Carol H.

"Hang in there if you are feeling despair – if this 60 year old English professor can find love, I suspect you can too!"

Thank you! I have been dating Mr. M. for 7 months now. I think it’s a solid relationship with great possibilities for a future together. I feel heard, safe and loved. I can be myself (sometimes silly and sometimes stuffy *sigh*) and he doesn’t care. He can do the same!

When I started FOCUS Coaching, I was at an all time low. At 59 and 20 years single (no relationship longer than 1 yr) and zero dates on either of the sites I was on, I decided to invest in myself and join the forum. I had read ALL of Evan’s books, and they are terrific, but getting feedback from other women and reading their experiences was invaluable. And so was reading success stories, since I had all but given up hope of finding a decent man.

I needed to learn how to sit back, observe and (my favorite take away) dish out mulligans when it was obvious that the intent was not calculated or malicious (usually just dumb :-)) I’ve been too quick to judge in the past.

Now, I communicate, trust my gut, let Robert be the man in the relationship (I am a fairly dominant woman) and tap into my feminine side (which has been so much fun!) I know so much more about men and how they think, and because I have a man in my life who is worth my time and effort, I have a confidence in myself that I never had before, too.

Hang in there if you are feeling despair–if this now-60 year old English professor can find love, I suspect you can too!

Carol H.