Cathy C.

"Thank you for what you do, Evan."

Thanks Evan… Here’s the deal.  I read your blog – I devour your newsletters. I’ve learned so much about men (and myself) through the process.

I’m you’re target extraordinaire. I’m super youthful for my age, smart, successful, yada, yada, yada.  Clearly you’ve communicated that you know that about your readers.  I bought “Why He Disappeared” and remember thinking you were talking to me (literally – I thought you knew me!) when you discussed toning down some of my “male” energy.  I AM that women who owns her own home, travels the world independently, has a master’s degree, has a successful and satisfying career and incredible friends.  To me, those are exactly of the most rewarding and unique traits about myself – the things that I think make me an interesting and balanced person.  And, through you, I’ve learned that these wonderful tidbits are precisely the things that jeopardize my viability in the dating world.

I’ve listened to “Why He Disappeared” more times than I’ll admit (it’s truly remarkably insightful) and I get what I need to do with subduing those things, at least initially, so that I can receive all of the wonderful male offerings and embrace my feminine side (I LOVE doing that too – I just need someone to do it with and for)

Thanks so much!

Cathy C.