously and wasn’t crazy about my results, but I think I was a bit burned out then. Now that my patience and positive attitude is restored, and I’ve gotten over the guilt i used to feel at ignoring multiple random flirts, and i’m comfortable with a stock response for guys that took the time to write a note but that I’m still not interested in, I’m excited about the prospects.

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